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Making Your Own Concentrate Vape Juice With Solvent710

Turn waxes and shatter concentrates into a vape e-liquid juice with Solvent710

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us the rundown on how to turn your waxes, and shatter concentrates into a vapable solution that you can easily load into almost any atomizer or tank that you can use with your electronic cigarette.  In this video Todd will use Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier along with an O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself Kit to create that sweet nectar that you can take on the go.  

You can find Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier and O.penVAPE products, as well as many other dabbing essentials and handheld, portable vaping devices that were built to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle.  Myxed Up Creations has you covered at any of our retail stores located in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado, as well as here online at MyxedUp.com.

Video Transcript 

Hey everybody Todd here from Myxed Up TV. Today we're gonna be showing you some Solvent 710. This stuff is actually a liquid emulsifier that you can put any of your waxes, shatters, hash things like that in to, and turn them into a vapeable e-liquid. So this is the juice here. It comes in a nice glass vial as you can see. This flavor that I have today is actually Citrus Haze so there's a little bit there for you so you take a look.

What we're gonna do is take some concentrate that we have here. It's about a half a gram, we're going to mix it into this juice here and then we're going to put it into a fill it yourself top. Now this is just a refillable vape pen top that you can put on most batteries. We also could put it into other vape pen tops it doesn't really matter as long as it's a vape that takes a liquid. You should be able to use the Solvent 710 juice. The only things you'll really need is some hot water. We just stuck this in the microwave and heated up a glass of water.  That's just to set this in to help dissolve and, or if you want to speed things up, we're also gonna use a small torch just to kind of move the process along so that way the video doesn't take too too long.  So let's just go ahead and jump on into this. The first thing I'm going to want to do is get my concentrate in my jar here. Unscrew the lid on your jar as you can see it's just a nice little glass jar that you're gonna have.  Then we are going to take our concentrate here. What's nice about the silicone is that you can just kind of break it off. We're going to take that concentrate there and we're just going to put it inside of this jar here. Flatten it out a little bit so it'll just drop right in there.

Solvent 710 with concentrate

There we go. So you can see we just put the chunk in there. There's a little bit of extra in here, lets see if I can just scrape the rest. Waste not, want not, you know? Okay so now that you've got your concentrate inside of your solvents glass jar. Go ahead and put the lid back on. So this guy is going to start to dissolve, what you're gonna want to do is start to warm it up. In the instructions it says you can just put it in some hot water and then just leave it. It'll just start to warm up, everything in there will become softer. It'll become more of like a liquid, as your concentrates do.

Solvent 710 in water

To me personally, that sometimes takes a little while, but you'll probably get the best effect with your actual liquids.  I'm actually going to just hit this a little bit with a torch. It's just gonna help warm it up, but you should definitely be very careful if you're going to try and do this at home. If you do it too much, too fast, you could end up breaking the glass and then that's not going to do any good for anybody. You're just gonna end up with a whole bunch of hot liquid on you. So as we warm it up here we'll just go ahead and start to shake it. It's warming up real nice. I'll go ahead and drop this guy right into here and we're just gonna let it kind of sit there and warm up.  As it starts to warm up it should start to dissolve. I'll come back in a few minutes as soon as this this is dissolved and we'll show you the rest of the video.

Solvent 710 liquid

All right thanks for waiting for that. So it's been about 15 minutes now and with a little bit of shaking, you can kind of see that the little bit of concentrate that we put in there, the "THC concentrate," that's actually all dissolved. This stuff now is going to be, basically, a nice liquidy vape juice. You're pretty much set from here. What we're gonna do now, I'm going to show you how to put it into a refillable O.penVAPE top, but like I was telling you before, this stuff, it's gonna stay this consistency. So what's really nice about it is you can put it into any vape pen that you want.  So, I have a little syringe here. This comes from the O.pen Fill it Yourself Kit, which is really nice, if you guys haven't seen that before. It's basically a kit that comes with a vape pen, a top. We did a whole tutorial on it. The pen kind of looks like this, but they have replaceable tops. Empty tops like this that you can get. And then with the Solvent 710 you can just keep remaking juice and turning it into a vapable concentrate that you can put into your pens.

