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Method Man & Redman In Denver For Myxed Up 420 2014

Continued from the 4/20 2014 Recap blog post

It was another beautiful spring evening in Denver, Colorado!  The city was a abuzz with excitement as the state turned into a hub of activity for locals and visitors!  Many corners of the state took on a festival type of atmosphere with events of all kinds geared towards just about every type of person.  Whether you were young or old, if you were into rock, jazz, dubstep or hip-hop, looking for a party, or a quiet place to enjoy the silence, there was something going on that you could be a part of to enjoy the holiday.  It was no different for Denver, and for the Myxed Up Family as people started to gear up for the highlight of OUR weekend!  Myxed Up Creations was once again taking center stage this 4/20, sharing the spotlight with Yolo Rum, Weedmaps, Altitude Dispensary, and Party Guru Productions for this years Myxed Up 420 featuring Method Man and Redman! 
As the stores at various Myxed Up locations wrapped up their business portion of the 4/20 weekend, you could feel the anticipation in the air.  It was just about time to party for real!  The first objective was to meet up with all of the Myxed Up 420 raffle winners, grab some drinks and dinner, and get the Method Man and Redman pre-party underway.  The Myxed Up 420 raffle had some great prizes including gift packs from E-710, and a deluxe e-hookah package, but make no bones about it, the grand prize is what everyone was shooting for!  The top prize, which was awarded to one person at each Myxed Up Creations location, was a Colorado 420 Experience that would be tough to beat.  Included in this Colorado 420 Experience was 2 VIP tickets to the Method Man and Redman show at Cervantes, catered dinner, hotel stay, and transportation to and from the show.  What started out as a great idea, quickly validated itself as such, and as the prize winners began to arrive to get the evening kicked off, it was quickly evident that this would be a night of fun that no one would soon forget!
Joining forces with the winners from the four Myxed Up locations were various members of the Myxed Up Crew.  Some of which were stores employees, and friends of the store, including some of our favorite glass blowers and other various partners.  After everyone had a chance to settle in and munch down some Famous Dave's  BBQ, it was time to kick back a couple drinks of Yolo Rum(for those of age), and mingle around for a bit.  As the room started to loosen up, and people had the chance to make their acquaintances, you could feel the energy of the room start to take off!  What would soon begin to develop was the true Colorado 420 Experience!
Everyone was feeling great!  Co-workers, managers, associates, employees, bosses, customers, acquaintances,  We were all old friends now.  Myxed Up Family!...
...Finally!  The wait was over.  And up rolled the Detoxify Party Bus!  Time for one more picture, and then it was time to roll out to the show!
The pre-party was quickly transferred over to the Detoxify Party Bus and soon we were on our way!  Anyone that has even been on a party bus knows that ride to the show ends up being a highlight all it's own when you reflect back on the night, and this would be no exception.  Denver, Colorado, 420, 2014, Method Man and Redman, Myxed Up Creations!  For whatever reason, this felt like the center of the universe right now, and as the basslines of the Wu-Tang album vibrated through the bus's sound system, pretty soon our own little mini-concert broke out on the ride to the show.  We had transformed into Cervantes mobile, destination Myxed Up 420!
As one would expect, the party again transplanted itself with little effort into the venue as we arrived at Cervantes.  We made it just in time to enjoy the two opening acts right before the headliners.  The place was already completely packed by the time we got there for Sunspot Jonz and 8Ball & MJG.  The crowd was already well hyped and the vibe was right!  And once Method Man and Redman hit the stage, the place went nuts!  This was the second performance of the day for the hip-hop legends, who had already performed a special 4:20 performance earlier in the afternoon at the same spot, while Leftover Salmon and other bands rocked out in the streets in front of Cervantes earlier in the day as well.  You wouldn't have been able to tell it was their second show though as their infections energy soon whipped the crowd up into a complete frenzy!  This was history in the making, and Method Man and Redman more than lived up to the anticipation surrounding the event.

I think it's safe to say that the hip-hop duo had this date circled on their calendar, and for good reason.  Where else would the "How High" co-stars rather be to spend their 4/20 than in Denver, Colorado?  They even had pictures of our billboards posted on their Instagram feeds well in advance of the historical weekend!

