The Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer

No Need To Smoke With The Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer

Designed for the toker on the go, The Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer by XVape uses a radiant style convection heating system to create a healthier alternative to the normal combustion style of smoking. Today Todd from Myxed Up is going to show us everything there is to know about the Avant, it's functions, and contents in this simple but convenient tutorial.


Video Transcript

What's going on everybody? Todd here, from Myxed Up TV, and today we're going to be talking about the Avant from XVape. It's a new style vaporizer that's out on the market. Super affordable. It's just for dry herbs, though. So what we're going to do today, I actually have this one, I'm here to test it and personally use it today. So we're going to open this up, I'm going to show you guys all the little parts and stuff inside, how it functions and it works. And then we're going to grind up, I've got some nugs here, we're going to grind these guys up, toss it inside of our vape and see how it works. So let's get right into it, shall we?

So at first glance, you're going to notice this box, it's a white top, red bottom. It's got the XVape authenticity label there on the back. You can pick these up at any of our Myxed Up shops, so it's pretty nice little unit here. I'm going to go ahead and open it up. You're going to need a user's manual to start out. So it's a pretty big user's manual, it's going to have both sides there as you can see. We're actually going to go through this a little bit today, just to show you all the different things.

So when you first look you're going to see your Avant right there, it sits inside of that little foam piece there. So you can kind of use it as a carrying case if you wanted. Really nice little unit there, super simple to use. So I have actually already been charging this unit. So you're going to want to charge the unit for about three hours when you first get it, just to make sure that the battery life is at full charge, and you're going to get a good vape to start out.

Other accessories that are going to come in your box, you're going to get a charger, a USB style charger, micro-charger. You're going to get some extra screens here, that you can see. For the mouthpiece and for the base. You're going to get ... Let's see here. Your USB cable, I'm going to pull that one out. USB cable. And you're going to get some cleaning tools.

So one thing you're going to want to remember about the Avant, make sure that you stay up on your cleaning. You don't have to clean it after every use, but the more often you clean it, the better the device will work and it'll last a lot longer. So you're going to have your little tool here, to put your product down in there if you want. You're going to have your little cleaning brush here to help you out.

So that's going to be pretty much everything that you're going to see when you first open up your box here for the Avant. So I'm going to go ahead and set this stuff aside. We'll keep the manual out here so we can actually go over a few of the different specs for you while we're in here.

So the Avant, it has four different ... One, two, three, four, five different temperature cycles! And so you can see there, it runs from the low 356 degrees Fahrenheit, to a high 428 degrees Fahrenheit. And so this is going to be more of a true vape. It's a convection style ceramic heating chamber. So your top here, it's all magnetic. You just pop your top off just like that, super simple. You'll notice here your two magnets, and you've got some silicone rubber O-rings, as well as where your screen goes for your mouthpiece cover, so you don't pull any of your product into your mouth.

It also is going to have your screen on the base there, one's already included there. And it's all ceramic chamber, so what's really neat about this is, your battery and heating coils and stuff are down here on the inside. And so these air holes on the sides here, when you breathe in the air comes in here, goes down past your heating chamber. Heat comes back up through, and then the air comes through the little holes there in the center. So you end up getting a really good vape experience.

The charging unit, like I said, is on a base. Micro USB, so it's probably the same as your charger at home. The battery life in general is, it's pretty decent. It's actually got at 1200 milliamp battery. So it's a little bit less than an 18,650, but you might be able to get some really good, decent time out of this. It does have some auto-shutoff features. So when you're using the device, it'll shut itself off after a time of like three minutes and 25 seconds, or so.

So when we get into our Avant, here. First thing I'm going to do is turn it on. So we're going to go ahead and tap the button here, one, two, three, four, five. Oh, it's just three. So three taps on the button, and you'll notice that the little light came on there. Here, I can turn it around for you there. One, two, three. It should flash at you there. And now I've just shut it off. So when I hit the button nothing happens.

So go ahead and turn it back on, one, two, three. You'll notice as it flashes, and that flash at the beginning is going to tell you the battery life that you have in the pen. Right now we are at the highest setting, temperature setting, 428 degrees. I do like to have it up that high when I vape, but you can change the temperature settings pretty easy. If you just hold down the button, I believe it's about five seconds or so, you'll see that it starts to switch between all the different settings.

So when you get to your desired setting that you want it on, we just go ahead and let it go. So when we're back on the high setting there, and we're at a 428 degrees. So, really neat little unit. I really like it. It's got a one year limited manufacturer warranty, so if anything happens to the device, like manufacturer style, the heating coil stops working, the battery doesn't work, little things like that. If it falls apart, if something was just awry, amiss when they put it together. It's going to be covered for that first year warranty from purchase if you have your receipt. Or if you don't have your receipt, then it's going to be from the manufacture date on these guys, which has been probably about three or four months now. So that one-year warranty will run out pretty quick.

