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Myxed Up More20 2017 Wrap Up

More20 2017 had mushrooms (and humans) dancing in the streets! Here's the wrap-up from this years annual celebration marking the halfway point to 4/20 (April 20th) 2018.

Myxed Up More20 2017 was an amazing afternoon of music, goodies, freebies, munchies and even more surprises.  More20, which is held on October 20th, is our annual customer appreciation celebration, and the event helps to bridge the gap to the next years 4/20 festivities on the following April 20th.  More20 is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate our culture together.  It's an opportunity to be an active participant in the moments that keep the movement moving.  And furthermore, it's an opportunity to share the love with with all of the Myxed Up Family, wherever you may be throughout Colorado or the rest of the United States (or anywhere else in the world really). 

This was our 7th go-round of the annual spectacle, as just as years past have come to reveal, the day is taking on more and more of a life all its own, and for that we thank you Myxed Up Nation!  Sure enough, the 2017 edition of More20 did not disappoint.  And these were the moments that set this year's version of the event apart from the rest.  Enjoy as we take a trip down memory lane to revisit what was an amazing and memorable day filled with fun, laughs and a lot of love for you, our Myxed Up Family!
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Myxed Up Family with reverse centaur baby in Colorado Springs Myxed Up Fam in Denver

From the word GO, More20 2017 came out of the gates with a bang!   As More20 has become more and more popular, each Myxed Up location has brought their own unique touch to the festivities.  As each stores Myxed Up crew were putting the finishing touches on their More20 decor, some of the most dedicated and loyal fans got to the store bright and early to make sure they got their hands on the free samples of Jah Wick & Palo Santo.  The adventurous ones set out to score one of the few legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags.  The lucky ones jockeyed for position for their first crack at the grab bags stuffed with Golden Tickets, good for an instant $50 store credit!

Grab Bag Golden Ticket winner in Colorado Springs  Another big Grab Bag winner in the Springs!

The Myxed Up Pueblo location had an extra special surprise as they were greeted by a life sized Myxed Up mushroom to welcome them to the big party!

Life size shroom at Myxed Up Pueblo Myxed Up Mushroom dances in front of the Myxed Up Pueblo store.

This would be a recurring theme as the Myxed Up Mushroom made its way to all of our locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Pueblo throughout the day to party with everyone, jam out, and shake their shroom thing to some of our musical acts.

Life sized Myxed Up Mushroom makes his way to Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushroom with some Colorado Springs fam.

Myxed Up Mushroom in Aurora The Giant Mushroom with Spr0uter and friends at Myxed Up Aurora

Remarkably enough, the incredibly talented and good looking mushroom managed to show up at Myxed Up Denver at about precisely the same time as the Cheba Hut sandwiches and the Cheba Hut ladies.  It remains to be seen if our mushroom friend was that lucky, or that good.

Myxed Up Mushroom with the ladies of Cheba Hut on Colorado Boulevard. Giant Mushroom stands outside of Myxed Up Denver

 There were many highlights for this years More20.  You can be sure that there were deals-a-plenty, as with years past.  Some of the fire deals included specials on Myxed Up Gear, Grassroots Hats, 420 Chrono watches, XVape, THe Can Vaporizer, O.penVAPE and awesome discounts on Super Heady Glass from the likes of Ethan Windy, Zach P, JMass, i.r.casto, Swanny Glass, Pi-ratt Glass, Hedman Headies, Eric Stecker, Merc Glass and many more!

We were also excited to welcome a couple of our favorite locals to our Denver and Aurora locations to show off their skills with live glassblowing demonstrations.  At Myxed Up Denver we were lucky to be joined by Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass.  Class was in session with the Sandman putting on a glass clinic at Myxed Up Aurora.

Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass at Myxed Up Denver Sandman doing a live glassblowing demonstration at Myxed Up Aurora.

As always, to go along with a bevy of insane deals, there were a number of other featured items to check out, including featured glass from Glasslab 303, our new adult plush animal onesies, a wide variety of crazy masks, and the dispensaries dream The Flower Power Grinder.

Also featured at Myxed Up for this fantastic More20 afternoon, was an awesome selection of local bands, MCs and DJs to keep the vibe right and the energy level high!

A huge thank you to all of the acts that came and represented to the fullest.


