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Overview of the White Rhino Dube and DV2 Vaporizer Pens

White Rhino Dube and DV2 Vaporizer Pen Overview

AJ at Myxed Up Creations in Aurora gives you an overview of the Dube and DV2 Vaporizer Pens by White Rhino. AJ will give you a rundown of what's included in the kits, some general operational and usage information, as well as cleaning tips. Myxed Up Creations offers the Dube and DV2 vaporizer pens by White Rhino, as well as many other vaporizers such as the E-710, the Vape Ape, the Pax, as well as many others!  Check out our stores in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado, and here online!

Video Transcription:
Hey yo, what’s up guys? This is AJ with Myxed Up Creations Aurora, and today I'm going to bust open the Dube and the DV2 by White Rhino. For you I'm going to show you how to operate, charge, and maintain these two vaporizers. So let's get it going. First of all I'm going to show you how these batteries work. Both of them are really similar. Both of them are going to have 5 button press unlock and lock mechanisms on it. So as you can see I just locked this one, now when I press the button it won't do anything at all. Where as this one has just been unlocked, so this ones going to give me a little bit of light, and it’s actually going to give me some power to my pen. So first of all those are the batteries there, they both are going to charge the same way basically. What you're going to do is take your lithium ion battery and attach it to your charger like so, it is threaded, once you feel it get tight just let it ride. I’ve seen people give it an extra twist and you definitely don’t want to crack this little guy. Next thing you can do is apply it to a USB, either in your laptop or in your Xbox or you can apply it to this little guy here which is basically just a wall charger. So just pop that right into your wall. What you're looking for is a red light on the charger here to indicate that your battery is in fact dead. You're also going to look for a light recognition down here at the end, so a green light blinking. Once this red light here turns green, you’re going to be ready to rock and roll with your new pen. Both of these guys work fairly the same, the DV2 over here is specified to work with both waxy concentrates, as well as dry herbs. This guy does come with two separate tanks here so that you can use both elements. What you're going to do first here is attach your chamber to your actual lithium-ion battery here. This guy is really neat because it comes with an outer sheath, which is gonna help protect your connection, and keep your threads really clean. After that what we're going to do here, if you're using dry herb we’re gonna lay on this button for about 8 seconds here. It's gonna get our heating element nice and hot. After that we're going to take a two second break and then lay on it very liberally, taking nice slow hits out of it. So that's how you're going to bring up that nice high heat, up to your herb and then vape off the final product. Now if you’re using wax for this little guy, what you’ll want to do is take off the other sheath here like so. You wanna bust open your cartridge, like so. It does come with a handy little dabber so that you can go ahead and scrape up your waxy concentrate oils and your at home oils. And go ahead and just very liberally apply them to the inner sheath here, on the inside of your cartridge. After you do that, go ahead and reapply the mouthpiece, reapply your sheath so that you don't get any of your concentrates into your threads, like I said before. And go ahead and lay on this button about four seconds at a time taking really long slow deep hits from your diaphragm. That's pretty much it for the DV2, these guys both have a 90 day warranty from the purchase date on them so just make sure you keep your receipt if you ever have troubles. And you can go through White Rhino, they will be most definitely happy to help you out. These guys also come with cleaning tools. The Dube actually comes with alcohol wipes for external use only. You're going to want to wipe down the entire outside surface of your piece here as to not get sticky oils and also oils from your hands applied into the threads here. It’s just going to preserve the life of your pen, as well as keep it really clean. With these White Rhino pens, as with any batteries, these are lithium ion batteries, so you do not want to pierce your battery with a sharp object. You do not want to let your batteries get wet. And you also do not want to let them charge unattended or for an external use of 5 hours, so if your battery has been charging for 5 hours you might want to check it and make sure it is still operating at high capacity. And that's pretty much it guys, come check us out at Myxed Up Creations and pick up your DV2 and Dube vaporizers.



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