I can feel this getting a little bit warm on the top, now that it's actually starting to warm up. I'm going to go ahead and tap the button three times and shut it off, just so that we can go ahead and get ready to fill it up. When we first go to use it, we're going to go ahead and pull off our mouthpiece here. Now, I've got some herb here that I'm going to be testing out here. I ended up with a ... So this is actually a CBD hemp that we were given at one of the trade shows that we were at. Somebody wanted us to carry this in our shop, but it's a "full-spectrum hemp", is what they call it. It smells pretty good, actually, just smelling it here on the table.

And one thing with grinding that you're going to want to remember is to grind your product really nice and finely for vapes. So what we're going to do today, I'm going to use our Flower Power Grinder here, super easy. I'm just going to take my nug here and we're going to toss it in here, I'm going to pull off some of these stems before I toss it all the way down there, just so we don't try and do that. But you can vape all of that just the same.

So put our lid back on, we'll go ahead and give this a good buzz. Pulverize it up there for us. Looking good. So, now that we've got all of that situated down there, we're going to go ahead, pull off our top here and I can dump all of our herb. I'm going to go head and dump it down on to this tray here, our nice Myxed Up rolling tray. Just to give you guys a little show, what we got. Just a little nug. I'm going to go ahead and use my silicone brush to brush out anything extra that might be in there. Not usually too much, but I keep my Flower Power Grinder pretty nice, just so it doesn't get too gunky over time. Those resins, you know how they work.

So now we've got our bud nice and ground, down here. I'm going to go ahead and we're going to just fill this chamber up here on the base. So it should be pretty simple to do. I'm probably just going to use a little card in the corner of this tray, and just push it right on in. I think that'll work just fine. It would be neat if they had a little loading thing for this, but it's okay. We don't need anything other than ourselves.

Alright, I've got some bud down into here. Some of my product. I'm going to go ahead, I'll use my little tamping too to kind of move everything in there. Now, make sure that you fill your chamber up all the way, a nice full chamber gives you a good vaping experience. And if you end up packing too much in though, then you could end up not being able to hit it too well. So you want to fill it, but you don't want to fill it to the point where you're not going to be able to close the lid, and you're not going to be pushing all the product down and smashing it in to where you're not going to be able to use it.

Alright, so we've taken some of our buds here, we have put our product into our little chamber there that you can see. Now all we're going to do is put our lid on. So we'll go ahead and put our magnetic lid on, it slide on just like that, super easy. Remember, like I said before, we're going to tap the button here three times, one, two, three. And you'll see that it's already turning on. Showed us our battery life there at the beginning, and now we're on our 428 degree, Fahrenheit, is where I like mine at. And so now, you don't have to hold a button down or anything, it's already warming the chamber for the vape. So you can pretty much go ahead and take a puff. So why don't we go ahead and see what it does?

Yeah. It's super light vape. It's still tasty though.

So you can see a nice and light true vape. So with it's highest setting I'm not getting a big smoke, I'm getting a lot of flavor profile from the product that we're using here. It actually tastes pretty good for just the CBD product. It tastes almost just like buds just without some of terp flavors that you might get. So super, super nice, I guess that they should taste like buds, they are buds, right?

So yeah, pretty decent. Yeah. So if you don't want to keep hitting it, and say you were going to pass this around to some friends or something, or you're just going to take a puff and shut it back off, instead of waiting for the 3 minute and 25 second countdown to shut off, you can actually just touch the button three more times, one, two three, it'll flash at you and then shut down everything.

So there we go, as you can see we've took a few puffs on that little guy, the Avant. When you're done with the Avant, what's really nice about a true vape, it'll probably start to taste a little bit similar to burnt popcorn when it gets towards the end. You can actually reuse a lot of your product. So you can use this for tinctures and lotions and stuff like that, throw it into your Magical Butter Machine or make some edibles or something with your extra. Save it, don't waste it because there's lots of other stuff. Because you're only vaping it, there's a lot of other product qualities that you can get out of your herb before you toss it. Or if you don't want you can just toss it.

But super, super nifty. I kind of like the size of it here, it's really, really neat. Kind of reminds me of the PAX, very, very similar to that. Functions very easy. So I hope you guys really enjoy this, this is the Avant. Super simple on and off, its temperature settings and everything. The price on these guys, I believe is only 80 dollars, 85 dollars. So you can get them online at MyxedUp.com, we've got them up there now. I'm not sure if we have the white ones, but we definitely have the black ones that we were getting. Super, super fun little vape, though.

