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The All New Myxed Up Candles

Take a sneak peek at the making of these triple-scented slow burn jar candles, handmade right here in Colorado!

Just recently, Myxed Up Creations was excited to launch our brand new line of Myxed Up Candles.  These high quality triple-scented slow burn jar candles are handmade right here in Colorado with only the best ingredients, to make sure you have a long-lasting candle perfectly scented for the life of the product.  A jar candle, or container candle, is basically a candle holder and a candle all in one unit.  The candle wax fills a non-flamable container with a wick, and it's entirely self contained, so there is no drip to deal with.  A jar candle can also be produced with specialized waxes that enhance the scent of the candle.  Another advantage is that after the candle has burned away, the jar still remains for you to use how you like.  So if you have anything at all that you might want to stash in a (mostly) air tight container, well there you have it.

The Myxed Up Candles are available in these 9 intoxicating fragrances:  Orange Spice, Amber Romance, Citrus Slice - Lemons and Oranges, White Tea and Ginger, Love Spell, Mango Dragon Fruit, Nag Champa, Twilight, Berry Licious.

We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at how these candles are produced so you have a better understanding of the process, and the finished product.  Come in to Myxed Up in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo to check these amazing candles out first-hand (and first-nose).

First we start with a slab of Parafflex wax.  The Parafflex wax has a lower melting point, and provides excellent adherence to the jar.  The Parafflex wax also offers a high fragrance load to maximize the scent throw in both hot and cold conditions.

Then we chunk apart the wax to get it into the boiler.

Put the lid on and heat it up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

 When the wax reaches the correct temperature, this is when you add in the fragrance oil.  Add the fragrance oil to the wax while it is hot. Stir the fragrance oil and wax to mix in the scent.

 Now it’s time to add the liquid dye to give the candle it's color.

The liquid dye is concentrated and they are mixed at different ratios to achieve the desired color for the candle.
Drop the color into the hot wax and stir it around to mix it.
Once the fragrance oil and liquid dye have been mixed in properly we pour the wax into a plastic pitcher we can use to get the blend into our glass jars.

Next, we have to heat up the glass jars before the wick and wax are placed in. You need to preheat each jar to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the wax adheres to the jar properly.  Once you have heated the glass jar to the appropriate temperature, it is time to place the wick and the wax inside the jar.

Here is a look at the wick before being placed into the jar.  The wick has a little metal plate at the bottom which is used to adhere the wick to the bottom of the jar.  We use glue pellets and the heat from the glass jar to adhere the wick.

Once the wick is in place we have to keep it in an upright position while we pour in the wax into the jar.  To achieve this, we tie the wick to something above the jar, and then cut the wick once all the wax is in place in the jar.

After the wax is in all the jars, we allow it to cool as slowly as possible.  We do not try to do anything to accelerate the cooling process such as placing it in a water bath or in the fridge, as slow cooling provides the best results.



Tips and tricks to help maintain your candle and stay safe:

As with all candles, the first burn is the most important.  The first time you light the candle let it burn for AWHILE.  The goal is to get the melting wax to the corners of the jar.  Your Myxed Up Candle should burn for 1 hour for every 1 inch in diameter.  Myxed Up Candles are 4 inches in diameter, so they should burn for a minimum of 4 hours for the candles initial burn to liquefy the entire top layer of wax.  If the candle doesn't burn long enough the first couple of times, then the wax will only melt right around the wick, creating a hole (or a "memory ring") in the wax that the candle will continue to tunnel down through.  If this tactic is observed, and the candle burns at maximum efficiency, you should see a prolonged life of your Myxed Up Candle.  The large size candles should burn for around 130 - 140 hours.  The smaller size candles should be good for around 40 hours of burn life.

Keep the wick trimmed to ¼”.

Burn Myxed Up Candles on a heat resistant surface.  Do no move the candle while it is burning or while there is molten wax in it.  The outside of the jar will get HOT!