Their excitement leading up to this day certainly carried over to the stage, without question, and the two delivered a performance that left little doubt in your head about why these are two of the best MC's in hip-hop.  Their exuberant execution of their set-list was flawless, and every step of the way they encouraged and challenged the crowd to just try and keep up with them.  They swept in and out of classics from their prior releases Blackout and Blackout 2, as well as solo hit's and Wu-Tang cuts that perched the two MC's at the top of the hip-hop pecking order for the better part of their 20+ year careers!  Method Man shouted "We're taking you back to 1994!" as he rallied into "Method Man" from from the original "36 Chambers".  Another occasion among many memorable moments saw Method Man whip up much of the Cervantes crowd into a mosh pit as he shouted out the O.D.B. and dropped into the classic "Shimmy Shimmy Ya".  The evening show saw the Funk Doc, Redman, make his way almost entirely to the back of the venue while surfing the crowd!  We also got to witness Method Man looking like a messiah walking on water as he stood atop the crowds raised hands, ever so fitting for this Easter night show.  On a couple of occasions the twosome eluded to future sequel releases of Blackout 3 and How High 2 (which allegedly feature their two How High characters, Silas and Jamal, moving to Boulder).  Rounding out the show was DJ Allah Mathematics weaving the fabric of the beats for the evening, as well as taking a few moments in the set for a little freestyle scratch session.  Also joining them on stage during the set was Streetlife, another Wu-Tang ally from days past.




Myxed Up 420 2014 was an amazing experience for everyone involved.  A very select and lucky few got to experience the event up close and personal!  Everything about the weekend as a whole was incredible.  We had a great 3 days at all of the stores, and got the chance to see so many old friends, and meet some new friends from Colorado, and over the country.  We got to be first hand at Red Rocks for Slightly Stoopid and launch a tailgate party in the parking lot.  We had the opportunity to celebrate 420 like no one else does with some lucky fans from the 420 raffle, and then experience an amazing show at Cervantes with two Hip-Hop legends in Redman and Method Man.  And once again we sincerely thank every one of you that shared in that experience with us!  We know 4/20 2015 is going to be another wild one.  And we invite you to join in the fun with us again next year!

For a full photo album from the show, check out the Method Man and Redman gallery on the Yolo Rum website.

Additional photo credit Kiddest Metafaria, 303 Magazine.  For a full recap of the party and to see more of Kiddest's awesome pictures from the show, check out 303 Magazine for their write-up.

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Coming From Out Of Town For 420 Weekend? Myxed Up Creations Has Got You Covered!

Sunday April 20th, 2014...AKA 4/20, is right around the corner!  A lot of people will be coming to Denver for a truly historic weekend, and if you are one of those people, Myxed Up Creations has got you covered!  Maybe you're coming into town for Hot Box at Red Rocks featuring Slightly Stoopid, Mac Miller, and Mariachi El Bronx on Saturday April 19th at Red Rocks.  Maybe you are coming to town for Snoop's Wellness Retreat featuring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa on Sunday April 20th at Red Rocks.  Or perhaps you're coming for (our favorite of the weekend) one of the two (if not both) Myxed Up 420 shows featuring Method Man and Redman on Sunday April 20th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, brought to you by Yolo Rum...  or you could be coming into town for any number of the other events that will have the eyes of the nation turned towards Colorado, just to be a part of such a unique time in American history.  Regardless of your purpose for coming to Colorado, if you're a tourist, surely you want to see everything important that Colorado has to offer, and Myxed Up Creations is a big part of that history and culture!  We put together this handy guide to help you to navigate to any of the 4 Myxed Up Creations locations during your stay.  Please be our guest, and make the Myxed Up Creations experience part of your 420 holiday weekend!  If you're going to be coming to Denver, the 2 best head shops in town also happen to be 2 of the most conveniently located and closest and to the airport, and the Denver location is situated only minutes outside of downtown Denver!  If you're coming to Colorado Springs, how could any trip be complete without stopping by the brand new Myxed Up Mega-Store, the biggest head shop in the WORLD??  And if you're driving up from down south, Myxed Up Pueblo is just a little over an hour from our friends in New Mexico.  Make sure you stop by the best head shop in the state.  With 4 locations to serve you, you're sure to find everything you are looking for, and so much more.  Come and see why Myxed Up Creations has been a cornerstone of our respective communities for over 20 years!

Here is link to the MyxedUp420 in store event page, so you can check out all of the relevant details!

Colorado does it better, and nobody in Colorado does it like Myxed Up Creations!


Myxed Up Denver

5800 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, Colorado 80220

To get to the Denver location from Downtown Denver.  Just take Colfax East for about 10 minutes, and the store is located at the South East corner of Colfax Ave. and Ivy St.


Myxed Up Aurora

1718 S. Chambers Rd.  Aurora, Colorado 80017

The store is located at the South East corner of Chambers Rd. and Mexico Ave.


Myxed Up Colorado Springs

The biggest head shop in the world!  The Myxed Up Mega Store!

3945 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

The store is located at the South East corner of North Academy Blvd. and Austin Bluffs Pkwy.


Myxed Up Pueblo

217 W. Northern Ave. Pueblo, CO 81004

The store is located on the north side of W. Northern Ave. just east of E Abriendo Ave.