So if you're just looking for a dry herb vape, something that's less carcinogenic, remember it's just going to be a true vape so you're just vaping it, it's not smoking. So it's still a really, really nice alternative to smoking if you want to try and do that. But other than that, I think it's a very, very unique system that you can use. So make sure you guys are checking that out. If you enjoy all of these, make sure that you go over and you subscribe, hit that subscribe button right there. We appreciate you, we're on all over the networks now. So as always, this is Myxed Up TV, I'm Todd, and we'll see you next time.

Well that about does it for the Avant Dry Herb Vaporizer by XVape. Overall this vaporizer will do wonders not only for its portability and design but also for your lungs which will be thanking you from now on for the smarter choices in consumption. If you would like to check out The Avant you can see them in all our Myxed Up Creation locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, or you can order online here.


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The Happy Dab Kit

Dabbing On The Go Made Easy With The Happy Dab Kit

Consuming concentrates has become as common as smoking a bowl, and these days ease and convenience can outway one's opinion of what to smoke. Dabbing or vaping concentrates has aloud many people to consume and enjoy the high of life without the combustion and carcinogenic properties from smoking dry herb.

Today we take that convince one more step with a fully functional portable dabbing kit called, The Happy Dab Kit!

Designed for the dabber on the go, The Happy Dab Nectar Collector Style Concentrate Kit is great for both someone familiar with dabbing and beginners. All packed into a small and convenient zippered carrying case the Happy Dab Kit contains everything you will need to enjoy a great tasting dab anywhere.


The Happy Dab Kit comes complete with a Happy Dab Bubbler with a built in spill protector. Titanium dab tip that will never melt or break. Two silicone jars and a stainless steel dab tool to keep your concentrates at bay, And a micro torch for easy heating and compact portability. All packed into a custom zipper style carrying case.

Video Transcript

This is the Happy Dab Kit. A fully complete, portable, dab straw kit. It comes with a bubbler that you can put water in. A titanium tip that is held on by a Kclip, two food grade silicone jars. Easy for holding waxes, shatters, and all sorts of concentrates. And a stainless steel dab tool.

 Simply take your concentrates and put them into your silicone. Take your torch, heat the tip of your dab straw, and then dab away. When you're finished everything fits conveniently back into the kit for easy storage and portability. Make sure that your tip isn't hot before you touch it and zip up your kit for easy portable function. The Happy Dab Kit, the easy way to dab on the go. 

Simple and discrete, The Happy Dab Kit is a must have for any dabber on the go or even as a starter kit. With its ease of function and compact size, it's no wonder the Happy Dab Kit is a favorite amongst dabbers. If you would like to check out a Happy Dab Kit or other dabbing products, head down to one of our Colorado Store locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. or order online at MyxedUp.com.

For more info on dabbing please check out Dabbing 101: How To Take A Dab

8th Annual Myxed Up More20 In Store Holiday Party!

Myxed Up More20 Party

The 8th annual More20 marks the halfway point to the next 4/20! Join us for our Holiday Event at all locations on Saturday October 20th 2018!

October is already upon us, and warm weather season is starting to slip away. As fall starts to make its presence known, that can only mean one thing here at Myxed Up Creations. It is time once again for another amazing Myxed Up More20 celebration! 2018 marks the 8th year celebrating this fun-filled day as we recognize the midway point to 4/20 2019! Myxed Up Nation already knows how we do it for 4/20. We have been celebrating the day of April 20th as an official cultural event and celebration for over 20 years. However as the celebrations for 4/20 became more robust and increasingly more and more entertaining, it became obvious that waiting a full year for the next 4/20 just wasn't going to be a realistic option. The reality of the situation is that we were having way too much fun to wait another 365 days for the next April 20th, and thus "More20" was born. And that really is what it should be all about, having fun, and embracing the culture that has defined so many of us throughout the years.

RSVP to your stores More20 event page on Facebook (link below) to be entered to win a Dab Box King!

Denver Event Page
Aurora Event Page
Colorado Springs Event Page
Pueblo Event Page

Here is the full rundown of Myxed Up More20 activities at our stores located throughout the front range in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

 More20 Flyer

Myxed Up More20 
Saturday October 20th 2018 10am - 9pm
Main Event 5:30pm - 8:30pm

One full day of live music, free munchies, contests, giveaways and sweet deals like the legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags. And save big with huge discounts store-wide on some of our best glass, accessories and apparel.

Here is a rundown on all of the More20 deals

20% OFF THe Can Desktop Vaporizer System!

20% OFF  Myxed Up Flip Flops

20% OFF ALL Glasslab303 Glass

30% OFF ALL Super Heady Glass!

20% OFF ALL O.penVAPE kits, parts and accessories!