Keep away from children and pets.  Keep away from flammable objects.


 Myxed Up Logan from the Denver store contributed to this story.

Coming From Out Of Town For 420 Weekend? Myxed Up Creations Has Got You Covered!

Sunday April 20th, 2014...AKA 4/20, is right around the corner!  A lot of people will be coming to Denver for a truly historic weekend, and if you are one of those people, Myxed Up Creations has got you covered!  Maybe you're coming into town for Hot Box at Red Rocks featuring Slightly Stoopid, Mac Miller, and Mariachi El Bronx on Saturday April 19th at Red Rocks.  Maybe you are coming to town for Snoop's Wellness Retreat featuring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa on Sunday April 20th at Red Rocks.  Or perhaps you're coming for (our favorite of the weekend) one of the two (if not both) Myxed Up 420 shows featuring Method Man and Redman on Sunday April 20th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, brought to you by Yolo Rum...  or you could be coming into town for any number of the other events that will have the eyes of the nation turned towards Colorado, just to be a part of such a unique time in American history.  Regardless of your purpose for coming to Colorado, if you're a tourist, surely you want to see everything important that Colorado has to offer, and Myxed Up Creations is a big part of that history and culture!  We put together this handy guide to help you to navigate to any of the 4 Myxed Up Creations locations during your stay.  Please be our guest, and make the Myxed Up Creations experience part of your 420 holiday weekend!  If you're going to be coming to Denver, the 2 best head shops in town also happen to be 2 of the most conveniently located and closest and to the airport, and the Denver location is situated only minutes outside of downtown Denver!  If you're coming to Colorado Springs, how could any trip be complete without stopping by the brand new Myxed Up Mega-Store, the biggest head shop in the WORLD??  And if you're driving up from down south, Myxed Up Pueblo is just a little over an hour from our friends in New Mexico.  Make sure you stop by the best head shop in the state.  With 4 locations to serve you, you're sure to find everything you are looking for, and so much more.  Come and see why Myxed Up Creations has been a cornerstone of our respective communities for over 20 years!

Here is link to the MyxedUp420 in store event page, so you can check out all of the relevant details!

Colorado does it better, and nobody in Colorado does it like Myxed Up Creations!


Myxed Up Denver

5800 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, Colorado 80220

To get to the Denver location from Downtown Denver.  Just take Colfax East for about 10 minutes, and the store is located at the South East corner of Colfax Ave. and Ivy St.


Myxed Up Aurora

1718 S. Chambers Rd.  Aurora, Colorado 80017

The store is located at the South East corner of Chambers Rd. and Mexico Ave.


Myxed Up Colorado Springs

The biggest head shop in the world!  The Myxed Up Mega Store!

3945 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

The store is located at the South East corner of North Academy Blvd. and Austin Bluffs Pkwy.


Myxed Up Pueblo

217 W. Northern Ave. Pueblo, CO 81004

The store is located on the north side of W. Northern Ave. just east of E Abriendo Ave.

Featured Products for February

It's time to take a look at our featured products for the month of February.  This month we feature another one of our top selling e-juice's, Bold Vapor. We also highlight a couple sales taking place at all Myxed Up Creations locations, involving exclusive Myxed Up merchandise.


