Myxed Up Creations Fitted Baseball Cap



The classic casual style baseball cap reworked with a Colorado style and a Myxed Up Creations twist

Introducing Myxed Up Creations take on the classic style sports cap.  The Myxed Up baseball cap is a fitted, flat billed, casual style hat.  This classic baseball cap is the ultimate in style and comfort, and this hat will have you showing off your Myxed Up Creations and Colorado pride in style.

The primary focal point of the hat's main off-center design features a raised, 3D embroidered, bright green Myxed Up Creations "MUC" Scramble logo surrounding a flat embroidered black, red and purple classic Myxed Up Mushroom logo.  The use of multiple textures in the design tantalizes both sight and feel.  The front of the cap's main MUC Scramble design is encompassed by a grey screen print oval design.  Secondary design features of the hat include a screen printed Myxed Up Mushroom and MUC Scramble logo repeating on the top of the brim, as well as a black on black screen printed "Colorado" on the hat's underbrim.  The exterior of the hat also features a red, black, and white Myxed Up logo on the lower left side of the hat.  The interior of the hats panels are lined with the same repeating red, black, and white Myxed Up logo.

The hat is a fitted flat brim baseball cap with a 2 5/8" brim.  The cap is comprised of acrylic wool fabric, with a cotton sweatband and extra sturdy cotton double stitching.  The cap is a 6 panel crown design featuring fabric eyelets on every panel for breathability. 

The Myxed Up Creations fitted baseball cap is unique the the Colorado culture and you will only find them at our four Myxed Up Creations locations in DenverAurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Hat available in sizes 7 through 7 7/8.  Please call us to inquire about additional hat size availability.

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