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3ohm3 Industries Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid Review Video

Logan and Todd at Myxed Up Denver discuss the 3ohm3 Industries line of gourmet e-liquid

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan and Todd take us to our Myxed Up Creations Denver store where they tell us about Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid and Krakatoa, two e-juice/e-liquid lines from 3ohm3 Industries, an all American company based out of Lakewood Colorado.  Logan vapes samples of all of the flavors from the Wild Card line and gives his review on each flavor, and Todd reads us the company taste profile descriptions for each flavor. 

Buy your 15ml or 30ml bottle of Wild Card E-Liquid here

Available Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid flavors:
Dead Man's Hand, Deuce's Wild, Double Down, Full House, Joker, Poker Face, Royal Flush, Strait Flush, and Special Edition Flush.

Available Krakatoa flavors:
Sumatra Sunrise

All of the Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid and Krakatoa flavors showcased in this video can be purchased at any Myxed Up Creations location.  We also carry a full compliment or alternate gourmet e-liquid options, with juices by Charlies Chalk Dust, Phillip Rocke, One Hit Wonder, Cuttwood and many more.  We also carry all of your electronic cigarette hardware needs, as one of the premier vape stores in Colorado, with locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Video Transcript

What's up everybody I’m Logan. And I'm Todd. And we’re with Myxed Up Creations. And today we're going to be talking about the Wild Card line of e-liquid and the Krakatoa line from 3ohm3. These guys, they kill it. It's a local company out of Lakewood, Colorado. They use the highest grade, USP grade ingredients, that are all locally sourced. So all-American e-liquid. I'm about it. Yeah, it’s some pretty good stuff actually. They actually take some time with their gourmet lines so each batch is kind of small made, individually. So you don't get huge, large masses that get made so you lose quality I think over time with that. These mixes are going to be an 80/20, 80% VG 20% PG. And like Logan said, that they are all USP grade, so they're super, super clean. Plus it’s a pharmaceutical grade nicotine that they use in all of their juices, so their line’s pretty good overall. And I really notice the nicotine grade. Like after using their line, and using another line. You can really notice the difference there, and it's amazing what these guys can do. It's almost like a microbrew of e-juice. Yeah that's a good way to represent it, for sure. So what we’re going to do today is we're gonna kind of run you through the entire line. And we're actually going to try them here. So we have the descriptions offered by the company. We're going to read you those. And then we're going to load my RDA and give you our take on the whole line.
So let's kind of get it started with Straight Flush here. Yeah, Straight Flush. So while Logan loads that up. Straight Flush, it's a luscious custard, dusted with a hearty blend of cinnamon and graham crackers. It’s definitely really good. It’s kind of like a buttery shortbread cake, I would kind of say. Over time I think you’ll probably really get to like this one. That is different. You can kind of taste, did it say, cinnamon in there? Yeah, cinnamon graham crackers. You really taste that. It's kind of a different e-juice from the normal kind of like, fruity or custards. This is kind of like a darker one, and I really, really like it. It's like a cookie. Definitely. So that one, love that. It’s a pretty good one.
Our next one we're going to do is the Royal Flush. That's a rich complex of vanilla custard that melts into your pallet. It definitely has a lot of different flavors to it. It’s kinda hard to pick out, but it’s a super strong rich custardy flavor. I’m sure you'll definitely like it, especially if you’re on the more softer ends of your custards, and vanilla kind of plain flavors. This hits my sweet spot. So, I’m a cream guy. Love the creams. That's my thing. C.R.E.A.M. get the money. So this one, it’s a strong cream. Very much a vanilla kind of custard. It would be great to mix with something else as well. Like say if I had the Straight Flush, and I wanted a little bit more of the cream, you could add this one to pretty much just about anything. So it’s just a plain vanilla. Vanilla you can add on top of any other flavors, and you’ll probably get strawberry vanilla, banana vanilla. You’re gonna get really good flavors off of the vanilla custards. So cream people, where you at? Royal Flush. That's the one.
The next one we're going to talk about is the Poker Face. Poker Face, it’s a pears a la mode this is one that I really like. It kind of reminds me of like a key lime pie. It's going to have sort of an ice cream with a little bit of cinnamon that comes with caramelized pears over the top of it. So it’s definitely one of my favorites for their line so far. Really creamy as well. It's not overly creamy like the Royal Flush, you kind of have more of the pears taste there. But again, if you're into creams and custards this would be an amazing one to try. Poker Face. Yeah. I’ve noticed that that one definitely has a bite at first, and then it kind of moves into that slow custard afterwards. So you kind of get a really good flavor with that one.
Alright next we got the Joker which is the banana one. Yeah, that one’s a savoury banana pudding with cinnamon crumbles. It has kind of a vanilla wafers. It definitely has a kind of that dunking a cookie in the milk kind taste to it. It’s a pretty good one, especially if you're into a banana custard, Boston cream kind of taste. It's a good one for sure. Alright so I'm not like, I'll be honest, I'm not really a banana fan. But out of all of the banana e-juices I've ever had. I think that is the top. That, you know for anyone who would be into that, Joker would be the top one to get. But, I'll be honest, I'm not a banana guy. Bananas don’t really hit me too hard too, especially the fake banana flavor. It’s kind of hard to get over. But they do a pretty good job on the banana overall, I think. I know a guy, that's all he vapes, all banana, all the time. We’re talking about Jay, the vape buyer. But this is his, like, daily juice. He vapes it every day. He’s never caught dead without a bottle of Joker, so if you’re a banana man, then definitely Joker is right up your alley.
So the next one, we’re gonna kind of skip over the special edition. We’ll come back to it though. We’ll come back to that one.
