Summer of Love 2019

Feel the love at Myxed Up with bonus loyalty points all summer long!

Myxed Up Summer of Love Sale 2019


*Myxed Up loyalty points can only be earned on in-store purchases*

Get ready to feel the love at Myxed Up for our annual Summer of Love sale.  Earn bonus loyalty points all summer long on all of your in-store Myxed Up purchases.  Collect 2X Bonus points on everything in the store!  Plus earn bonus loyalty point multipliers on select items, such as:

  • 3X Points on Glasslab 303 water pipes and rigs!

  • 4X Points on XVAPE vaporizers!

  • 5X Points Myxed Up Apparel and other select store items!

(Make sure you are a part of the Myxed Up loyalty program to participate!)


Spend money, earn points, feel the love!

Redeem your Myxed Up loyalty points for exclusive Myxed Up merchandise at crazy Summer of Love discount specials!

 50 Points = Myxed Up Lanyard
100 Points = Myxed Up Socks
150 Points = Myxed Up Flip-Flops
200 Points = Myxed Up Shoes or Fitted Baseball Cap
250 Points = Myxed Up design DabPadz
500 Points = Large Myxed Up Rolling Tray
10,000 Points = Puffco Peak Smart Rig

Or use your Myxed Up loyalty points towards any other regular Myxed Up in-store purchase.


    Share your Myxed Up moments on social media this summer!  Hashtag your pictures with the hashtag #myxeduplove to be entered for your opportunity to win weekly prizes of 1,000 bonus loyalty points and a Flower Power Grinder!  Plus all eligible entrants will be entered for the Summer of Love grand prize of 10,000 bonus loyalty points and an XVPAE Vista Mini!  The grand prize winner will be selected on September 2nd 2019.  So start hashtagging your Myxed Up moments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter right away to be entered to win!


    Week 1 Winner! @elmore_rick - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 1 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 2 Winner! @g.t.g_dabberz - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 2 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 3 Winner! @bxby.miki420 - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 3 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 4 Winner! @lexiisyugioh - Pueblo
    #MyxedUpLove Week 4 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 5 Winner! @stonerchickdenver - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 5 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 6 Winner! @bunnsjastreasures - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 6 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 7 Winner! @alexus.johnson2 - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 7 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 8 Winner! @rubikscubed - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 8 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 9 Winner! @imacuzzalo - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 9 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 10 Winner! @chronically.endo_ - Aurora
    #MyxedUpLove Week 10 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 11 Winner! @therealbigcake - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 11 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 12 Winner! @generationnewbreedgenetics - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 12 Winner for Summer of Love

    Week 13 Winner! @wheeler.peyton - Colorado Springs
    #MyxedUpLove Week 13 Winner for Summer of Love

    *We're sorry, but Myxed Up loyalty points can only be earned on in-store purchases. online purchases are not currently eligible for Myxed Up loyalty points.

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