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Blown Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes, Wood Pipes.  Pipes of all shapes and sizes in any style!

Myxed Up Creations in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo offers the largest selection of pipes that you are going to find anywhere!  We have pipes in so many different materials, shapes and sizes, across the spectrum of price range it's almost impossible to list them all.   From basic handheld glass pipes and concentrate pipes, all the way up to the biggest most complex water pipes!  We have pipes that consist of materials such as glass pipes, metal pipes, wood pipes, acrylic pipes and stone pipes.  Myxed Up also has just about every style of pipe imaginable, like stealth pipes, bullet pipes, sneak-a-toke pipes, chillums, one hitters, glass blunts, bats, and dugouts.  We also have a vast selection of traditional glass pipes of all kinds, like spoons, sherlocks, bubblers, steamrollers, hammers, doughnuts, and gandalfs.  We also have an incredible selection of functional heady glass pipes, worked glass, wig-wags, and dichrome pieces.  No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find a piece that you will fall in love with!

NOTE!! Our selection online only represents a small sample of the massive selection we carry in our stores!!  If there is something you are looking for that you don't find online, don't hesitate to call your local Myxed Up store, and we will help you track down whatever you are looking for if we don't already carry it.  We offer pipes from industry leading glass blowers such as local Colorado artists Dave Armour, Glenn Glass, Diablo, Boro Mojo, and Elwood Brooks, as well as nationally recognized blowers such as Health Stone Glass and Jerome Baker Designs, and nationally recognized brands like Zong! and Chameleon Glass!

  • Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe QUICK VIEW Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe $18.00 NEW

    Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe


    Never Break Your Bowl With An Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe! Clumsy hands have been the bane of the pipe smoker for generations. The Eyce Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe all...
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  • Eyce Silicone Bubbler QUICK VIEW Eyce Silicone Bubbler $45.00 NEW

    Eyce Silicone Bubbler


    Travel Without Worries With A Eyce Silicone Bubbler! Designed to withstand a multitude of knocks and drops these Eyce Silicone Bubblers will have you smoking and token in no time. Removable...
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  • MedPac Travel Kit QUICK VIEW MedPac Travel Kit $15.00 NEW

    MedPac Travel Kit


    Keep Token On The Go With A Stealthy MedPac Travel Kit! Designed with the stoner on the go in mind, the MedPac Travel Kit is not only compact, with all...
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  • Genius One Travel Pipe QUICK VIEW Genius One Travel Pipe $120.00 NEW

    Genius One Travel Pipe


    Smarter Smoking With The Genius One Travel Pipe Merging science with style, The Genius One Travel Pipe takes the original form of a hand pipe and creates a technological beauty...
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  • Honeycomb Spoon Pipe by MD Glass QUICK VIEW Honeycomb Spoon Pipe by MD Glass $55.00 NEW

    Honeycomb Spoon Pipe by MD Glass


    Bee Classy With A Honeycomb Spoon Pipe By MD Glass! Taking time and effort to make each honeycomb face by hand, The Honeycomb Spoon Pipe By MD Glass is both...
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  • Deluxe Fritted Spoon Hand Pipe by MD Glass QUICK VIEW Deluxe Fritted Spoon Hand Pipe by MD Glass $35.00 NEW

    Deluxe Fritted Spoon Hand Pipe by MD Glass


    Be a Step Up From The Rest With A Deluxe Fritted Spoon Hand Pipe By MD Glass! Everyone likes to be deluxe, And with these new spoon hand pipes from...
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  • Casto Spunion Recycler Rig QUICK VIEW Casto Spunion Recycler Rig $2,000.00 NEW

    Casto Spunion Recycler Rig


    The First Ever Made Casto Spunion Recycler Rig! Pulling out all the stops I.R. Casto has done it again. Full size banger hanger with perfect recycle function. UV glass used...
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  • Zong Water Pipes QUICK VIEW Zong Water Pipes Call for availability NEW

    Zong Water Pipes


    Sorry, this item is out of stock in our online inventory. Please check with your local Myxed Up location for availability in store.

    Made In The USA, Zong Water Pipes Originally started in the early 90's  in San Diego, CA. Zong Glass has been a formidable glass manufacturer in the world of pipes...
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  • Burnt Hole Glass Blunt QUICK VIEW Burnt Hole Glass Blunt $35.00 NEW

    Burnt Hole Glass Blunt


    Smoke Paperless With A Burnt Hole Glass Blunt! A new twist on the traditional blunt, without all the fuss of tobacco rolled blunts. Designed with the smoker in mind, this...
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  • Swanny Glass Harley Quinn Bulldog Oil Rig QUICK VIEW Swanny Glass Harley Quinn Bulldog Oil Rig $700.00 NEW

    Swanny Glass Harley Quinn Bulldog Oil Rig


    A Match Made In The Loony Bin,  Swanny Glass Harley Quinn Bulldog Oil Rig This mini rig is prime and ready to go, and will make a great addition to...
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