Full House. That's my favorite by far. It's definitely a very good one. It's got the lemons at first that  kind of like, the super bite, that sour sweetness that you really like at first. And then it kind of just mellows out into a lot of berries and fruity flavors, which are really good. It's definitely one that I can vape on time and time again and I don't have to worry about getting tired of the taste. It’s very fruitful, that's my favorite out of the line so. It’s kinda like a cereal one. It is. Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch. Yeah probably more Fruit Loops. It's so hard to match down these flavors, they're so out there sometimes that… With a strong hint of milk. It’s like you’ve got your Fruit Loops with a lot of milk. This one, it’s like, again, I love the creams. And this is like a creamy Fruity Pebbles type one. Love It.
Alright so let’s go on to Double Down. Double Down, that’s a tobacco blend for all you tobacco lovers out there. This one's going to have a tobacco vape that has like a chocolate peanut butter on top, with a hint of cinnamon. So it's definitely a bold flavor. It’s a lot warmer than some of the other ones. So it might take a little getting used to. But if you’re into that kind of flavors, it’s definitely going to be right down your alley, for sure. Tobacco. I'm kind of over tobacco flavors at this point, but this is probably one of the better ones I've ever had. Normal cigarettes. Yeah, you know. Kind of over that. But for anyone who wants kind of a darker juice, that’s sick of the creams, sick of the, kind of like, all the berries and the fruit ones, Double Down will be great. It's sort of musky. More adult. Yeah, a more adult flavor I guess. Expensive cigar. Is what I’m getting. You can, even just sitting here, you can smell it. Okay
Deuces Wild. Okay so our next one, Deuces Wild. It's an Orange Dreamsicle. It pretty much just kind of melts onto your palate like an ice cream cone kind of. It's going to be paired with almost like a vanilla ice cream taste so it has that milky creamy kind of aftertaste but it's gonna be more like a creamsicle, you know, orange pop. I'm sure everybody's had an orange-cicle so it's definitely a very good citrusy but it has that milky kind of creamy caramel aftertaste. Very much like an ice pop. An ice pop. Yeah. Do you remember those? The ones that came in the tubes. Yeah. The push pops. The push pops! Exactly. There you are. It tastes exactly like an orange push pop.
And then, the last one we've got Dead Man's Hand. Isn’t that a tobacco one as well? Yeah that one is probably, I think, the boldest of the tobacco flavors though. It's pretty much just a straight pipe tobacco. It's got kind of a smooth, creamy, vanilla taste that runs with it. But it’s very, very tobacco-esque. It's probably going to be more along the lines of the Double Down. Well the last one was like a creamy cigar. So let’s see if this is any darker than that other one. Got some juice on my box. Very dark. Very musky. So this is for, this would be great for someone who’s like just getting into e-cigs, trying to quit smoking. It’s exactly, like... Used to the tobacco flavor but you're not into the normal fruity flavors of like an e-juice. Cuz you can get away from just that tobacco taste, I mean, you know, everybody's been so into it for so long cuz that's all you're smoking is tobacco, but now you can choose a blend of flavors. You don’t even have to have that tobacco flavor with the nicotine that you’re trying to get, so it’s super nice. I like it though. A lot of the time on the tobacco ones, I'm just not a fan anymore. They're just kind of fake tobacco, where this tastes very real. It's hard to mimic a tobacco flavor. Really hard. Yeah I can see that.
So that was all of the ones we had to try. So now let’s talk about the Special Edition Flush here, which I've actually tried. I really like it. It’s supposed to be an eggnog one. It was a seasonal juice. I didn't really taste a whole lot of eggnog there. So it's just a really creamy kind of juice. It tastes like cream and honey almost, but... There’s no rum in it. There’s no rum. That's our problem. That seems to be the issue. But, that's actually one of my favorites of the line. So I hope it's not just a seasonal juice. I think they should do it all year round, but we have it right now, and hopefully they'll let us reorder some, cuz I'm a fan. We do have it now. And all these flavors, they’re gonna come in both a 15 ml and a 30 ml bottle. And they're pretty affordable prices. And will run in levels of nicotine from 0, 4 and 12. So you can get all those bottle across the line right now here at Myxed Up. It's kind of weird though, because of the high grade of nicotine, the 4 almost feels like a 6. It still has the harshness. So if you normally vape at a 6, the 4 will be pretty much right up your alley. It’s the same kind of harshness that you'll get, only less nicotine cause it’s a pure grade.
Well let's move into 3ohm3’s, their new line, the Krakatoa. This is just in for us ourselves. Super nice blend. When you smell it, I think it kinda smells like a caramel popcorn almost. It’s really nice. Super sweet. What's their description? Cuz it does kinda tastes like caramel popcorn. Thier description on this one… So they actually… Krakatoa has two different flavors. They're going to come in the Sumatra Sunrise and an Island Oasis. The one that we're going to carry at the shop is gonna be a Sumatra Sunrise, and that's a smooth luscious coconut cream blend with a mild sweetness of dragon fruit with a spritz of citrus. So it’s definitely a very good fruity flavor. Very tropical. Yeah, it’s true to the islands. It's kind of their theme, they have this whole tropical, volcano theme going. But all the mixes are 70/30 and they are very good and also very affordable, like this whole line is. Their definately… this one is one of my favorites out of all of these actually. I got to try both of those and I was blown away by the Sunrise. Loved it. So we do have those in as well. Maybe in the future we're going to carry the Island Oasis as well, but as of now it’s just the Sumatra Sunrise. Which isn't bad. It's good flavor, you know? And all these flavors are really well. And the nicotine on this one is kind of weird though. They do 0, 3 and 9. It’s a different grade scale I think. It is. But the nicotine grade again is really high so the 9 is almost like a 12.
Well there you go folks. That's our new lines from 3ohm3 Industries, right here in Colorado. Colorado local. Which is super nice, you know, keep it local folks. It’s super nice. So yeah, we hope to see you guys down here at the shop sometime soon. And if you guys ever want to try it, we have an RDA. And a juice bar. And a juice bar, so come on down. Feel free to bring your own as well. We got the sample bottles of everything he can sit here just like we just did. And try them all. Try the whole line. See which one you like, and support your local vapers. Piece. Bye guys.

