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Token With Todd's 2017 Stoner Products Of The Year

Keeping Up With The Times, Token With Todd's 2017 Stoner Products Of The Year 

Stoner Products Of The Year

2017 has brought a whole new light to the cannabis culture with several states legalizing cannabis recreational use and others allowing medical use. There is no wonder the industry and culture have grown ten fold this year. products and accessories have now been more accessible and taking a techie turn towards an exciting future in the cannabis culture. This year i would like to take some time and share with you Token With Todd's 2017 Stoner Products Of The Year.

1. 7Pipe and Burnt Hole Twisty Glass Blunts


A new twist on the traditional blunt, without all the fuss of tobacco rolled blunts. Designed with the smoker in mind, this glass blunt is sure to make any smoke session convenient. No need to roll it up, The Burnt Hole and 7Pipe Glass Blunts are simple to fill and even easier to use. Pull out the twisty stem and fill your twisty glass blunt with your desired herbs. Twist your stem in and get ready for a great smoking experience. Available in three styles Gold, Silver, and Rainbow.


2. WaterPuff Water Pipe Attachment Kit

The Waterpuff is a water pipe accessory that can turn any international sized bottles into a functional and portable water pipe. Just screw the Waterpuff onto the bottle and insert the glass bowl slide. Waterpuff Medical is made with Ineos ABS Lustran which is a medical grade resin and meets the requirements of the FDA-Modified ISO 10993, Part I "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices" test with human tissue. 


3. The Flower Power Grinder

The Flower Power Grinder is the result of years of research and refinement in design, and it’s obvious why. The extraordinary quality starts with its sophisticated package design. Open the box and take it out. The Flower Power Grinder is brilliant. It’s unlike any other electric grinder. Complete with a vacuum pump and sealing jar this grinder can blow through pounds of product with out gunking up or breaking down.


4. Blunt and Cone Bubbler

Bubbler Dave has done it again with these perfect little toker bubblers. The Blunt and Joint Bubbler Pipes are designed for use with not only blunts and joints you roll, but also with cones of various sizes or to be loaded just like a normal bowl. Its compact size is perfect for the on-the-go smoker, and allows for minimum water use while packing a big punch. Each Blunt and Cone Bubbler is handmade by Dave Armour (aka. Bubbler Dave) in Denver, Colorado so you know the glass in reliably durable and remarkably individual. 

 Blunt and Cone Bubbler


5.Mini Nectar Collector

Designed for oils and concentrates, this simple yet elegant water pipe features the innovative nectar collector design, a four-slit bubbler chamber, a removable straw mouthpiece, a titanium tip and quartz interchangeable dab tip piece. Perfect for on the go dabbing without all the hassle of a conventional dab rig.

Micro Nectar Collector

Top 10 Smoking Accessories for the Daily Smoker

Having a stockpile of extraordinary smoking accessories can add considerable measure to your smoking Prowess.

7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt
The 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is the newest glass blunt on the market.  The 7pipe is the perfect smoking solution for while you're out and about, medicating on the go, or smoking with friends.  Using a patented corkscrew technology to spin out your ash and move the entire section of herb forward.  Just load up the 7pipe with your favorite legal smoking product, light the end, and let the infini-cherry technology do the work for you.

2. Flip Side Casher Vinyl Debowler Ashtray

Flip Side Casher Debowler Ashtray
The Flip Side Casher Vinyl Ashtray & Debowler is a new use for an old classic. Each Flip Side Casher is handmade in Denver, Colorado out of REAL vinyl records. Using a standard 78s style record from various known and unknown artists, this ashtray brings back to life to your smoking area with a blast from the past. Fitted with a 3" metal spike, simply flip your bowl upside down and press down onto the debowler spike to clear for a simply clean bowl every time. Each spike is removable for easy cleaning as resins build up and will never break down from heat or scraping.
Myxed Up Mushroom silicone concentrate containerSilicone Rectangular Concentrate Container with Dab Tool
Lego shaped concentrate containerSilicone Butterfly Non Stick Concentrate Container
Raw Rolling Trays
The Raw Rolling Tray is a must for anyone who likes to roll there own or if you just need a place to break down that herb. There are three sizes of rolling tray each branded with the RAW logo. Made of a durable metal these trays are sure to last a lifetime. Every time you sit and light up you'll look to grab your Raw Rolling Tray.

5. Flower Power Grinder

Flower Power Grinder
Grinders are a must for anyone in the smoking world, but no one wants to grind with their hands on a super slow and sticky metal hand grinder. The Flower Power Grinder Is the result of years of research and refinement in design, and it’s obvious why. The extraordinary quality starts with it’s sophisticated package design. The Flower Power Grinder is brilliant. It’s unlike any other electric grinder. A must have for any true smoker.

6. Mean Clean Glass Cleaner

Mean Clean Glass Cleaner
Anyone knows if you're smoking there is going to be resin! So use the best glass cleaner on the market and you'll never be left with a dirt piece. A top-selling eco-friendly pipe cleaner that will make your pipes look like new!  Mean Clean comes in a large 16oz option, or a small 4oz option. This cleaner will make your life and smoking experience one to behold.

7. Phuncky Feel Glass Rolling Tips

Raws Roor glass Phuncky Feel rolling tips
Simply roll your Glass Rolling tip into any paper or wrap and enjoy an amazing smoking experience that will never go flat, get wet, or leave product and residue on your lips. The hand-blown glass tip was co-designed by the world famous companies RooR and Raw Rolling Papers. This particular smoking tip is clear with a RooR Black and RAW Red label on the side. Each tip is approximately 1.25" in length and include two ice pinches for blocking ash.