Musical performances by:
STAYLiT NETWORK Featuring Luci Fire and Evil tha Kid
Koion Kitten
Agent Skwrl


 Musical performances by:
J Dirty
DJ Smartin' Up
Milky Dubz
Dre Future

Colorado Springs

Musical performances by:
DJ Ghost


Musical performances by:
DJ Squad Featuring Roy Rumble and Mista B
Music = life entertainment KARAOKE
I Die Knowing

 DJ Squad Featuring Roy Rumble, Mista B and more in Pueblo

STAYLiT NETWORK Featuring Luci Fire and Evil tha Kid f-ether performing at Myxed Up Aurora

After an awesome day of More20 activities with all of the bells and whistles, it was finally time for the grand finale!  The More20 raffle, with over $400 in prizes waiting for some very lucky members of the Myxed Up Family!  As the music started to wind down, and everyone gathered around for the exciting announcements of the big winners.  You couldn't ask for a more fitting ending to an amazing More20 afternoon!  Congratulations again to all of our big winners!

More20 raffle winners in Pueblo

More20 raffle winners in Colorado Springs.

More20 raffle winner in Denver

Another More20 raffle winner in Denver.

Even if you weren't a winner in the raffle, everyone still walked away a winner.  After hooking up a More20 t-shirt for everyone that stuck around for the raffle, no one left empty handed.  And alas, another successful More20 was in the books!

Flower Power Grinder winner in Colorado Springs

JDirty keeping it real in Aurora! Myxed Up Crew in Denver

Were excited to see everyone again in April 2018 for the next 4/20!


Vote To Choose The Next Myxed Up T-shirt Design

Pick The Next Myxed Up Tee

Were leaving it up to the masses, Every two weeks Myxed Up Gear will have a voting contest to let our Myxed up Family choose the next design to be created. Each vote will consist of four shirt designs and it will be up to you to vote and tell us witch t-shirts we make. Simply Head to the post "What's Your Favorite T-Shirt Design" and choose the Reaction that corresponds with your t-shirt pick.
This round of designs is brought to us from the outstanding artistic creations of Jim Popp. Featuring four new Colorado styles in fresh new looks.

1. A Fungus Among Us Mushroom Spore Mandala

A spiral of color and design using the iconic Myxed Up Mushroom fills out this bold mandala. A Fungus Among Us Mushroom Spore in purple across the bottom

Mushroom Mandala

2.Colorado Marijuana Leaves

Colorado's vibrant flag with a sphere of marijuana leaves gracing its center. A bold combination of state and culture to show your support for Colorado and its progressive lifestyle.

Colorado Marijuana Leaves

3. Colorado Myxed Up Experience

The Colorado Myxed Up Experience is like no other in the world. This design feature the flying eyeball holding his torch and rig high. Myxed Up Mushroom and 420 logo with a bright Colorado Flag.

Colorado Myxed up Experience

4. Liberty Mushroom Coin

Give Me Liberty, And show your pride in a Liberty Mushroom Myxed Up Tee. Featuring the Myxed Up Mushroom displayed on a silver coin. In God We Trust and the Liberty markings backed with Small Marijuana Leafs. 1992 branded date and start of the Myxed Up Culture.

Liberty Mushroom Coin

Vote To Choose The Next Myxed Up T-shirt Design

Pick The Next Myxed Up Tee

Were leaving it up to the masses, Every two weeks Myxed Up Gear will have a voting contest to let our Myxed up Family choose the next design to be created. Each vote will consist of four shirt designs and it will be up to you to vote and tell us witch t-shirts we make. Simply Head to the post "What's Your Favorite T-Shirt Design" and choose the Reaction that corresponds with your t-shirt pick.

This round of designs is brought to us from the outstanding artistic creations of Jim Popp. Featuring four new Colorado styles in fresh new looks.


Super Bee

An all time classic, The Super Bee has a fresh look in Colorado. Myxed Up Creations Super Bee Wax. Displaying the Myxed Up Super Bee surrounded by a golden yellow honeycomb.

Super Bee

Colorado Favorite Magic Mushroom

Abracadabra, 1,2,3, Myxed Up Colorado's Favorite Magic Mushroom is back in a magical t-shirt design. Featuring Myxed Up's Magic Mushroom magically being pulled from a top hat.

Colorado Magic Mushroom

Colorado Pick Your Style

We are rocking and rolling with this Pick Your Style Colorado Myxed Up Tee. Featuring nine custom Myxed Up picks on a white t-shirt. What is your favorite pick?


Colorado Pick Your Style

Why Did The Yeti Cross The Road...


Well if you live in Colorado then i'm sure you know why. This design feature a large yeti crossing the road with had fulls of buds he must have been invading a neighbors farm. Classic welcome to Colorado sign and beautiful mountain scene in the back ground.