4/20 2014 at Myxed Up Creations (MyxedUp420 Weekend!)

Sunday April 20th 2014 is exactly two months away today.  It will be the tail end of an historic weekend, and Myxed Up Creations invites you to come be a part of history as we celebrate our 21st annual installment of 420 festivities!  Our 20th 4/20 celebration last year was our biggest and best one yet, and there is every indication the 2014 version will be our most epic 420 to date!

(Join the MyxedUp420 Weekend event page on Facebook, and stay tuned for all of the important info as it unfolds!)

As has been the case in the most recent 420 celebrations, Myxed Up Creations participated in a variety of different ways with both in-store events, as well as evening musical events with some of the biggest names in showbiz.  Last year Myxed Up joined forces with SeedleSs and Tribal Seeds to bring you 420 Hot Box at Red Rocks.  The chilly and wet evening was no deterrent as the place was packed to get down with Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid among others. 




We even had Myxed Up Creations reppin' on the "Road Tripper" van that was on the stage during the Slightly Stoopid set!




There were so many important and awesome events that were going on that weekend, and it felt like we were a part of all of it.  And the best thing was that we had the opportunity to share that experience with every part of the Myxed Up family from all different corners of the country that came to visit.  And to all of our new friends that were in town or from Colorado that we were meeting for the first time, we only hope that you will make Myxed Up Creations a part of your 4/20 experience in 2014!  

The 2013 in-store event featured a spectacular party. Just to touch on a couple of highlights, lets start with the giveaways.  We handed out hundreds of free t-shirts for our Facebook (and real life) friends and fans.  We held our incredible raffle that included a mind-blowing $10,000 plus in prizes with all the Myxed Up Creations locations considered.  We had our legendary grab bags that had all kinds of goodies, not to mention tickets to the Slightly Stoopid Red Rocks show, and the Snoop Lion (AKA Snoop Dogg) Reincarnated party, sprinkled in for some lucky people.  We also gave away limited edition Hot Box at Red Rocks event sticker packs.  There was always a surprise around almost every corner, and the love and positive vibes of the weekend perpetuated with every smiling face that walked in and out of our doors.  Another one of the aspects of the in-store event that made it so memorable was the massive sidewalk sale that had a ton of fun items like glass pieces discounted at over 80% OFF, and some random gems thrown in there (I bought a Todd Helton bobble head doll at the last one)!  The other thing that stood out was just the volume of people from in town, and out of state that were here just to be a part of the party that was happening in our beautiful state!  It was an amazing sense of community, and it was so special to share with everyone. 




Here we are having our friends and fans sign a special edition 6 and a half foot GOAT Glass piece that Slightly Stoopid put to good use on stage when it was presented to them as a gift during the show at Red Rocks. 





Pictured on the left here's the "Road Tripper" van parked outside Myxed Up Denver.  On the right, Dane Holmquist, the artist responsible for much of the art on the van (and any number of other Seedless illustrations), poses with the "Road Tripper" at Myxed Up Denver.


Here is the breakdown for the 2014 Myxed Up 420 Weekend...  Since April 20th is on a Sunday this year, there will be a full 3 day long extravaganza.  We will have an incredible line-up of activities, giveaways, contests, prizes, sales, entertainment, gourmet food, and MANY more surprises to come at our in-store events....  Just stay tuned for all the big news as it's announced here on our blog, as well as our Myxed Up Creations locations Facebook pages, and our Twitter and Instagram as well.

As for the music events to keep the party going well into the night, (and probably the next day)... Myxed Up is proud to be part of TWO of the best events Colorado will have this 4/20 weekend!

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre event, Saturday April 19th Hot Box Red at Rocks 2014 featuring Slightly Stoopid with Mac Miller, and Mariachi El Bronx.  The show starts at 7:00, and it looks like it's probably almost already sold out.  So if you are trying to get tickets, you better act fast!




The Main Event takes place at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Sunday April 20th, Myxed Up 420 brought to you by Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum, featuring Method Man and Redman along with some very special guests!  The first of the two shows starts at 3:00 PM.  The second, and later, of the two shows starts at 9:00 PM.  If you are looking for tickets to either Method Man and Redman show on 4/20 go here --->  Method Man and Redman Tickets for the EARLY SHOW or for the LATE SHOW.  


(Join the MyxedUp420 - Featuring Method Man and Redman, event page on Facebook for event info, ticket giveaways, and other goodies!)






One of our fans on Facebook, David Williams, wrote back to us after 420 weekend last year saying, "Can't wait to get back to Denver, I had the most epic 5 days of my life."  

Yeah, we think that about covers it! See you SOON David!

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