8. Honey Tip Micro Nectar Collector

Honey Tip Nectar Collector
Designed for oils and concentrates, this simple yet elegant water pipe features the innovative nectar collector design, as well as a four-slit bubbler chamber, a removable straw mouthpiece, and a titanium tip and quartz interchangeable dab tip piece. At $40 you cant find a better on-the-go dabbing option.

9. GlassLab 303 Water Pipe Or Rig

GlassLab 303 Water PipeGlassLab 303 Water PipeGlassLab 303 Beaker Water Pipe
 GlassLab 303 Is a local Colorado glass company. Each glass piece is handmade with the highest quality Pyrex glass to insure a stable and functioning Water Pipe. With such high standards and care its no wonder why GlassLab 303 Is a high class glass that you will enjoy for years to come.

10. THe Can Vaporizer System

THe Can Vaporizer System
If you are looking for a healthier option than smoking, then vaporizing is for you!  Enjoy your herbal blends without the tar and carcinogens associated with traditional combustion methods of smoking.  THe Can Vapor System is a premium desktop vaporizer manufactured and assembled in Colorado. Constructed from aircraft aluminum, THe Can is one of the most durable vaporizers on the market today and offers a lifetime warranty. The Can offers an easily adjustable heat control.  And the heating element is made of inert ceramic and is the largest, beefiest, most efficient heating element on the market.  THe Can vapor system utilizes an efficient and sanitary hose system, so unlike other vaporizers, there are no dirty bags to mess with.  And the kit includes a whip clip, so you can vape hands free without having to hold the tube in or against the heating element elbow.  Another advantage is that you will use less herbs!  Vaporizing delivers 97% of your products active chemicals, versus the approximately 45% when smoking.  THe Can Vapor System is built to last, and built to enjoy!
Myxed Up Creations Denver
There you have it, our top ten list of the best smoking accessories. There are lots of makes out there but we helped you limit the search to the best. Now go out there and show your stuff and be the heady connoisseur your friends know you are.

7pipe Twisty Blunt Tutorial Video

Take a spin with the new 7pipe, the latest in Glass Blunt technology.

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us a video tutorial with the 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt.  In the video Todd will show you how to load the 7pipe Twisty Blunt, how to unload it, and how to use the 7pipe for the most optimal social smoking experience.

You can find the 7pipe Twisty Blunt, as well as many other handheld smoking devices and accessories at Myxed Up Creations.  We also offer many other solutions for sneak-a-tokes, one hitters, bats, chillums, or dugouts.  Whether you are trying to find the newest in smoking technologies and methods, or you're just trying to find old school papers and wraps to roll a classic spliff or a blunt, Myxed Up Creations has you covered at any of our retail stores located in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Todd for Myxed Up here, and today we're going to be showing you a new pipe we have in, the 7pipe. It's kind of a new twisty style blunt. We're going to go ahead in-depth and we’ll show you everything, how to load it, how to unload it and everything in-between.

Alright guys so today we're going to do the 7pipe. We got ourselves a little bit of stuff here and we're going to load up. When you first open it up it says “Stoner tested, geek approved, glass blunt nirvana.” It looks pretty nice, comes apart here. Slides apart these o-rings to keep everything together. As you can see very nice Pyrex glass, with a titanium insert here. And what we're going to do is show you what's inside here first. So when you open up your pack you're actually going to get a few different things. There’s your display on the inside that shows everything that you got. So you’ll have a twisty blunt with your silicone caps and some extra o-rings plus your nano cleaning brush, and I'll show you all that inside this package here. You get a nice little carrying kit here, a little case. And then this little pack here. This has two silicon ends plus your nano cleaning brush. And there's your nano cleaning brush there. Quite small. Let’s set that aside. You have an extra o-ring here for what I showed you earlier. And then your two silicone caps, one for each side. And they slide on and off pretty nicely. We’ll go ahead and put one on this end here and we’re gonna show you how we load this guy. So we'll take our glass pipe here and we’re basically just going to fill up the end. It’s pretty easy to do. You can probably use a cone filler to do the same thing. You will load it pretty much all the way down the glass tube, depending on how you want. What's nice is you can just twist the tube, so if you just want to do a half one you can twist it to the end and it will fill up just fine. All right and once you have enough inside of there, we’re gonna go ahead and take this guy and push it right down. We're gonna go ahead and twist it the way of the spiral, so as you can see as we twist we’re pushing it in and it will cut in and move all the way down the blunt. You might have to go back and forth a little bit from time to time just to help grab a little bit more. And that'll twist all the way down. So as we twist it down, we're grabbing a little bit more each time, just to help you get a nice pack in there. And I tend to like to do it this way, it tends to pack a little bit better. And once we get all the way to the bottom, you can see the o-ring will slide in. And then you're pretty much nice and packed in there. When you go to smoke you're just going to go ahead and pull off the end here. Which is good for if you’re taking it with you. And then you’ve got your end there, and so, you’ll just light this end and as you puff through the other end, it's got all the nice little holes here. And that's actually where your nano brush comes in. This guy’s actually designed to clean out all these little holes over time because you’ll get a little bit of resin in them. So as you smoke on it and pull on it, you're going to go ahead and twist it the opposite direction needed to fill it. And as you can see it's just going to push out your ash as you go. Pretty convenient. It’ll push it all the way down as you smoke it out. And then as you twist it all the way to the end, it'll push everything out the end. So fairly convenient. Really easy to clean. I mean it’s just this one tube. So definitely come by the shop and see if you can get yourself one of these guys. It’s 7pipe. So I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Thanks for watching.

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