FIY Syringe

What we're gonna do now is unscrew... Well here, first, fill our top. We'll take the lid off of the top here. That's the mouthpiece and there's a little blue rubber pin right there. We're going to pull that out, and that's where, actually, the concentrates going to go. We'll take our syringe and our concentrate jar here. Go ahead and just open this guy up. Now we're going to suck up some of this concentrate. And then we're gonna go ahead and put it into here, into our vape pen. This, as you can see, will go right into that hole on the top. And then as we start to fill it up, you'll notice it just starts to fill up pretty easy there. Just fill that guy all the way up. You can put the rest back in your jar. It's really nice about the jars is you're gonna always be able to save your stuff inside of there, so.

Solvent 710 in syringe

So, definitely keep a hold of those. Take our little rubber pin here, and we'll put that right back in top of there. And then we'll take our lid and put that right back on top there.  So, now we've just filled up a vape pen, right there, as you can see. Go ahead... I'm just pulling on it a little bit to help kind of move the flow of juice down into the cotton, and then back out. If you're just refilling your pen, you won't need to do that, but you're pretty much ready to go. 

Solvent 710 in FIY tank

Just screw that guy right down onto a battery, and then puff away. Lemony! Citrus Haze! Yeah! So there you go guys. A super easy solvent that you can use to turn your solid concentrates into a vapable vape pen liquid. Pretty simple, but you know, with the amount that you can get in here and put into your pens. It's kind of nice because you could just travel with it a little bit keep refilling. Super fun, super convenient and it'll get you through everything. You can check those out we have the solvent 710 online at Myxedup.com we also have it in all of our shops too. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and we'll see you next time.

O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer Video Overview

The Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer by O.penVAPE is designed to deliver a mindful experience and maximum value

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us an overview of the O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer.  In the video, Todd shows what comes included in the package, and shows how to use this excellent dry herb vaporizer.

You can find the O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer at Myxed Up, as well as other portable dry herb vaporizers like The One by Snowcloudz, and the Pax One and Pax Two dry herb vapes.  You can also find just about any O.penVAPE hardware and accessories at any Myxed Up location.  Myxed Up Creations is also home to O.penVAPE's line of THC free CBD cartridges.  CBDs are making waves right now as science scrambles to explore the potential benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD).  If you don't know about CBDs, come into any Myxed Up location in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo and ask us about our CBD products.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Conscious Party Dry Herb Vape goes to help support the Ziggy Marley U.R.G.E. Foundation.  The U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) Foundation acts to support education, health, the environment, in efforts to improve the communities where children live and grow as they are our future’s unlimited resource. The more we can give to them, the more enlightened we can become.

Video Transcript

Hey guys this is Todd, and welcome to this episode of Myxed Up TV. Today we're going to show you guys a new dry herb vaporizer by Ziggy Marley. It’s called the Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer. So stay tuned and we’ll walk through a whole tutorial on everything.

The Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed to deliver a mindful experience and maximum value. Before using your vaporizer make sure you give it a full charge. On the very base of the battery is your USB micro plug. You will get a micro USB plug that comes with it, and you'll just plug that other end in into any computer USB or plug wall jack. You’ll have an indicator LED at the base that’ll glow green when it's done and red when it's charging. When you're finished charging, we're ready to load our dry herb vaporizer. You can go ahead and pull the mouthpiece off. You’ll want to unscrew this part of the mouthpiece, and you'll get some screens. One screen will go in this little area here, for your mouthpiece, so you don't get anything in your mouth. And then you'll get a second screen, a different size, which will go the bottom of your dry herb chamber there. And that's to keep any extra product from falling in and out. Once you load your dry herb down in here, make sure you grind it up, pack it in nicely. You don't want it to be super super packed down, but you do want to be full to get the best vape experience. Return your mouthpiece, and then we're ready to turn it on. 3 quick Taps on the button will turn on the sequencing to the lowest temperature setting. That setting is 385 degrees. If you'd like a higher setting it also has two more settings. If you hold the button down it will then proceed to the next setting of 400 degrees, or as a third setting it will go up to 415 degrees. The pulsing of the light indicates that the chamber is warming up and is getting ready to be lit. Once the device stops pulsing and is solidly lit, you're ready to use your device. Simply pull on the device slowly for about 30 seconds for an ideal hit, and give yourself a few seconds between turns in order for the chamber to warm back up for the optimum hit. When you're done, simply pull the lid off, dump out your herbs, and you can scrape and dust out your chamber with any extra filaments that you need and then refill as needed. To shut off your device you’ll simply tap the button 3 more times and the lights will die down. So a very simple dry herb, very affordable vape pen and I think it's going to be really great on the market. O.PenVAPE and Ziggy Marley have done a really good job with this pen, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