Myxed Up Creations Unveils Vape Bars at all Four Colorado Locations

JJuice Vapor Bar at Myxed Up Creations Aurora

Myxed Up Creations joins forces with JJuice and E-710 to offer an all new vaping experience!

Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are happy to announce that we have partnered with JJuice and E-710 to provide a unique element to our already unparalleled in store experience.  Now you can come into any Myxed Up Creations and enjoy our JJuice Vapor Bars!  The JJuice Vapor Bars offer the opportunity to try any of our 30 flavors of JJuice E-Liquid, as well as create your very own customized e-liquid blend with our full offering of JJuice flavors!  Now your only limitation is your imagination, as you are free to mix and match flavors to your individual tasting preferences.

                                 Brian Blends E-Liquids at Myxed Up Creations Aurora               Brian Blends E-Liquids at the JJuice Vapor Bar at Myxed Up Creations Aurora

We get a lot of questions about our various e-liquid offerings.  Which e-liquid taste the best (in our opinion)?  Which e-liquid tastes the sweetest?  Which e-liquid can produce a bold throat hit?  While some of these answers might be a matter of personal preference, you now hold the keys to putting your own personal preferences to work for you at the JJuice Vapor Bars!  Now you can have the chance to try any of our JJuice flavors out before you ever make a purchase, so you can be sure that you are going to get an e-liquid flavor that you are going to love!  As a person that might be trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes with the use of electronic cigarettes, there can be so many flavor and nicotine options that it can be overwhelming at times, not to mention all of the hardware options available to you.  At Myxed Up Creations, one of our primary objectives is to return knowledge to you, so you can make the most informed buying decision possible, and these Vapor Bars allow us to go a step further by giving you the chance try before you buy.  Add to that factor that our staff is constantly on the cutting edge in being informed about our e-cigarette and vaporizing product offerings, and you're sure to get the feedback you need to make an educated decision about what will best suit your needs.

     Lisa Blends E-Liquids at the JJuice Vapor Bar at Myxed Up Creations Denver            Lisa Blends E-Liquids for a customer at the JJuice Vapor Bar at Myxed Up Creations Denver

When it comes to picking out a flavor of e-liquid, the options are endless.  And if you are looking for smaller amounts of e-liquid than a full refill bottle, we have you covered with the option to get half bottle refills, or just a quick refill on your own e-cigarette tank!  We also offer an excellent opportunity to earn a FREE JJuice e-liquid refill, with our Recycled E-Juice Bottle loyalty program.  When you use the Myxed Up Creations App for your iPhone or Android device, return your empty JJuice e-liquid bottles for a punch to your loyalty card.  After you return 10 JJuice bottles, and achieve 10 punches to your loyalty card, you're are eligible to earn your reward of one free JJuice e-liquid refill!  It's a great way to earn a freebie, while helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

     The JJuice Vapor Bar at Myxed Up Creations Pueblo            The full line up of JJuice at the Vapor Bar

We invite you to stop in to any Myxed Up Creations location and see for yourself what we have to offer.  With the knowledge of our staff, and the opportunity to try before you buy, you're sure to walk away feeling informed, and with the piece of mind that you got exactly what you wanted!

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