Why Did The Yeti Cross The Road


Vote To Choose The Next Myxed Up T-Shirt That's Created

Pick The Next Myxed Up Tee!

Were leaving it up to the masses, Every two weeks Myxed Up Gear will have a voting contest to let our Myxed up Family choose the next design to be created. Each vote will consist of four shirt designs and it will be up to you to vote and tell us witch t-shirts we make. Simply Head to the post "What's Your Favorite T-Shirt Design" and choose the Reaction that corresponds with your t-shirt pick.

This round of voting come from the designs of Dabbin Dan and his colorado style hat pins. Dabbin' Dan Hat Pins are a Myxed Up Creations EXCLUSIVE!  They are a line of hat pins that speak directly to the 710 crowd.  Many of the hat pins carry a strong Colorado undertone.  These colorful and creative hat accessories are sure to be a hit, as their eye catching designs are certain to be a conversation starter during your next dab session.  All of the Dabbin' Dan line of designs are produced in small quantities, and each limited edition release is available only at Myxed Up in DenverAuroraColorado Springs and Pueblo, and here online at MyxedUp.com.


Dab Life

(Available Hat Pin Here)

Dabbin Dan Dab Life Hat Pin T-Shirt-Design

This design has alot of art. Big green pot leaf w/glitter yellow, green & red outlines. Dab Life text letters in glitter purle and solid black. CO symbol w/blue & glitter purple mountains and wax capped mountains. (2) honeycomb, wax dripping tomahawks with feathers. 710/420 in black. 


THC Molecule

(Available Hat Pin Here)


Dabbin Dan THC Molecule Hat Pin T-shit Design

This THC design has art all over. Starting with the blue THC lettering with a smoking joint as part of (2) letters, purple and green leaf/buds, teal molecules and yellow & white anatomy scene.


Colorado Love

(Available Hat Pin Here)

Dabbin Dan Colorado Love Snowboard Hit Pin T-Shirt Design

Red and yellow Colorado "C" in a heart shaped Colorado flag.  Adorn with honey comb dripping and weed leaf designs all contained in the shape of a snowboard.

Medicine Man Bottle

(Available Hat Pin Here)

Dabbin Dan Medicine Man Bottle Hat Pin T-Shirt Design

Mountain medicine dabpothecary bottle. Red cork top with a white lable. Lable shows some art of D.D. A CO symbol, purple glitter mountain tops and green/purple glitter herbs. Gold glitter honeycomb.

Featured Products for January

It's that time again.  Time to shine a spotlight on the featured products for the month of January 2014.  This month we are going to take a look at a new product exclusive to all Myxed Up Creations locations, the E-710 Orb Kit.  As well as a recently added E-Liquid to our already extensive line-up of E-Juice options, Drip E-Liquid by Vaporotics.  We're also going to highlight our featured sale for the month, the "Pen and Juice" combo, that includes a Hydrostrike E-Cigarette and a Drip E-Liquid refill for only $30.  And finally, we'll take another look at some more glass from our featured artist for January, Greenlite Glass.


First and foremost we would like to introduce the E-710 Orb Kit.  The E-710 product line is exclusive to Myxed Up Creations, and we're happy to be only retailer in town to carry the E-710 line.  The E-710 Orb kit is a globe attachment kit that is compatible with your "510" thread e-cig, such as the Bold Vapor e-cig, or the Vape Ape Glass Globe personal vaporizer by Vape Ape Industries.  The kit is best suited for use with concentrates, or waxy extracts.  The kit includes 1 borosilicate glass orb, for greater durability, and more resistant to thermal shock than other common glass.  The kit also includes 3 ceramic core atomizers, 2.8 ohm, 1 in the Orb unit, as well as 2 replacement atomizers in the box.  The Orb kit battery and mouth piece attachments are fitted with 3 Buna-N (Nitrile) rubber o-rings for greater stability, this also makes the o-rings more resistant to oils than natural rubber.  Also included in the kit is a high impact plastic mouth piece, as well as a battery connector that is laser engraved with the E-710 logo to finish the kit off with a unique look.  The E-710 Orb kit is ideal for use with 650-1100 milliamp batteries.  All this technology and 2 spare atomizers for the price of only $30.00, certainly a steal of a deal.