20% OFF ALL Charlie's Chalk Dust

20% OFF ALL Solvent 710 Emulsifier 

20% OFF ALL Detoxify Products

BOGO All Myxed Up Socks

BOGO Magic Buzz and Red Dawn Shots

20% OFF Dab Box & Dab Box King

Buy stuff, get FREE stuff deal!
Spend $50 - Get FREE Myxed Up Socks
Spend $100 - Get FREE Small Rolling Tray & Socks
Spend $150 -Get FREE Grassroots Hat, Small Tray, & Socks

Featured Items

+ Wide variety of masks just in time for Halloween!
+ Flower Power Grinder $99.99!
+ Limited Edition Custom Myxed Up Gear

And here are some of the activities that make #More20 so much fun!

The Myxed Up Grab Bags

Snatch up one of the legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags while they last.  A $30 value for only $10.  Two Grab Bags at each location will have a $50 Golden Ticket in it! (Limited number - Only 1 Grab Bag per customer please)

The Myxed Up More20 Raffle

For every $4.20 you spend during the day on More20 Friday, you get a raffle ticket for the drawing, which will be held at 7:10pm at all Myxed Up locations. Raffle winners will receive $50, $100, and $250 in Phil's Bills, good for anything in the store, but you only have a 4 minute and 20 second mad dash through the store to choose your prize/s.
Must be present to win and participate in the prize dash.

In-store PARTY!  Food - MUSIC!


Musical performances by: Whomp Truck!

Noah Deep




Crush CMDR

Live Glass Blowing by Nicholas Lee

Grub from Cheba Hut Subs

Event Page


Musical performances by:

DJ Allen | 10am - 12pm

Albeez4sheez | 1pm - 2pm

Aqualaid | 3pm - 4pm

Steve Gonzo | 6pm - 7:30pm

Live Glass Blowing by Sandman

Grub from Garlic Knot

Event Page

Colorado Springs

Musical performances by:

Harry Mo | Reggae 2pm - 6pm 

Brian Grace Band | Americana/Alt-Rock/Country 11am - 1:30p

DJ Gravity | 6pm - 8pm

All day live painting and raffle by Em.Aye.Ee

Grub from Dominos Pizza

Event Page


Musical performances by:

DJ Squad: DJ Roy Rumble, DJ Mista B, DJ Thriller | 11am - 4pm 
DJ Squad: https://www.facebook.com/thedjsquad719/
DJ Thriller: https://www.facebook.com/owen.c.miller.1
DJ Roy Rumble: https://www.facebook.com/djroyrumble

Bunny Gunz | 5pm - 6pm 

I Die Knowing | 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Might of Henry | 7:30pm - 8:30pm 

You Tube vid: 

Grub from Subway

Event Page 

More20 Lounge Takeover presented by Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum

Make sure to come hangout at the after party at the Black Box Saturday Night 9pm- 2am

Event Page!Myxed Up Lounge Takeover

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Charlie's Chalk Dust Premium Vaporizer E-Liquids

Bringing the best flavors straight to you with Charlie's Chalk Dust premium vaporizer e-liquids

Myxed Up Creations is proud to bring you 28 amazing flavors from one of the leading vaporizer juice companies on the market today. Charlie's Chalk Dust is an American born California based company with aspirations of world domination in  the vaporizer e-liquid market.
Charlie's Chalk Dust

The Creator Of Flavor

NEW juice flavors from Charlie’s Chalk Dust! Try the Old Fashioned Glazed Donut Dipped in a Double Shot of Cappuccino 🍩☕️ and you gotta pick up a bottle of A Killer Guava Pear Cobbler 🍐🥧!
Which one do you think will be your new favorite juice?
Creator Of Flavor


Did you know that Myxed Up carries Charlie's Chalk Dust Stumps line of vape juices? We currently have the Don, which is a smooth and creamy cookie butter flavor, and Rhino, which is a lightly carbonated flavor of your favorite subtly sweet ginger soda 😛💕.


Do summer right and spend it next to a Campfire while vaping on Campfire!
Camp Fire

Pacha Mama

Take those summer fruit flavors you love anywhere with Pacha Mama vape juice by Charlie's Chalk Dust. They have the perfect fruit combination to satisfy any flavor preferences.
Pacha Mama

Bake Sale

Come in and try this delicious e-juice Bake Sale. A yummy yellow butter cake! This can easily be an all day vape. If you’re looking for desert flavors we’ve got you covered. From 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels.
Bake Sale

White Label

If your looking for some sweet 🍬 e-juice, look no further than Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label! We have a huge variety of flavors like Big Belly Jelly, Wonder Worm, and Mustache Milk🥛! Now don’t let the names fool you, they taste incredible, and your clouds 🌬will thank you for making them smell so good!
White Label

The Meringues

Got a taste for some Meringue Pie?? Come get a puff of Mr. Meringue by Charlie's Chalk Dust here at Myxed Up in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo today. It’s a cloud of toasted meringue atop a pool of buttery & bright lemon curd.
The Meringues

Black Label

A bold combination of fruity flavors and sweet desserts. There is even a brown sugar tobacco for those that want to stay true to the flavor of the tobacco leaf. Five amazing Black Label flavors  that will keep your tastebuds amazed.
Charlie's Chalk Dust Black Label

Myxed Up Cleans Up

Keeping the world clean Myxed Up Cleans Up!

