Vortex Gravity Waterpipe



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The Vortex Gravity WaterPipe provides more smoke, less mess and best of all, there’s no clean-up! The Vortex Gravity WaterPipe is one of the most unique smoking devices available. This winner of a High Times product of the year is light weight, portable and easy to use.

~The Acrylic Vortex Gravity WaterPipe comes complete with removable GLASS bowl

Instructions for use:
Fill the bottom chamber with water, open the valve by turning the handle and tip the whole thing upside-down… the water will fill the other chamber. Now you need to close that valve and put it back up the right way.
Put your smoking mixture into the removable bowl an place it into the mouthpiece.
Light the mixture and turn the valve. The water will slowly filter down to the bottom, drawing in the smoke.
Remove the bowl (caution – it will be hot!) and inhale smoke from the mouth piece.
Turn over and drain the water back into the top chamber.

*Please be advised that we cannot ship pipes to addresses in Pittsburgh, PA.*

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