Our first featured product for February is one of our top selling e-liquids, and comes highly recommended, Bold E-Juice.  Bold E-Juice is a product by Bold Vapor, a company based out of Boise, Idaho.  Their Bold Vapor E-Liquid Juice is a 100% American sourced and handcrafted e-juice.  Bold has been a partner of Myxed Up Creations for a while, and they played a major role in last years MORE20 celebration, as they sponsored our countdown contest leading up to the MORE20 events.  And they also took part in our #MORE20 Instagram contest.  With their help, we gave away over 20 of their Bold Vapor Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, to our Facebook and Instagram friends and fans selected from all Myxed Up Creations locations.  The Bold e-juice is a high quality and flavorful option for all of your vaping and e-cig needs.  Their E-Liquids come in 15ml refills, they are available in 20 different flavors, and they come in varying levels of nicotine content (0 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg).  It does appear to be a consensus amongst most of the Myxed Up crew, that the Bold 24 mg refills offer one of the stronger, more robust, dare I say "bold" vape hits.  Vape hits off of the 24 mg refills give you that nice throat hit that a regular smoker would appreciate.  Most of the flavors are fairly traditional, like Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, etc., but a couple of more obscure flavors are Cheesecake, and Cotton Candy.  If you are looking to expand on the flavor options, Bold also suggests several other mixed e-juice combos of already existing flavors, to create new exciting flavors, and to really extend the flavor offerings.  Check out the Bold Vapor Mixology Chart for the full listing!


Another featured item and corresponding sale is for our new E-710 CE4 Electronic Cigarette.  The E-710 e-cig / vape pen comes with a CE4 Clearomizer with 1.6ml capacity for E-Liquid. The E-710 pen comes with a 900mAh battery for a longer charge and better battery life, and also comes with a USB charger. The battery life is approximately 300 recharges.  The pen is available in 5 different colors.  For the month of February only, the purchase of an E-710 Electronic Cigarette will come with a free E-710 E-Cig Lanyard.  This offer is available at all Myxed Up Creations locations, and online at MyxedUp.com.  The lanyard is specially designed to integrate with the E-710 e-cig design, and fits the pen right where the battery screws in to the clearomizer, so you don't have to worry about the pen falling out of the lanyard.  Now you can have your e-cig conveniently on you at all times for easy access.  And you don't have to worry about getting your pen crushed in your pocket, or spilling your tank out into your purse.



Finally the last featured product for February is another Myxed Up Creations original.  Recently added to our selection of grinder cards is our very own Myxed Up Creations edition V Syndicate Grinder Card.  The card is a perfect pocket accessory for those that like to have a grinder option available at a moments notice to grind up and enjoy your dried herb products.  The card is just about perfectly shaped to about the size of a credit card to fit perfectly into your wallet as well.  This V Syndicate Grinder Card is specially designed for a coarse grind, the credit card grinder features larger holes than its fine grinding counterparts. The grinder card features a large grinding surface that allows for quick and easy grinding without cutting or scraping your fingers.  And now you can show off your Myxed Up Creations pride in style when the opportunity arises as the card is customized with the Myxed Up Mushroom, and a custom Myxed Up Creations grinder card sleeve.  For February only, pick up one of these slick grinder cards for the appropriate price of $4.20.



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MORE20 wrap up part III - Feat. KRS-One and The Pharcyde

As the in-store activities wrapped up for the Saturday portion of MORE20 weekend, the focus had begun to shift to the MORE20 music event!  Myxed Up MORE20 Extract Artists Harvest Fest promised to be an incredible night of live reggae and real hip-hop!  As to be expected, the event did not disappoint.  The evening music event, brought to you by Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum, took place at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.  The event took over both sides of the venue as Cervantes The Other Side hosted the reggae and dancehall acts, and the Grand Ballroom was on lock for all of the hip-hop.  The whole venue was rockin', the place was wall to wall people, and the sights, sounds, and smells of a party filled the air!




DJ BushyBush warmed up the Other Side crowd with some reggae and dancehall classics in advance of the headliners.  And then it was time for the heavy hitters to take the stage.  International recording artist Mr. Vegas in his first Denver appearance, as well as Edley Shine of Born Jamericans took their turns delighting a packed dance floor.  



