Subtle Escape Flight Vape Kit

Subtle Escape



Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride With A Subtle Escape Flight Vape Kit.

The most compact portable vaporizer system on the market is here to make your Escape one to remember. Take your Subtle Escape and enjoy up to a full week of recharge and vaping. Each Subtle Escape comes with a rechargeable Vape case used to charge the two jet pens for up to a week of portable vaping. The jet pens are refillable and ten times the power of a standard e-cig. Designed for use with most oils and liquid concentrates. Simply fill your jet pen with the desired liquid concentrate and inhale on the pen to start the vaping experience. 


*Note: If the jet diffusers become hot to the touch, switch to your second Jet pen to allow the first to cool back down.


  • 1 Flight Carrier
  • 2 Jet vaporizing diffusers 
  • 2 refillable fuel tank cartridges
  • 1 Flight USB charging adapter
  • 1 Jet USB charging adapter


To qualify for your warranty, you must fist register your device through the mobile app or the online portal. once registered your equipment will have a full 90 day warranty plus an additional 1 year limited warranty.



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