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Top 10 Smoking Accessories for the Daily Smoker

Having a stockpile of extraordinary smoking accessories can add considerable measure to your smoking Prowess.

7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt
The 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is the newest glass blunt on the market.  The 7pipe is the perfect smoking solution for while you're out and about, medicating on the go, or smoking with friends.  Using a patented corkscrew technology to spin out your ash and move the entire section of herb forward.  Just load up the 7pipe with your favorite legal smoking product, light the end, and let the infini-cherry technology do the work for you.

2. Flip Side Casher Vinyl Debowler Ashtray

Flip Side Casher Debowler Ashtray
The Flip Side Casher Vinyl Ashtray & Debowler is a new use for an old classic. Each Flip Side Casher is handmade in Denver, Colorado out of REAL vinyl records. Using a standard 78s style record from various known and unknown artists, this ashtray brings back to life to your smoking area with a blast from the past. Fitted with a 3" metal spike, simply flip your bowl upside down and press down onto the debowler spike to clear for a simply clean bowl every time. Each spike is removable for easy cleaning as resins build up and will never break down from heat or scraping.
Myxed Up Mushroom silicone concentrate containerSilicone Rectangular Concentrate Container with Dab Tool
Lego shaped concentrate containerSilicone Butterfly Non Stick Concentrate Container
Raw Rolling Trays
The Raw Rolling Tray is a must for anyone who likes to roll there own or if you just need a place to break down that herb. There are three sizes of rolling tray each branded with the RAW logo. Made of a durable metal these trays are sure to last a lifetime. Every time you sit and light up you'll look to grab your Raw Rolling Tray.

5. Flower Power Grinder

Flower Power Grinder
Grinders are a must for anyone in the smoking world, but no one wants to grind with their hands on a super slow and sticky metal hand grinder. The Flower Power Grinder Is the result of years of research and refinement in design, and it’s obvious why. The extraordinary quality starts with it’s sophisticated package design. The Flower Power Grinder is brilliant. It’s unlike any other electric grinder. A must have for any true smoker.

6. Mean Clean Glass Cleaner

Mean Clean Glass Cleaner
Anyone knows if you're smoking there is going to be resin! So use the best glass cleaner on the market and you'll never be left with a dirt piece. A top-selling eco-friendly pipe cleaner that will make your pipes look like new!  Mean Clean comes in a large 16oz option, or a small 4oz option. This cleaner will make your life and smoking experience one to behold.

7. Phuncky Feel Glass Rolling Tips

Raws Roor glass Phuncky Feel rolling tips
Simply roll your Glass Rolling tip into any paper or wrap and enjoy an amazing smoking experience that will never go flat, get wet, or leave product and residue on your lips. The hand-blown glass tip was co-designed by the world famous companies RooR and Raw Rolling Papers. This particular smoking tip is clear with a RooR Black and RAW Red label on the side. Each tip is approximately 1.25" in length and include two ice pinches for blocking ash.

8. Honey Tip Micro Nectar Collector

Honey Tip Nectar Collector
Designed for oils and concentrates, this simple yet elegant water pipe features the innovative nectar collector design, as well as a four-slit bubbler chamber, a removable straw mouthpiece, and a titanium tip and quartz interchangeable dab tip piece. At $40 you cant find a better on-the-go dabbing option.

9. GlassLab 303 Water Pipe Or Rig

GlassLab 303 Water PipeGlassLab 303 Water PipeGlassLab 303 Beaker Water Pipe
 GlassLab 303 Is a local Colorado glass company. Each glass piece is handmade with the highest quality Pyrex glass to insure a stable and functioning Water Pipe. With such high standards and care its no wonder why GlassLab 303 Is a high class glass that you will enjoy for years to come.

10. THe Can Vaporizer System

THe Can Vaporizer System
If you are looking for a healthier option than smoking, then vaporizing is for you!  Enjoy your herbal blends without the tar and carcinogens associated with traditional combustion methods of smoking.  THe Can Vapor System is a premium desktop vaporizer manufactured and assembled in Colorado. Constructed from aircraft aluminum, THe Can is one of the most durable vaporizers on the market today and offers a lifetime warranty. The Can offers an easily adjustable heat control.  And the heating element is made of inert ceramic and is the largest, beefiest, most efficient heating element on the market.  THe Can vapor system utilizes an efficient and sanitary hose system, so unlike other vaporizers, there are no dirty bags to mess with.  And the kit includes a whip clip, so you can vape hands free without having to hold the tube in or against the heating element elbow.  Another advantage is that you will use less herbs!  Vaporizing delivers 97% of your products active chemicals, versus the approximately 45% when smoking.  THe Can Vapor System is built to last, and built to enjoy!
Myxed Up Creations Denver
There you have it, our top ten list of the best smoking accessories. There are lots of makes out there but we helped you limit the search to the best. Now go out there and show your stuff and be the heady connoisseur your friends know you are.