Myxed Up Creations is proud to help keep our communities clean by doing our part to clean up the streets around our beautiful cities! Check out a few Myxed Up crew members getting down and dirty to keep our Colorado cities clean. Be the solution and help Myxed Up keep our cities and streets clean.

Myxed Up Pueblo


Myxed Up Colorado Springs

Myxed Up Springs is all about keeping the community clean! Lend a hand and make the world a better place!✌🏼🍄🍄

Colorado Springs Cleaning

Myxed Up Denver

Myxed Up Denver takes keeping Colfax clean very seriously.

Denver Cleaning

Make sure to check out all of our stores and be a part of the Myxed Up Family!

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Aunt Meringue At Myxed Up Creations

Try our Charlie’s Chalk Dust in Aunt Meringue!

 🍰 🍏

 A vapors delight when it come to smooth and juicy nobody does it better than Aunt Meringue. This flavorful apple meringue pie inspired vape juice comes in three nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Aunt Meringue

Myxed Up 420 2018 Edition Wrap-up

The 25th Anniversary of Myxed Up Creations 420 Celebration featured a crew of Myxed Up Mushrooms, and Dubstep legend Caspa in Denver!

April 20th 2018 marked the 25th consecutive year that Myxed Up Creations has been celebrating the most official, unofficial holiday, in popular culture today.  Not only does 420 appear to have taken hold as a pop culture phenomenon, but Colorado, and more specifically Denver, has apparently assumed the role of the official, unofficial capital.  All the while acting as an epicenter of cannabis-centric activity and events to mark the annual holiday.  Myxed Up Creations has been proud to be a part of this evolution.  2018 was a next big step in the evolution of 420 for Myxed Up Creations.  420 2018 was an amazing afternoon of music, munchies, raffles, giveaways, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

Myxed Up Mystery Machine Colorado  Dan and Clarence at the Sidewalk Sale

This year's 420 celebration was a crazy one. As luck would have it, this year April 20th was on a Friday, and you couldn't ask for a better way to kick off the weekend. Myxed Up Family came from far and wide, and they were representing in full force for this years event! As always, the day started with a mad dash for the sidewalk sale, the Myxed Up Grab Bags, and the limited free samples! As the clock struck 10, the line had already been forming in anticipation of the doors opening. And alas, the 25th annual Myxed Up 420 celebration was underway.

Fungal Frequency Live Glass Blowing Ready for the 420 raffle

This year, we had Token with Todd from Myxed Up TV out making his rounds and interacting with the people.  He hit up a variety of events around town with some of our life-size Myxed Up Mushrooms!  The shenanigans were broadcast live throughout the day on our MyxedUp.com Facebook Page (give us a follow on there if you haven't already).  You can also check out the full Token with Todd 420 recap episode on our Myxed Up Creations YouTube channel.

Token with Todd Civic Center Downtown Denver Token with Todd Myxed Up Mushrooms

We also have to give a big thanks to a handful of special guests and contributors.  We were excited to welcome a couple of our favorite local artists to our Denver store to show off their skills with live glass blowing demonstrations.  Class was in session with the Sandman and Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass putting on a clinic.  Also a big shout out to our friends over at Cheba Hut on Colorado Blvd. in Denver.  They are constantly taking amazing care of our staff and customers, and always go above and beyond to add to the Myxed Up 420 experience.

Myxed Up Mushrooms Aurora Myxed Up Mushrooms Colfax Denver

As with every 420, there were deals galore, including killer deals on Myxed Up Gear like our socks, flip-flops, lanyards, t-shirts, rolling trays, hats and more.  There were also big time deals on the Flower Power Grinder, THe Can, Mean Clean, Myxed Up Candles, Dabbin' Dan Hat Pins, Detoxify, Juul Electronic Cigarettes, Glasslab 303, O.penVAPE, VXAPE just to name a few.  This year also saw our family of life size Myxed Up Mushrooms grow from 1 little spore to 5 proud shrooms.  They were making new friends all day along the Front Range.