Alright, thanks for sticking with us through all of that. So Ziggy Marley actually does a nonprofit organization that all the proceeds, well a portion of the proceeds go back to. It's called URGE. It’s Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment is the name of it. You can check that out online. And also all the pens come with a 1 year warranty through O.penVAPE. So make sure you check all those out, and then stay tuned for more shows from us. We’ll give you tutorials on all the other things coming into the shop, so stick around for more Myxed Up TV.


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O.penVAPE Debuts 'Store Within a Store' at Myxed Up

Myxed Up Creations in Aurora is home to the inaugural O.penVAPE 'Store Within a Store' retail concept.

The Myxed Up Aurora Grand Opening party was without a doubt a momentous occasion for everyone involved.  One of the highlights of the Aurora store party was the grand unveiling of O.penVAPE's very first "Store within a Store."  O.penVAPE is one of the nationally recognized leaders in portable vaporizer technology, and their increasing presence at Myxed Up Creations locations further solidifies the strategic partnership between both companies moving forward.  Myxed Up Creations is now home to just about every product in the O.penVAPE line, with the exception of the pre-filled cartridges.  At any of our retail locations in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, you'll be able to pick-up a full compliment of O.penVAPE hardware and accessories.  We have everything that you need for your classic O.penVAPE, including replacement batteries, and chargers.  We are also one of the few retail outlets to feature the full O.penVAPE "Fill it Yourself" (FIY) Kits.  We also have a full stock of replacement cartridges and mouthpieces, as well as the O.juice solution refills for the FIY Kit.  We also carry a full assortment of colors and styles of the Go.pen and Go.pen Plus, plus waxy concentrate atomizers, as well as atomizers for use with essential oils.

We are very honored and excited to continue to develop our relationship with O.penVAPE, another strong company within the industry with Colorado proud roots! 

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Myxed Up More20 2015 Recap

More20 2015 at Myxed Up Creations really was bigger and better!

The 2015 edition of Myxed Up More20 did not disappoint.  This years celebration called for five full days of activities, sales, surprises, and music.  Considering that 2015 was now our fifth year celebrating More20, it was only fitting that the party last five days.  As with each year, it's our opportunity to thank our loyal customers for so many years of amazing and loyal support.  And what better way to bridge the gap to 4/20 (April 20th) in 2016 than with a customer appreciation extravaganza for all of the Myxed Up family spanning the Front Range of our beautiful home state of Colorado and beyond.  As More20 has become more popular, each Myxed Up location had brought their unique touch to the holiday festivities.  This year was no different, as the stores in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo stepped it up and brought the energy to match our awesome and enthusiastic friends and family that kept us going for this 5 day bonanza!

Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Aurora Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Pueblo
Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Pueblo Kelsey helps a customer at Myxed Up More20 in Aurora Customer holds up o.penVAPE t-shirt
Wacky Inflatable arm man high above Denver

More20 2015 launched on Friday October 16th.  As the Wacky Inflatable Arm man began his signature dance, the earlybirds got to the stores quickly to start getting the super special deals that wouldn't last long.  The legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags are usually some of the first special goodies to get snatched up, and that trend held true once again this year.  Another limited edition special for this year was our full glass rig set-up, dome, nail and all for only $10.20.  This was such a great deal that we literally almost ruined peoples day when we told them we were sold out of them.  But you know what they say, "The early bird gets the worm"!  Even if you missed out on the grab bags and $10.20 rigs, there were still plenty of other deals to put a smile on your face.  With specials on Jim Popp apparel, Drip e-liquid, Cali Vape, Myxed Up Shrooms, and pipe pendents, just to name a few.  Plus other featured items like the new Myxed Up Candles and Dabbin' Dan Hat Pins.  There was so much to check out while customers started to rack up raffle tickets for the main event, the More20 Raffle drawing on the night of Tuesday October 20th.

Myxed Up CandlesJim Popp shirts ready for More20
She's stoked about her $10.20 rig

Another attraction that's always a favorite of everyone is the massive sidewalk sale.  Once again, Denver and Aurora served as hosting locations for the sidewalk sale.  It was a hagglers paradise, as Dabbin' Dan and Myxed Up Clarence were slanging deals in the A-Town, while Myxed Up Gabe and Myxed Up Evan were cutting deals in Denver.  It's always so much fun to watch people peruse the sidewalk sale, and then find out the rock bottom prices these pieces were going for.  At some points we actually had to keep associates Brian Bubz and Myxed Up Logan from buying up all the markdown merchandise, so the customers could get in on a piece of the action.  With glass selling at 80% off, it was just a matter of time before you could find a piece of your own to fall in love with.

Sidewalk sale at Myxed Up Aurora
Kelsey and Dabbin' Dan
Evan and Gabe running the sidewalk sale in Denver

With all of these specials going on, there was already great opportunity to get in on some stellar deals.  However More20 just would be More20 without some freebies.  One thing about More20 that you can bank on after all these years, it that you can always expect the unexpected.  There is always going to be a surprise around every corner.  Heck, sometimes we're just as surprised as you guys are when special guests come trough with goodies.  This year was no different. We were joined by the team from o.penVAPE at the Denver and Aurora store.  They were giving away koozies, t-shirts, sunglasses and more.  Plus, if you bought $50 in Myxed Up merchandise, they were throwing in a FREE o.penVAPE battery, compatible with their high quality, pre-filled, o.penVAPE cartridges.  As if that wasn't enough, there was free pizza at every store on every single day right around 4:20, to help cure those post-session munchies.

Free pizza makes everyone happy
Urban Ice Organics Kratom Pegasus Liquid Kratom
o.penVAPE Bus at Myxed Up in Denver
o.penVAPE Bus at Myxed Up Denver
o.penVAPE at Myxed Up Aurora

The proverbial cherry on top of the weekend at the stores, was all of the DJ's, MC's, fire dancers, and performers we had come through the locations to entertain us.  The reality of More20 weekend is, to go along with all of the sales, giveaways, free food, music, etc., More20 is an event to build community.  This More20 weekend is all about you, our loyal, fun, friendly Myxed Up customers, that have been a part of truly making the Myxed Up community a family.  Part of that bonding is most certainly in celebrating the talents of our friends and family, as they pour their hearts out for us with their artistic expressions.  For that, we are so grateful to invite these members of our community to come and share with us.  Here is a listing of the acts that performed at our stores for More20 weekend.  Please find them, learn about them, and support them.  And while your at it, thank them.  Tell them you saw them at Myxed Up for More20!

Denver:  Toy Box (Facebook | Twitter), Tesfa (Facebook | Twitter), Albatr055 (Soundcloud), Pyro
Aurora:  DeJangles (Facebook | Twitter), J Dirty (Facebook | Twitter), DJ Smartin' Up (Soundcloud), Sincopayte (FacebookSoundcloud), as well as Myxed Up Crew DbL tRbL (Facebook | Soundcloud), Brian Bubz and Agent Skwrl (Facebook | Twitter)
Colorado Springs:  Tacostand Superhero (Soundcloud | Twitter)
Pueblo:  DJ Mista B (Soundcloud | Twitter) and DJ Roy Rumble (Soundcloud) representing the Bomb Squadron

DJ Mista B at Myxed Up Pueblo J Dirty rocking More20 at Myxed Up Aurora
Dejangles at More20 in Aurora 
Toybox at Myxed Up Denver
Tesfa at Myxed Up Denver
DJ Smartin Up dropping knowledge in Aurora
Albatr055 and Pyr0 at Myxed Up Denver
Brian Bubz juggling beats at Myxed Up Aurora
The crowd assembles for the raffle in Aurora

Our fire spinners for our More20 weekend!Thank you too all of our performers!