The Flower Power Grinder from Myxed Up Creations

Welcome to the Future of Herb Grinding

The Flower Power Grinder is the best electric herb grinder in the world. There—we said it. One naysayer had the temerity to remark, “It’s just a coffee grinder.” Sure. If Porsche made coffee grinders. But they don’t. So we’ve stepped into the gap, and now there is no gap: Myxed Up’s Flower Power Grinder is the best, fastest, most-versatile, all-purpose, user-friendly electric grinder in the world. Bar none. Plus it looks cool.

The Flower Power Grinder is fantastic for tea, coffee, potpourri, tobacco, or any other kind of herb or flower you’d care to grind.

Let’s just break it down, shall we? Flower Power Grinder display

Step 1: You start with the durably constructed base unit, featuring a 200-watt, 5,000-rpm high-velocity motor. (How durable? Well, we dropped the thing in our kitchen, picked it up, plugged it back in, and it worked fine. We’re not recommending you go around dropping it—we were a bit out of it at the time, if you know what we mean—we’re just saying, if you happen to drop it, you should probably be more worried about your floor than the grinder.)

Step 2: After plugging in the base unit, you affix the stainless steel grinding bowl, which is equipped with a sturdy, long-lasting grinding blade designed to shred, not just cut, your herb. (How long lasting? Testing results for the whole unit show it’ll outlast the lifespan of 20 typical coffee grinders combined.)

And Step 3: Toss some of your favorite herb into the bowl, place the hardy plastic cover (that doubles as a vacuum-seal fill container) on top, and simply push down on the lid with your finger or palm. Seconds later, you have a perfectly even, ground substance at whatever consistency—fine, coarse, in between—you’d like. (How many seconds? It can grind a gram in 2 seconds, 21 grams in under 10.)

Now you can get to your vaping, rolling, pipe smoking, tea brewing, what have you.

But, you might ask, what about the end result? What about the product produced by the grinding? What about its consistency? Texture? Versatility? Well, quite frankly, we’ve never experienced anything like it. And we say this as scientists who have toiled long and hard in the field of herbal research, who’ve conducted many, many experiments in herbal laboratories both great and small. This grinder takes things to a whole new level.

And, look, we hate to sound like a used car salesman, BUT WAIT: there’s more. The Flower Power electric grinder comes with a ridiculous amount of excellent accessories, including: (1) a silicone brush tailor made to clear both your grinding bowl (and blade) and fill container; (2) a vacuum hand pump that works with (3) a vacuum-seal lid you can use on the fill container, transforming it into an airtight, portable storage unit for your ground goods; (4) a dust cover for protecting your grinding bowl while you use your fill container for storage; (5) a small stiff brush for supplementary cleaning and maintenance; and (6), in addition to the 3-foot cord that comes standard with the grinder, an additional 6-foot extension cord, for when you need an assist reaching a troublesome outlet. (Honestly, when was the last time you bought an appliance and it came with an extra extension cord? We’ll tell you when—it was never.)

And that’s not all (more used-car- salesman speak, but bear with us). Do you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other physical hand, joint, or wrist ailment? The Flower Power Grinder features a minimal-impact engaging mechanism—simply push down on the plastic cover / fill container and the blade will run. Let up and it stops. You can use a finger, your palm, an elbow—even your chin—to operate the Flower Power Grinder. And this ease of operation makes it a snap to control the consistency of your grind.

The Flower Power Grinder unboxed

So. To review: The Flower Power Grinder is the fastest herb grinder on the market—21 grams in under 10 seconds! It’s the most powerful grinder on the market—200 watts! That’s more than most Marshall guitar amps! It’s the highest-quality grinder. The most ergonomic. The toughest and most durable. And it comes with more extras than a Walking Dead season finale (which is a fine thing to watch after doing some grinding).

That’s a lot of stuff in one package, but here’s the thing: we’re not just trying to sell you the best herb grinder in the world—that’s not enough. Our goal is to deliver the best herb-grinding experience of your life. Of your life!

Hyperbole? You tell us.

Feel free to peruse full specs on the Flower Power Grinder product page, and check out Myxed Up Todd’s video tutorial.

This is a guest blog post by Abe Brennan

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