Meanwhile, back in the Ballroom, the crowd warmed up with Oriiion.  After Oriiion set the stage, it was up to BurntMD to keep the crowd moving, followed up by DJ Uplifter and Selecta Nikka T who all brought their own energy to the show with their mix of reggae, top 40, and hip-hop influence.  As the focus of the crowd started to shift from the party to the show on center stage, you could feel the energy in the air as the crowd started to press to the front for their opportunity to rock out with hip-hop legends Pharcyde!  Touring as Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde Live, they whipped the crowd up into a frenzy, and ran through a laundry list of tracks from one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time, with classics such as "Passin' Me By", "Oh Sh*t", "Ya Mama", and "Soul Flower", all from Bizarre Ride II.  They then proceeded down memory lane with a performance of "Runnin'" from the album Labcabincalifornia, as well as other hip-hop anthems such as "OPP" by Naughty by Nature, and "Scenario" by Tribe Called Quest.


After the Pharcyde, it was time for KRS-One, "The Teacha", to get class in session.  KRS opened his set with a freestyle, and then got the crowd involved, as we all joined in by shouting that the real hip-hop is "Ova Here".  From there we started our journey with KRS-One into tracks like "Step Into A World" and "MC's Act Like They Don't Know".  His set always seemed to push the perfect blend of old, new, and unrehearsed, and true to his conscious style navigated in and out of planned and unplanned verses and live off the top segues through many of the tracks that brought him to the level of hip-hop elite.  With a razor sharp clarity, detailed annunciation, and perfect definition his voice pushed the crowd forward with more of the classics, from the echoing shouts of "Sound Of Da Police", to other favorites like "The MC", and Boogie Down Productions hit "Criminal Minded".  KRS-One was a true master of ceremonies as he continually kept the crowd hyped and involved, and urged his fans to be a part of the experience. 


All in all MORE20 was an incredible weekend long experience!  With so much going on in the stores, and then an amazing music event to tie the weekend together, who could ask for anything more!?!?  And thanks so much to all of the Myxed Up Family that celebrated with us, and made MORE20 a special weekend that was so much fun for everyone!  It makes all of us here at Myxed Up Creations very excited for next years installments of 4/20 and MORE20!  This year is going to be hard to beat, but something tells me that we can do it!  Stay tuned Myxed Up Nation!

MORE20 wrap up part II - Feat. Edley Shine of Born Jamericans

Finally, after much anticipation, #MORE20 weekend was finally upon us!  We had reached the official halfway point to the next 4/20, and the celebration was on!  The stores were primed, and the Myxed Up Crew was stoked!  And just like Santa Claus departing on Christmas morning, Dabbin' Dan was off in the Road "Tripper" to deliver goodies to all the other Myxed Up stores!





It was a beautiful, crisp, fall Saturday morning in Denver, and across the state.  You couldn't have asked for better weather to celebrate with.  The sidewalk sale was kickin'.  Wacky Inflatable Arm Man began his signature dance as the DJ's set up their gear.  And Myxed Up family turned out in droves to enjoy another MORE20 event.  The first customers through the door were greeted with free Jah-Wick samples.  And the first bunches of raffle tickets started to make their way into circulation.






At 2:00 in the afternoon at Myxed Up Denver we welcomed friend of the store, and local glass blower, Dave Armour.  Dave was nice enough to come by the store to be a part of the MORE20 festivities.  We set Dave up with some space to meet friends and fans, and talk about the art of blowing glass with those curious about this unique talent and skill.  He had a video set up on his laptop showing of his skill at work in the studio, and had some of his recent pieces set up for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone was truly amazed with his work, and appreciated the opportunity to enjoy his art, and ask questions about his process and methods through all his years of experience.





Another highlight, and customer favorite of our MORE20 and 4/20 celebrations, are the Myxed Up Creations Grab Bags.  This years grab bags were sponsored by Glenn Glass, and included goodies from Glenn Glass, Vape Ape, Mean Clean, and Myxed Up Creations.





At Myxed Up Denver and Myxed Up Aurora, we were very happy to welcome massage girls, courtesy of Detoxify Brand Herbal Cleanse!  The girls were there to provide a relaxing, detoxifying massage for any of the Myxed Up Family that needed to relax, unwind, and take a load off!