Posted by Myxed Up Creations Aurora on Monday, October 26, 2015

As the holiday weekend was coming to a close and the dust was settling, it was time for the grand finale, the big More20 Raffle.  As with previous years, any purchase over $10.20 got you a ticket for your chance at the big prize.  This year however, we decided to switch it up with the prizes.  In the past we have done vaporizers, pipes, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, concert tickets, and a little bit of a lot of things in between.  For this More20 raffle, we thought it would be fun to let our winners pick anything they wanted in the store.  Third prize was $50, second prize $100, and the grand prize $250 worth of credit (aka Philz Billz) to grab anything you want in the store.  The only catch, was that you only had 4 minutes and 20 seconds to spend your Philz Billz!  This put the raffle winners in a game show-esque race against the clock, in a pressure cooker situation, to pick out the perfect prize!  As always, the raffle was one of the best parts of the More20 festivities, but this new twist added a whole new element to that monumental moment.  It was such a blast watching our winners dash around the store spending their Philz Billz.  They were like kids in a candy store!

Blowing clouds for raffle tickets Cloud chasing
Myxed Up Aurora raffle winners
Second place raffle winner at Myxed Up Denver
More20 Raffle winners at Myxed Up Denver

This brought us to the conclusion of another fantastic More20 experience.  We couldn't have done it without the love and support of our customers, and we are so grateful for each of you.  From all of us here at Myxed Up Creations, thank you so much!  See you soon!

The crew at Myxed Up Pueblo
Trey Todd Manny at Myxed Up Denver
Kelsey Rachael at Myxed Up Aurora
Three men and a cloud in Aurora


O.PenVAPE Comes to Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up is happy to be one of the new locations for O.penVAPE, another Colorado company!

The O.penVAPE, Colorado proud, and now available at Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up Creations is now happy to be an official retail partner for O.penVAPE.  You can now find many of the products available in the O.penVAPE line of products at Myxed Up in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo.  O.penVAPE is another Colorado proud company, and we're happy to team up with them as a distributor of their products.  Myxed Up is excited to be the first big head shop chain to partner with O.penVAPE in this capacity.  O.penVAPE was created in 2012 from a collective of six dispensary owners that set out to create a product that could meet the growing demand for improved vaporizers in the industry.  O.penVAPE has become one of the largest and most widely recognized brands in the industry by providing a quality, easy to use vape pen with a lifetime warranty.  They have seen their popularity grow, both locally and nationally, by providing a high-quality product that is safe, simple and subtle.  The very popular O.penVAPE has set the standard for an easy to use, portable, vape pen.

The main advantage of the O.penVAPE is most certainly it's portable convenient size, as well as the ease of which you can use the product.  The unit is a little under six inches in length and very sleek and subtle, it measures and handles like a classic Bic pen.  It even has a stylus tip for you to use with your tablet or phone for when your vaping and using your handheld electronic device, making it both unobtrusive and versatile.  And as for putting the O.penVAPE to use, it doesn't get much easier than this.  Once the unit has been charged (after a couple of hours), it's as simple as holding the vape up to your lips and drawing on it like you would with most any other unit implementing electronic cigarette technology.  There's no button to push, there's no powering the battery on and off.  The vape offers a consistent eight second puff, so you get the perfect puff every time.  Repeat as necessary.  It's an excellent vaping solution, especially for the beginner, or for an individual that doesn't have the time, patience, technical knowledge or dexterity required to operate many of the other vapes and electronic cigarettes on the market.  You can purchase pre-filled cartridges where they are available for this unit.

Why the O.penVAPE FIY Kit?

