Glass Bubbler Pipes

Myxed Up Creations carries a variety of glass bubbler pipes in different styles and unique colors and designs, solid to clear, and all shapes and sizes.

Glass bubbler pipes are smaller hand held water pipes that can be operated with only one hand like a traditional glass hand pipe. The difference between a traditional glass hand pipe and a glass bubbler pipe is that the glass bubbler pipe has a small water chamber for the smoke to pass through to be cooled and cleaned. Smoking through a water pipe is very pleasurable, and moreover is a much healthier alternative, all you need is a little water. Our glass bubbler pipes are carefully handmade from glass that is absolutely health safe and heat resistant, and our artists spend a great deal of time and care when creating each piece. From super heady glass designs to more basic style, every glass bubbler pipe Myxed Up Creations carries is a unique piece of custom art. Swirls, poke-a-dots, stripes, knobs of glass, ergonomic, creatures, these glass bubbler pipes have it all. Your new glass bubbler pipe from Myxed Up Creations will be unique and will stand apart from any other you have seen. 

To see even more of our large selection of glass bubbler pipes, visit any of our four retail store locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.


  • Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipe QUICK VIEW Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipe $25.00

    Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipe


    On the go or just for show. The Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipes are the way to go! Bubbler Dave has done it again with these perfect little toker bubblers. The...
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  • Eyce Silicone Bubbler QUICK VIEW Eyce Silicone Bubbler $45.00 NEW

    Eyce Silicone Bubbler


    Travel Without Worries With A Eyce Silicone Bubbler! Designed to withstand a multitude of knocks and drops these Eyce Silicone Bubblers will have you smoking and token in no time. Removable...
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  • Purr Pocket Bubbler QUICK VIEW Purr Pocket Bubbler $52.00 NEW

    Purr Pocket Bubbler


    The PURR-fect Hand Size Pipe, The Purr Pocket Bubbler! Made in the USA and available in a range of colors the Purr Pocket Bubbler is a must have for any...
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  • Purr 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler QUICK VIEW Purr 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler $110.00 NEW

    Purr 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler


    Dabbing or Smoking The Purr 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler Can Do It All! Made in California, The Purr 2GO Premium Travel Bubbler can be effortlessly taken apart and put back...
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  • Bow Tie Freak Water Pipe QUICK VIEW Bow Tie Freak Water Pipe $1,800.00

    Bow Tie Freak Water Pipe


    Bow Tie Freak water pipe comes with a removable downstem and an 10mm flower bowl by Zach P and Ethan Windy Zach Puchowitz started blowing glass in his hometown of...
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  • Casto Spunion Recycler Rig QUICK VIEW Casto Spunion Recycler Rig $2,000.00 NEW

    Casto Spunion Recycler Rig


    The First Ever Made Casto Spunion Recycler Rig! Pulling out all the stops I.R. Casto has done it again. Full size banger hanger with perfect recycle function. UV glass used...
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