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Kennedy Competition Rebuildable Drip Atomizer Video Overview

The Kennedy Competition RDA has some of the best airflow technology available today.

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan gives us an overview of the Kennedy Competition Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA), and compares it to his Dark Horse Clone RDA.  Let's take a look at what makes the Kennedy Competition RDA one of the best on the market.  With superior airflow technology, the Kennedy is durable, easy to look at, and ready to make some serious clouds.

You can find the Kennedy Competition RDA as well as the Wulf Hell Hound unregulated box mod featured in this video at any of our Myxed Up Creations locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  We also carry a huge selection of many other electronic cigarettes, as well as parts and accessories, including full kits, MOD's, tanks, coils, batteries and just about anything you need to help you get your vape game to boss status!

Video Transcript

Hey hey hey everybody, it’s Logan with Myxed Up Creations. In today’s episode of Myxed Up TV we are going to be talking about the Kennedy Competition RDA. So I’m going to give you an overview of the Kennedy. And we're gonna bust this bad boy open. And then I'm going to compare it to my Dark Horse Clone RDA just to see why this thing is so badass. So let's get up and close personal, and meet the Kennedy.

So here it is everybody. The Kennedy competition RDA. And just already just holding it this thing feels so heavy. It’s a hefty little RDA. Made of 303 grade stainless steel. And it's a chunker for sure. But let's get this thing on here so we can open it up. So if you're just looking at it from the outside you can see there's airflow on each side that comes up from the bottom and then when you open it up is where this thing really shines. Boom. So the airflow comes in from the bottom and then goes up through the RDA to right beneath where your coils are at. So you get a really really nice airflow there. Really advanced. Probably the most advanced airflow technology I've seen in any RDA so far, but what I really like about this thing is the option to add the glass top rather than the steel one. This thing looks really cool. You can always see what's going on. Look at your coils and make sure they're wet and ready to go. Boom. Just get the overview of it. If you break things a lot the glass top is probably not the best option for you. I think it really really looks cool. But if you break things a lot, stick with the steel, that’s probably more your game. But let's kind of compare this to my Dark Horse Clone RDA. So just by looking at the overview, you can see it has airflow on each side that comes in from the side of it, rather than the bottom. And then if you open it up it’s got the standard kind of RDA look, where pretty much the airflow on the sides here is the only airflow you're gonna get. So if you really delve in, you can see just by looking at the post. They're both 3 post RDA’s. The Dark Horse has huge holes in the post, which means you can pretty much fit any gauge in there and build on. The Kennedy is pretty much, it’s wide enough to where that's really all you need. And you can easily fit a 20 gauge kanthal in there, and I am totally happy with that. But as you can see the airflow is what makes the Kennedy the bee's knees. The cat's pajamas, if you will. So I'm going to grab my box mod and we're going to throw this on there and just see how she looks.

So here I have my Wulf Hell Hound unregulated box, and we're just going to kind of toss the old Kennedy on there and see what that's all about. WoooOOOO! So if that's not beautiful, I don't know what is. Would you look at that! The thing looks stellar, and ready to go. I just love the look of the glass top you can just see what's going on all the time. Even if you put the steel one on there, this thing still looks like it's ready to go. This is a really heavy box, and a heavy RDA. So this feels good in the hand, and you can just feel the power there. I really like the look of that. Bam. Intimidating to some people but I love it.

So there it is everybody. The Kennedy Competition RDA. The thing is ready to go best airflow I've seen so far. Ready to make some clouds. So you can get this thing in store at Myxed Up Creations, or you can look for more info online at myxedup.com. I will see you guys later. Bye!

How to Build a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Tutorial Video

This tutorial video will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a rebuildable dripping atomizer, also referred to as an RDA 

On this episode of Myxed Up TV we take you to Myxed Up Creations Denver, Colorado location where Todd shows you how to build a rebuildable dripping atomizer using a Patriot three post model RDA, the KangerTech organic cotton and pre-built coils, all built on a Kanger KBox digital 40watt box mod. You can optionally use an Eleaf voltage Ohmmeter to build from and to test your mod with after the build, but it is not necessary for the build.


For more information give us a call or pay us a visit at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with all of your electronic cigarette needs.  Whether you are a pro cloudchaser, or a beginner that is just looking to try and quit smoking cigarettes, we have the staff and the equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Video Transcript 

Hey this is Todd at Myxed Up Creations and today we’re going to show you how to build a rebuildable dripping atomizer.  Today I’m going to be showing you a Patriot three post model.  The KangerTech organic cotton and pre-built coils.  And I’m going to build them for my K Box Digital 40watt.  We’re also going to be using an Eleaf voltage and ohm reader, but it’s not necessary for the build.  
So now we’re going to assemble our Patriot three post RDA.
Go ahead and screw him into the top here of my battery and we’re just going to do this just so he has a post to hold on to, it makes it a little easier.
And we’ll go ahead with my KagerTech cotton and pre-built coils. And we’re going to go ahead and start placing these guys in.  Now remember you’re going to go from the positive to the negative, so one post to the other.  There’s one side.  And we’ll go ahead and screw down the negative post just to hold them in place.  Alright, now we’ll go to the other side and get our next coil.  And we’re going to do the same thing.  Push him through.  There we are.  Now we’ll go ahead and post him down.  Alright.  So now if you have something the size of your post, it’s easier to rotate into place if that’s how you like it, on either side.  These are all just optional things.  
And then we’ll tighten down our positive post.  And we should be pretty set there.  So all this extra, we’re just going to go ahead and clip off with a pair of wire clippers.  This is just excess, and isn’t needed anymore.  Alright, so now we have our two coils, as you can see.  Posted up in there pretty good.  Go ahead and give it a fire and see what we’re rockin’ out.  Always make sure you tighten everything down so everything fires off just right.  Got a little bit of a half fire there.  So now we’re just going to burn off any excess, and try and even these guys out as best as we can.  The closer we get them together, the better they‘ll fire together.  Looks like a good even fire for now.  
So we’ll go ahead now and move on to our cotton.  So we’ll go ahead and pull off a small strip of cotton.  Wire it up real real thin here, and then we’re going to go ahead and wire that through our individual coils.  I like to wrap my cotton in different ways, you can decide which wraps are best for you.  And I’ll tuck all this excess back in.  And there’s one side you can see pretty much cottoned out.  And one side without.  It’s important that you don’t fire off the coils right now.  You wouldn’t want to burn your cotton without any good wick on there.  So as you can see, I’m just going to pull some cotton out here.  Roll it up real nice and neat.  And then do the same thing again.  We’ll go ahead and push this through here.  Shouldn’t be too tough, you should be able to do this with your bare hands.  If you’ve got to much cotton it might be a little bit more difficult.  Same wrap this time on the other side.  And the same thing, we’ll tuck in any excess, or you can rip off if you have to much.  It’s completely up to you.  
Alright, now once we have all that tucked in, we look good to go.  All of our posts are nice and tight.  And we fire tested before hand to burn off any of the excess.  So now that we have both of our coils wrapped in there real nice, we’re going to go ahead and prime the coils with the juice.  And you can use any juice that you like.  We’ll just go ahead and start to soak the coils and the cotton.  Alright, now we’re all juiced up, we’ll give it a little test fire here, and there we go.  And there you have it folks.  Replace your rebuildable atomizer top, and you’re ready to go.

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