Hookah Accessories

  • Keck Glass Grommet Clips QUICK VIEW Keck Glass Grommet Clips $2.00

    Keck Glass Grommet Clips


    Keep Your Grip From A Slip With Keck Glass Grommet Clips. Available at Myxed Up Creations in three of the most common size grommet joints 10mm, 14mm, 18mm. Simply clip...
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  • Dabpadz Shock Absorbent Rig Mat QUICK VIEW Dabpadz Shock Absorbent Rig Mat $10.00

    Dabpadz Shock Absorbent Rig Mat


    All of your glass deserves the protection of a Dabpadz shock absorbent rig mat. Dabpadz for any occasion and any personality. Made from soft foam matting and displayed with a funny...
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  • Lava Bone Dab Timer One Minute QUICK VIEW Lava Bone Dab Timer One Minute $10.00

    Lava Bone Dab Timer One Minute


    Tick, Tock For Low Temp Dabs With A Lava Bone Dab Timer. Neat and Colorful Lava Bone Dab Timers are a great way to time your dab temps. Simply heat...
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  • Rasta Silicone Dab Tray QUICK VIEW Rasta Silicone Dab Tray from $10.00 NEW

    Rasta Silicone Dab Tray


    Roll up and go with a Rasta Silicone Dab Tray. Each tray is made of food grade silicone in a vibrant red, yellow and green Rasta tie-dye look. High walls...
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  • Boulder Hard Cases QUICK VIEW Boulder Hard Cases from $15.00 NEW

    Boulder Hard Cases


    Take Your Glass Everywhere In A Boulder Hard Case! The only way to make sure your pieces stay safe and sound without the worry of dust, water, and impact. Complete...
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  • Silicone Dab Pads Assorted Rig Mat QUICK VIEW Silicone Dab Pads Assorted Rig Mat $22.00

    Silicone Dab Pads Assorted Rig Mat


    Save Your Dabs And Your Table With A SILICONE DAB PADS ASSORTED RIG MAT. A Dab Pad for any occasion and any personality. Made from Heat safe food grade silicone...
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