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Myxed Up Creations in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo offers an awesome selection of E-Juice and E-Liquids!  Whether you are new to e-cigarettes and vaporizing e-juice or e-liquids, or you are an e-vape veteran exploring for new flavors and blends, Myxed Up has something for you.  If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through your decision making process to ensure you are making the decision that best suits your individual needs.  Choose from our huge variety of flavors and nicotine content levels.

NOTE!! Our selection online only represents a small sample of the massive selection we carry in our stores!!  If there is something you are looking for that you don't find online, don't hesitate to call your local Myxed Up store, and we will help you track down whatever you are looking for if we don't already carry it.  We offer industry leading brands such as JJuice, Charlie's Chalk Dust, Cuttwood E-Cigarette Liquid and many more!


  • The Creator Of Flavor Donuts And Coffee QUICK VIEW The Creator Of Flavor Donuts And Coffee $23.99

    The Creator Of Flavor Donuts And Coffee


    Glazed To Perfection The Creator Of Flavor Donuts And Coffee Bringing you back to the days of freshly baked donuts, glazed to perfection. Topped off with a splash of double...
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  • The Creator Of Flavor Guava Pear Cobbler QUICK VIEW The Creator Of Flavor Guava Pear Cobbler $23.99

    The Creator Of Flavor Guava Pear Cobbler


    Born To Be The Creator Of Flavor Guava Pear Cobbler A delicious vape juice depicting an authentic homemade cobbler with guavas and pears. Bringing you back to grandma's house with...
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  • Aunt Meringue Premium E-Liquid QUICK VIEW Aunt Meringue Premium E-Liquid $23.99

    Aunt Meringue Premium E-Liquid


    Join Us In The Kitchen With Aunt Meringue Premium E-Liquid Dessert is on the table and Aunt Meringue has sliced apples thin under a creamy layer of meringue. Bake in...
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  • Charlies Chalk Dust E-LIQUID Juice Refills QUICK VIEW Charlies Chalk Dust E-LIQUID Juice Refills $18.00

    Charlies Chalk Dust E-LIQUID Juice Refills


    An eclectic array of vape juices to provide you undeniable satisfaction! Legend has it these e-liquid recipes were passed along in a vision to a street hot dog vendor named Charlie...
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  • Pachamama Premium E-Juice QUICK VIEW Pachamama Premium E-Juice $18.00

    Pachamama Premium E-Juice


    Pachamama Premium E-Juice is an explosion of tropical fruity flavors in an exotic line! Four distinct flavors bring up this new line of premium e-juice from the all popular Brand Charlies...
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  • Naked 100 E-Juice Refills QUICK VIEW Naked 100 E-Juice Refills $16.00

    Naked 100 E-Juice Refills


    Smooth and Sensual Vaping With Naked 100 E-Juice Liquids by Schwartz E-Liquid Naked 100 Vaporizer E-Liquids are an excellent source of flavors and variety when it comes to E-Juice. With...
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  • Mr Meringue Premium E-Liquid QUICK VIEW Mr Meringue Premium E-Liquid $23.99

    Mr Meringue Premium E-Liquid


    Dessert Is on The Table With Mr Meringue Premium E-Liquid Born as a tribute to the world renowned French pastry chef Philippe Meringue. Mr Meringue and his creation bring a...
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  • Bake Sale Yellow Butter Cake Premium E-Liquid QUICK VIEW Bake Sale Yellow Butter Cake Premium E-Liquid $23.99

    Bake Sale Yellow Butter Cake Premium E-Liquid


    Everyone Loves A Bake Sale Yellow Butter Cake Premium E-Liquid Yellow cake is on the menu, But the only bombs we're talking about is the bomb flavor of the Bake...
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  • Campfire Smores Premium E-Liquid QUICK VIEW Campfire Smores Premium E-Liquid $23.99

    Campfire Smores Premium E-Liquid


    Join Us By The Campfire Smores Premium E-Liquid Summer time is upon us and the campfires are burning hot. Charlie's Chalk Dust is proud to bring you a delicious blend...
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  • ANML Vapors E-Liquid Refills QUICK VIEW ANML Vapors E-Liquid Refills from $20.99

    ANML Vapors E-Liquid Refills


    Release the Beast with ANML Vapors E-Liquid Refills A vape to be tamed, the ANML Vapors line of E-juice by Phillip Rocke is unmatched in flavor and design. The bold flavors and...
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