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How to use The One Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - Tutorial Video

This tutorial video will give you an overview of The One Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer kit

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan from Myxed Up Creations takes us to our Denver location to talk about The One Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer by Snowcloudz. He shows what comes in the kit, plus how to use, operate and clean The One Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer by Snowcloudz. Logan goes over the versatility of this vaporizer showing off it's different mouthpieces including the glass mouthpiece, the bubbler, and water pipe adapter.

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Hey everybody it’s Logan with Myxed Up Creations. In this episode of MyxedUp TV we're going to be running you through The One portable dry herb vaporizer, and I'm going to be showing you how it works. So let's go ahead and unbox this guy and get into it.

Alright so here we go everybody, unboxing The One portable vaporizer by Snowcloudz. So what you're going to get in the box is you're going to get The One portable vaporizer unit here. This is going to be the glass mouthpiece here. This is going to be the water pipe adapter right here. Underneath we're going to get a good old instruction manual. We’re going to get the accessories here which I’ll open in a second. First we're going to take a look at the bubbler mouthpiece. This is another cool option where you can have your vape be percolated through water. So it’s got a little rubber attachment hear that goes right onto the unit and then you, ya know put your water in the percolator, have it filter through water. And your accessories you are going to get the micro USB charging cable. You're going to get some tools like a cleaning brush tweezers and a dabber. You're going to get some little filters to actually put on the heating chamber if you would like. You also get two small stainless steel screens and you’re going to get a second rubber attachment for all the water adapters. Alright so using The One portable vaporizer. So this thing heats up really really quickly as soon as you turn it on. So to turn it on you're gonna hit the power button down you're just going to hold it for a little bit until it turns on and it’ll welcome you. And you can see already it’s just getting up there in heat, it only takes a minute or so to get to the correct temperature. If you want to adjust it you can see the temperature right there, you just go up and down. Let’s go to 400, and it's already almost there, boom there. As soon as the coffee cup icon stops blinking it's ready to go. If you want to change it to Celsius just hold down the power button and the minus at the same time, changes to Celsius mode. If you want to change it back just do that again. Now there's also a timer mode, so right now as you can see we’re at about four minutes. You can either change the timer to five minutes or ten minutes and after that it will just automatically shut itself off. To change it to ten minutes you’re gonna hold down the power button and the plus. See, boom. And now it's at ten to change it back to five you just hold that down again, and there you have it. So turn this thing off. Now let's take a look at the actual heating chamber in the unit here. See it's pretty deep, you can load quite a bit of ground herb. You have your screen in the top there. So you have room to work with. Now let's get into the different options you can use with your The One portable vaporizer. So what we just had on here was the plastic mouthpiece which is this kind of the basic one, but if you want to do any of the other ones you're going to need one of those rubber mouthpieces that they gave you right here. You’re just gonna throw that on top, now you have the bubbler attachment. Pretty cool having your vape go through water. A few other options here you're going to have. This is the glass mouthpiece here, and then the water pipe attachment right here. So to use these ones you're just going to want to take out whatever is in the rubber mouthpiece right now and switch between these three. So here's the glass mouthpiece which is really tasty vape there, then this is going to be your water pipe adapter. And I’m going to go grab a water pipe so you can see how it looks on one.

So here we have a Faberge egg and if you ever have, you know, wondered what it would be like to have your vape go through a Faberge egg like this, now it is possible. So you're One vaporizer will just go right into a 14 millimeter joint like so. And then you can just turn it on and go from there. Pretty cool stuff. So as far as maintenance on this unit goes, that is why they give you this little tool kit with the cleaning brush inside, so you can really get into the heating chamber and clean most the residue off. You can use hot water and rubbing alcohol to clean all the other attachments. So that about does it. This is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market for the price. With so many different options of use. And you can find it right here at Myxed Up Creations.

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