 Mushroom Magic Buzz Bus

Myxed Up Denver 420 Mushrooms Jim Popp Myxed Up Mushrooms
denver myxed up 420 mushroom denver myxed up 420 mush jon

As the end of the day started to draw to near, it was time to wrap up the celebrations with the always entertaining 420 raffles. For every $4.20 customers spent on the big day, it earned them a ticket for a chance at prizes galore in the raffle. The winners received a budget of $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. The winners would get their opportunity to spend their winnings in a dramatic 4 minute and 20 second mad dash to exhaust their allocated prize budget. This years winners didn't waste any time as they darted around the store fulfil their wishlist before their time limits expired. They walked away with a bevy of goodies including everything from new glass pipes, rigs, dab kits, vaporizers, candles, hat pins and other gear. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations to all of this year's winners.

Myxed Up 420 Raffle Winners Denver Myxed Up 420 Raffle Winners Denver

As with other recent editions of Myxed Up 420, one of the main highlights of the day was the music.  Once again we had musicians with a wide range of musical styles come down to the shops and share their talents with all of the Myxed Up Fam!  It's always a great honor to have these local talents be such an integral part of this amazing celebration.  We would like to thank the following artists for lending us their talent.


Caspa -    
Agent Skwrl -   
Phenetic -    


Koo Qua   
P-Nuckle -    

Colorado Springs

Breakbeat Mafia / Sounds of Bass -   
D-Stylz -    
High Key   


The DJ Squad  
Bunny Gunz -  
I Die Knowing - 

Breakbeat Mafia 420 Colorado P-nuckle 420 Aurora

The highlight of this years event had to go to our headlining musical guest in Denver, as we welcomed UK bass music pioneer, DJ, label owner, and legendary DJ hailing from London, UK, Caspa.  Caspa has been rocking dancefloors for well over a decade, and he has played some of the world largest and most highly recognized electronic music festivals.  It was an unbelievable honor to have an entertainer of this level not only make an appearance, but also give a performance live in-store at Myxed Up Creations.  The excitement and energy was unreal, as we packed the Denver store with about 200 lucky individuals that got to see one of the most intimate musical performances that Myxed Up has ever seen.

caspa myxed up 420 denver crowd caspa myxed up 420
caspa phil myxed up 420 denver

After that, the party moved over to a sold out Black Box.  This would be one of three nights that Caspa would sell out during his three day run of shows.  Once again we have to give a huge thank you to our friends over at The Black Box in Denver and Sub.Mission.

caspa-youngsta caspa myxed up black box sam allison
caspa black box

Additional Photos courtesy The Black Box Denver and JV Photography

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Quartz Bangers: Different Styles and How to Use Tutorial

Take On The World Of Dabbin Like A Pro With Quartz Bangers: Different Styles And How To Use Tutorial

Quartz Bangers are a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe. Today we're going to go over a bunch of different styles that we carry from the most generic, to the high roller. We've got a few rigs to show you, and personal preference of mine on one of the nails, how to use it, how to take a dab, and how to keep your quartz bangers clean.


Types of Bangers

Standard Banger

This standard banger is the most basic and simple to use of all of the banger styles. The thin walled banger takes much less heat to reach a dabbing temp and cools quickly as well. Made with a large quartz dish these bangers come in all glass on glass sizes 10mm, 14mm, 18mm both male and female joints. Perfect for the starting dabber.
Standard Quartz Banger

Thermal Bangers

A slight upgrade from the standard style, the thermal bangers are designed to keep your dabs vaping at a much lower temp. These bangers are designed to keep the heated quartz from touching the dabs directly, causing a longer and much more enjoyable dabbing experience.
Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Insert Bangers

A new design similar to the regular thermal bangers are these thermal insert bangers. They come with a seperate quartz dish that you place your dabs into. This allows for your quartz dish to stay very clean and still have the long and flavorful dab that you come to expect with a thermal banger.
Thermal Insert Quartz Bangers

Reactor Core Bangers

Letting the good times roll with a reactor core banger. These bangers have solid quartz cylinder in the center to hold heat and retain a much longer dabbing experience. This banger takes a little longer to heat up, and it stays hotter longer, retaining its heat for a long dab. The reactor core banger works best when combined with a directional carb cap. A must have for the daily dabber.
Reactor Core Quartz Bangers

High End Quartz

At the top of scale for quartz bangers, we run into a few brands that play above them all. The Joel Halen troughs and the Mayoral Bangers are a few high end quartz nails we carry at the shops. USA assembled and designed with the high class dabber in mind for a perfect dab every time.
Joel Halen Quartz TroughMayoral Quartz Banger

Let's Get Dabbing

Once we have decided the style of quartz banger we are going to add to our rig or water pipe, it's time to try and take our first dab. Make sure to have all of your necessities handy and ready to go. You're going to need a torch, a dab tool, the concentrate that your going to dab, and your assembled rig with your banger. Carb Caps are a great addition to a perfect dab but not necessarily needed.

