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  • The Original Cassette Myxed Up Rolling Tray QUICK VIEW The Original Cassette Myxed Up Rolling Tray from $5.99

    The Original Cassette Myxed Up Rolling Tray


    Break out that party mix with The Original Cassette Myxed Up Rolling Tray Bringing you MUC hits from the creator of 420. Get down with the original Myxed Up Creations. Featuring...
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  • Colorado Weed Leaf Flag Myxed Up Rolling Tray QUICK VIEW Colorado Weed Leaf Flag Myxed Up Rolling Tray from $5.99

    Colorado Weed Leaf Flag Myxed Up Rolling Tray


    Roll it up with a Colorado Weed Leaf Flag Rolling Tray A Myxed Up exclusive, these rolling trays feature the Colorado flag with a green weed leaf across the center....
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  • Directional Bubble Carb Caps QUICK VIEW Directional Bubble Carb Caps $28.00

    Directional Bubble Carb Caps


    Keep That Dab Rolling With Directional Bubble Carb Caps Easy to use and smooth to hit,These carb caps are sure to increase your dabbing prowess. Great for use with small...
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  • Jah Wick Hemp Roll QUICK VIEW Jah Wick Hemp Roll from $4.00

    Jah Wick Hemp Roll


    Natural Organic Native American Made Jah Wick Hemp Roll A clean alternative way to enjoy your smoking experience and products. Made of Natural Organic Hemp plant and Natural Colorado Beeswax. Jah-Wick...
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  • Primal Herbal Wraps And Cones QUICK VIEW Primal Herbal Wraps And Cones $2.00

    Primal Herbal Wraps And Cones


    No Tobacco Ever Used In Any Primal Herbal Wraps And Cones Make these cones and wraps your new number one, and feel free of all additives and tobacco. Primal Herbal...
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  • Juicy Double Wraps QUICK VIEW Juicy Double Wraps from $1.00

    Juicy Double Wraps


    Lets Roll Up A Sweet And Juicy Double Wrap A fruity and flavorful cigar wrap available in a variety of flavors. Each Juicy Jay Double Wraps come with two cigar...
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  • Raw Automatic Rolling Box QUICK VIEW Raw Automatic Rolling Box Call for availability

    Raw Automatic Rolling Box


    Sorry, this item is out of stock in our online inventory. Please check with your local Myxed Up location for availability in store.

    Keep it Rawthentic with a Raw Automatic Rolling Box Use as a storage container and an automatic roller. Made from stainless steel with a black finish. The Raw Automatic Rolling...
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  • Zig Zag Cigar Wraps QUICK VIEW Zig Zag Cigar Wraps from $1.50

    Zig Zag Cigar Wraps


    Roll Your Own With Premium Zig Zag Cigar Wraps. Available in a variety of flavors and made in the Dominican Republic. These wraps are sure to keep you smoking strong....
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  • BooTube Bamboo Tip QUICK VIEW BooTube Bamboo Tip $7.00

    BooTube Bamboo Tip


    Handmade in Maui, the BooTube Bamboo Tip is a great hand rolled cigarette accessory! Sustainably harvested and almost indestructible a BooTube Bamboo Tip will get you through. BooTube Bamboo Tips...
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  • Magical Butter Herbal Infuser QUICK VIEW Magical Butter Herbal Infuser $220.00

    Magical Butter Herbal Infuser


    Butter, Oil, Tinctures and More... All in one with a Magic Butter Herbal Infuser! Just push a button and watch the Magic Butter Herbal Infuser go to work on almost...
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