Right in line with the e-cig theme of this month's featured products is one of our best selling e-liquids, Drip by Vaporotics.  Drip is a premium e-juice that comes in 20 ml. refills, and offers a more flavorful vaping experience.  Drip comes in a wide variety of flavors, from a more traditional "Orange Obsession" or "Sinful Strawberry", all the way up to more adventurous flavors like "Bubbleicious" or "Peaches N' Cream".  Drip is also available in varying levels of nicotine content (0 mg - 24 mg) for anyone, be they smokers, non-smokers, or those trying to quit smoking.  The Drip E-Liquid 20 ml. refills are priced at $12.00.


Our featured sale for the month of January is the "Pen and Juice" combo.  This sale is a combo that includes 1 Hydrostrike CE4 e-cig, and one Drip E-Liquid refill for the sale price of $30.00.  These items would individually cost regularly $36.99.  The Hydrostrike kit comes with the CE4 Clearomizer with a 1.6 ml. capacity for your e-liquid, as well as a USB charger.  The pen and clearomizer are available in 6 different colors.  This is a great starter kit for an individual new to e-cigs, or looking to explore other vaping options at a relatively painless price point.  If your new years resolution was to quit smoking, let Myxed Up Creations help you navigate to your ultimate goal with the "Pen and Juice" combo.  Due to a high demand and overwhelming response to the sale, we are almost all sold out of our Hydrostrike pens at Myxed Up Creations retail locations.  Once that happens, they will only be available online at MyxedUp.com for a short time, until they are gone.  Get in on this sale now if you want to take advantage.


Finally we take another look at Greenlite Glass.  We spoke about the Eugene, Oregon based company a little in last months featured product post.  Since then we've gotten in another batch of these beautiful pieces.  We've received so much awesome feedback about these pieces that we thought they deserved the spotlight for another month.  Stop into any Myxed Up Creations to take a look at the extensive collection of Greenlite Glass.




MORE20 wrap up part I - Feat. Krazy Drayz of Das EFX

MORE20 weekend was a lot of fun for everyone!  We had so much love from our Myxed Up Family and friends!  We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!  MORE20 ended up kicking off a little early on Friday night as we had a special guest appearance at Myxed Up Denver by hip-hop legend Krazy Drayz of Das EFX.  Das EFX was in town for a show that night at Cervantes with Salt N Pepa, and Krazy Drayz was kind enough to stop in and say hi to some of his fans here in the 303!




After kickin' for a little bit, and shooting the breeze about his recent work, like his most recent solo release called "Showtime", or past work like hip-hop classics "They Want EFX" or "Mic Checka", it was time for Drayz to head out to the show.  On his way out, he couldn't help but snatch up a vaporizer, so we directed him to the best vaporizer you can buy, THe Can Vapor System!  Finally after making a couple adjustments to his wardrobe for the show, we bid farewell to a real hip-hop legend!





Oh, and by the way, Das EFX killed it later that night.  And Krazy Drayz was reppin' for the Myxed Up Family!






Check out a track from his most recent project "Showtime", at fine record stores everywhere!






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Jerome Baker In Store Appearance This Saturday, June 29th, at Myxed Up Denver!

Myxed Up Creations is happy to welcome Jason Harris AKA Jerome Baker to our  Denver location, this Saturday, June 29th!



There is a lot of history in the Modern Glass Pipe Movement and Jerome Baker is synonymous with the ROOTS of this movement.

Always a big name in handmade, American glass waterpipes, Jerome Baker Designs is a pioneer in interplanetary glass works.  Jerome Baker Designs, Inc., began creative endeavors in the art of functional glass tubeware in 1991. Jerome Baker was the first to design a durable flame-worked glass waterpipe that was both functionally reliable and visually exquisite. This waterpipe, which changed color when you used it, was the catalyst, the seed from which flowered a family of smoking devices that evolved in quality, artistry, and ingenuity over the years.

The event this Saturday will include a meet-and-greet, as well as an opportunity to have NEW, UNUSED pieces engraved by the man himself, in person. For those unable to buy a new piece, Myxed Up will be providing posters to the first 200 people, for you to have signed.

The event will be from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  Be sure to get there early to secure your poster, while supplies last.


We will also be having a raffle, in which you can win a signed Jerome Baker piece!


Come join up at the  Facebook event page  for further details and updates!   





4-19-2013 Photos from the 420 PRE-PARTY @ Myxed Up Creations!

Hey friends and fans!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Here are some sick photos from our first annual 420 PRE PARTY! We had an outrageously awesome turnout, doubling our anticipated number of guest, and hope that everyone enjoyed the event! The extended collection of photos from the event can be found on our facebook page here --> OFFICIAL PHOTOS





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