Heating up your Quartz Banger

Take your torch and ignite it, aiming the flame away from anything flammable at all times. Make sure to evenly distribute heat on the base of your banger without heating up the glass from your rig or water pipe. Your banger will only take about 20 seconds or so to heat up to a proper temp.
*Note, If the banger starts to change colors and glow stop heating and let cool
Make sure to allow your banger to cool for about ten seconds to make sure the intense heat from the torch dissipates and cools to a proper dab temp. Once you are satisfied with the proper temperature, go ahead and use your dab tool to place a dab into your quartz banger.
Placing Dab Into Quartz Banger
As you place your dab into your banger, start to draw from the mouthpiece to allow the vapor to move through your rig or water pipe. If you have a carb cap, then now is the time to place your cap on top of the banger. The carb cap will create a diffusion of air and smoke, allowing your dab to roll and make for a much longer and satisfying hit.
Carb Cap On Banger


Thanks for taking some time to learn a little about quartz bangers and how to use them. Following these steps will have even the most novice dabber dabbing like a pro in no time at all.

Making Your Own Concentrate Vape Juice With Solvent710

Turn waxes and shatter concentrates into a vape e-liquid juice with Solvent710

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us the rundown on how to turn your waxes, and shatter concentrates into a vapable solution that you can easily load into almost any atomizer or tank that you can use with your electronic cigarette.  In this video Todd will use Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier along with an O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself Kit to create that sweet nectar that you can take on the go.  

You can find Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier and O.penVAPE products, as well as many other dabbing essentials and handheld, portable vaping devices that were built to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle.  Myxed Up Creations has you covered at any of our retail stores located in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado, as well as here online at MyxedUp.com.

Video Transcript 

Hey everybody Todd here from Myxed Up TV. Today we're gonna be showing you some Solvent 710. This stuff is actually a liquid emulsifier that you can put any of your waxes, shatters, hash things like that in to, and turn them into a vapeable e-liquid. So this is the juice here. It comes in a nice glass vial as you can see. This flavor that I have today is actually Citrus Haze so there's a little bit there for you so you take a look.

What we're gonna do is take some concentrate that we have here. It's about a half a gram, we're going to mix it into this juice here and then we're going to put it into a fill it yourself top. Now this is just a refillable vape pen top that you can put on most batteries. We also could put it into other vape pen tops it doesn't really matter as long as it's a vape that takes a liquid. You should be able to use the Solvent 710 juice. The only things you'll really need is some hot water. We just stuck this in the microwave and heated up a glass of water.  That's just to set this in to help dissolve and, or if you want to speed things up, we're also gonna use a small torch just to kind of move the process along so that way the video doesn't take too too long.  So let's just go ahead and jump on into this. The first thing I'm going to want to do is get my concentrate in my jar here. Unscrew the lid on your jar as you can see it's just a nice little glass jar that you're gonna have.  Then we are going to take our concentrate here. What's nice about the silicone is that you can just kind of break it off. We're going to take that concentrate there and we're just going to put it inside of this jar here. Flatten it out a little bit so it'll just drop right in there.

Solvent 710 with concentrate

There we go. So you can see we just put the chunk in there. There's a little bit of extra in here, lets see if I can just scrape the rest. Waste not, want not, you know? Okay so now that you've got your concentrate inside of your solvents glass jar. Go ahead and put the lid back on. So this guy is going to start to dissolve, what you're gonna want to do is start to warm it up. In the instructions it says you can just put it in some hot water and then just leave it. It'll just start to warm up, everything in there will become softer. It'll become more of like a liquid, as your concentrates do.

Solvent 710 in water

To me personally, that sometimes takes a little while, but you'll probably get the best effect with your actual liquids.  I'm actually going to just hit this a little bit with a torch. It's just gonna help warm it up, but you should definitely be very careful if you're going to try and do this at home. If you do it too much, too fast, you could end up breaking the glass and then that's not going to do any good for anybody. You're just gonna end up with a whole bunch of hot liquid on you. So as we warm it up here we'll just go ahead and start to shake it. It's warming up real nice. I'll go ahead and drop this guy right into here and we're just gonna let it kind of sit there and warm up.  As it starts to warm up it should start to dissolve. I'll come back in a few minutes as soon as this this is dissolved and we'll show you the rest of the video.

Solvent 710 liquid

All right thanks for waiting for that. So it's been about 15 minutes now and with a little bit of shaking, you can kind of see that the little bit of concentrate that we put in there, the "THC concentrate," that's actually all dissolved. This stuff now is going to be, basically, a nice liquidy vape juice. You're pretty much set from here. What we're gonna do now, I'm going to show you how to put it into a refillable O.penVAPE top, but like I was telling you before, this stuff, it's gonna stay this consistency. So what's really nice about it is you can put it into any vape pen that you want.  So, I have a little syringe here. This comes from the O.pen Fill it Yourself Kit, which is really nice, if you guys haven't seen that before. It's basically a kit that comes with a vape pen, a top. We did a whole tutorial on it. The pen kind of looks like this, but they have replaceable tops. Empty tops like this that you can get. And then with the Solvent 710 you can just keep remaking juice and turning it into a vapable concentrate that you can put into your pens.