O.penVAPE Fill it Yourself Kit at Myxed Up Creations

Previously the main selling point of the O.penVAPE, and the reason it ascended into prominence was due in part to its ease of use in application, but also the ease of finding and replacing the pre-filled cartridges.   Replacing the cartridges was as easy as going to any authorized re-seller and buying one of the pre-filled cartridges, then simply pop the new cartridge on the battery and you were all set.  The whole user experience was very standardized, and plug-and-play.  Likewise, one of the knocks of the O.pen and the pre-filled cartridges was that it significantly limited the concentrate product options available to simply what the re-seller had on hand.  This issue now finds a resolution with the O.penVAPE FIY (fill it yourself) Kit.  

The FIY Kit offers the same simple and superior O.penVAPE experience, as well as everything required to blend your own extracts or essentials oils and fill your own cartridges for re-use with the rechargeable battery.  For the first time, consumers have the opportunity to create their own workable oil solution to load into their O.penVAPE portable vaporizer.  The FIY Kit does not come with pre-filled cartridges. Instead you get all the necessary components to produce your own vapable oil solution for your O.penVAPE.  This is really what sets apart the FIY Kit, and this is where you gain the most value.  Now you have the control to create an oil that is best suited to your needs and desires.  And creating a solution and filling the cartridges are a breeze.  Just place your concentrate or blend of concentrates, along with the O.juice (a Polyethylene glycol solution) provided in the kit, in the honey pot provided in the kit.  Mix the ingredients with the tool provided to your specifications, fill the syringe filling tool provided in the kit, and load the solution into an empty cartridge.  There is even a place in the kits lid to grip your cartridge at an angle conducive to filling them with your newly mixed oil blend. Then simply attach the cartridge to the battery, and your ready to vape!  With convenient features that make it easy fill empty cartridges, and store your kit contents, it's the perfect accessory if you like to dabble in a little oil mixing.

Included in the FIY Kit is everything you need to:

  • Mix: 0.5ml of O.juice & Honey Pot (food-grade mixing bowl)
  • Fill: Honey Pot & syringe fill tool
  • Load: Empty 0.5ml cartridge
  • Vape: O.penVAPE battery
  • Charge: USB charger
  • Store: Honey Pot lid
  • Carry: O.penVAPE lanyard
  • Note: Mixing/filling tools & one bottle of 5ml O.juice is enough for 10 cartridge refills

Myxed Up also carries the batteries, cartridges, and other accessories to ensure that you get the most out of your O.penVAPE throughout the lifetime of the product.


    Also available at Myxed Up, the GO.pen Plus by O.penVAPE

    GO.penPLUS vape pen, now at Myxed Up

    The GO.pen Plus is a colorful, rechargeable vaporizer that fits in your pocket so that you can take it with you wherever you go.  These vape pens are available in five different colors.  If you’re looking for a stylish and subtle way to vape, then the GO.pen Plus is for you.  The GO.pen Plus is a load-your-own concentrate vape pen and it is intended for use with the essential oils, and herbal extracts of your choice.  It is not intended for use with dry herbs and it does not work in conjunction with pre-filled O.penVAPE cartridges.  It comes with two ceramic wax atomizers and an oil tank (which can also be purchased separately). In addition, it comes with a dabber dish, retractable charger, a dibber dabber tool and three silicone mouthpiece covers.  The dibber dabber is the perfect tool to dab concentrate into your GO.pen Plus. Simply dab the concentrate, pop the mouthpiece in place, and you’re ready to vape.  The GO.pen Plus also comes with a new, more powerful 4.2v battery that offers a 25% stronger hit than the original GO.pen and a 2 second longer puff.  The GO.pen Plus does offer an on/off mechanism to minimize the possibility that you will engage the button in your pocket or purse.

    The GO.pen Plus comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery, and is only available through a licensed retailer.

    Stop in to any one of our Myxed Up Creations locations in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, and we'll give you the run-down of everything you need to get your O.penVAPE experience started today!

    See more:  See the official press release from O.penVAPE announcing the partnership with Myxed Up Creations

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