FIY Syringe

What we're gonna do now is unscrew... Well here, first, fill our top. We'll take the lid off of the top here. That's the mouthpiece and there's a little blue rubber pin right there. We're going to pull that out, and that's where, actually, the concentrates going to go. We'll take our syringe and our concentrate jar here. Go ahead and just open this guy up. Now we're going to suck up some of this concentrate. And then we're gonna go ahead and put it into here, into our vape pen. This, as you can see, will go right into that hole on the top. And then as we start to fill it up, you'll notice it just starts to fill up pretty easy there. Just fill that guy all the way up. You can put the rest back in your jar. It's really nice about the jars is you're gonna always be able to save your stuff inside of there, so.

Solvent 710 in syringe

So, definitely keep a hold of those. Take our little rubber pin here, and we'll put that right back in top of there. And then we'll take our lid and put that right back on top there.  So, now we've just filled up a vape pen, right there, as you can see. Go ahead... I'm just pulling on it a little bit to help kind of move the flow of juice down into the cotton, and then back out. If you're just refilling your pen, you won't need to do that, but you're pretty much ready to go. 

Solvent 710 in FIY tank

Just screw that guy right down onto a battery, and then puff away. Lemony! Citrus Haze! Yeah! So there you go guys. A super easy solvent that you can use to turn your solid concentrates into a vapable vape pen liquid. Pretty simple, but you know, with the amount that you can get in here and put into your pens. It's kind of nice because you could just travel with it a little bit keep refilling. Super fun, super convenient and it'll get you through everything. You can check those out we have the solvent 710 online at Myxedup.com we also have it in all of our shops too. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and we'll see you next time.

2018 Myxed Up 420 Sales and Specials

Myxed Up 420 2018

In the 25th year of year of celebrating 4/20, this will be our biggest celebration yet.  Here are the sales, specials and bargains to get the 4/20 juices flowing!

Welcome to 25 years of celebrating the culturally observed holiday of April 20th.  Everything that Myxed Up creations has done for the past 25 4/20's has been leading up to this one.  This year is truly the granddaddy of them all, as we have more planned for this year's festivities than we ever have before.

For a rundown of all of the entertainment, attractions, prizes, goodies, giveaways and more.  Be sure to checkout each stores individual 420 Event Listing!

*Denver*       *Aurora*
*Colorado Springs*       *Pueblo*

The following is a fairly comprehensive list off all the sales and specials that we have in store for you at all of our retail locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Denver.  I only hesitate to say that it is the complete list, because you never know what kind of surprises are going be revealed in the days leading up to 4/20, as well as the day itself.

Myxed Up 420 2018 Sales and Specials

20% OFF all Detoxify products!
20% OFF all O.penVAPE products!
20% OFF all Glasslab 303 water pipes!
20% OFF Myxed Up Flip Flops!
THeCan Vapor System normally $249, only $199!
Extreme Mean Clean & Mean Clean - Buy a large bottle get a small bottle FREE!
Myxed Up Socks - Stock up with buy 1 pair get 1 pair FREE!
Myxed Up Rolling Trays from $5.99!
The Flower Power Grinder only $99.99!
420 Chrono & Myxed Up Watches $34.99!
NEW Grassroots x Myxed Up colab hats! Get em while they last!
Sexual Enhancement pills for guys and gals!
Complete line of XVAPE personal vaping equipment!
Myxed Up Lanyards!
Myxed Up Candles! Triple scented!
JUUL Electronic Cigarette starter kits and replacement pod cartridges!
Myxed Up t-shirts printed in limited quantity and a Myxed Up exclusive!
Dabbin Dan Hat Pins! Dabs up!

In addition to all of these specials on Friday April 20th, we will be running a number of web only specials for the entire month of April!  Here is a list of all of the web only specials, available online only throughout all of April to celebrate 420!

All Detoxify products 20% off ALL OF APRIL!

All O.penVAPE products 20% off ALL OF APRIL!

All Glasslab 303 waterpipes 20% off ALL OF APRIL!

THeCan Vapor System normally $249, only $199! ALL OF APRIL!

Myxed Up Socks - Stock up with 50% off ALL OF APRIL!

Myxed Up Flip Flops 20% off ALL OF APRIL!

**RSVP to the event on Facebook to be entered to win prizes all April long!**

Denver Event Page
Aurora Event Page
Colorado Springs Event Page
Pueblo Event Page
MyxedUp.com Event Page

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