We were also very pleased to welcome Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs to keep everyone fed and energized!  Biker Jim's does some serious grilling.  And when I say "Gourmet Dogs", I mean "GOURMET DOGS"!  With dog options like Alaska Reindeer, Elk Jalapeno Cheddar, Southwest Buffalo (don't worry, there were veggie dogs too)...  These ain't no Oscar Mayer Wieners!




As the evening started to close in, it was about time to get down to some serious business!  In advance of his appearance at the MORE20 music event at Cervantes, Edley Shine of Born Jamericans stopped in for some meet and greet action.  After getting a tour of the store (with a prolonged stop in the plasma pipe room), Edley Shine had a chance to meet some fans and talk a little reggae and dancehall!  He signed some autographs, posed for some pictures, and had a couple laughs.  At long last, it was time for one of the most eagerly anticipated moments of the weekend!  The MORE20 raffle, hosted and MC'd by the one and only Edley Shine himself!  This years stash of prizes was off the chain.  At every Myxed Up location, we had four different prizes to be won.  Fourth prize was a Myxed Up Creations gift certificate for $100.  Third prize was a Vape Ape pen kit, with a Custom Glass Globe by Smash Glass.  Second prize was a Left Coast Glass combo prize pack.  And the grand prize was an XBox360, with Grand Theft Auto V, Halo 4, Tomb Raider (and a bonus controller)!  As the final purchases were completed, and the final raffle tickets were handed out, everyone gathered around to see who was going to be walking away with the booty!





And the winners were!  Actually these people might have won more than most, after scoring the raffle prizes, but in reality everyone was a winner.  While the raffle winners basked in their glory, those that didn't win lined up to receive their free Myxed Up Creations MORE20 t-shirts.  And as an added bonus, for everyone that stuck around, everyone got a Biker Jim's Dog on the house, so no one left empty handed!  Not bad consolation prizes.  And everyone walked away with a smile on their face!





After everything was said and done, it was easy to see that this MORE20 was a huge success!  From Myxed Up Creations Denver, Myxed Up Creations Aurora, Myxed Up Creations Colorado Springs, and Myxed Up Creations Pueblo we would most of all like to say thanks to all of you out there, the Myxed Up Family.  More than a couple times I had someone say to me, "Thanks to everyone that makes MORE20 happen"!  We all make MORE20 happen.  We're just running around being Myxed Up, and doing our thing, so we're making MORE20 happen.  It's the whole Myxed Up Family that really makes MORE20 happen though.  Without you guys out there and your support, there is no Myxed Up.  If there's no "you", and there's no "Myxed Up", then there's no "MORE20", and there's no "4/20", and there's no movement!  It's all of us that keep the movement moving!  So much love for all the support, and we're looking forward to see what we can all pull together for 4/20, and MORE20 next year!










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MORE20 - With KRS-One, Pharcyde, and Mr. Vegas


Myxed Up Creations and Yolo Rum Present: MORE20!!!
October 19th @ Cerventes Masterpiece Ballroom


DUAL VENUE::Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom Theater & The Other Side !!!!
16+ // tickets @ ticketfly.com

#MORE20 /// facebook.com/MyxedUp

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Jerome Baker In Store Appearance This Saturday, June 29th, at Myxed Up Denver!

Myxed Up Creations is happy to welcome Jason Harris AKA Jerome Baker to our  Denver location, this Saturday, June 29th!



There is a lot of history in the Modern Glass Pipe Movement and Jerome Baker is synonymous with the ROOTS of this movement.

Always a big name in handmade, American glass waterpipes, Jerome Baker Designs is a pioneer in interplanetary glass works.  Jerome Baker Designs, Inc., began creative endeavors in the art of functional glass tubeware in 1991. Jerome Baker was the first to design a durable flame-worked glass waterpipe that was both functionally reliable and visually exquisite. This waterpipe, which changed color when you used it, was the catalyst, the seed from which flowered a family of smoking devices that evolved in quality, artistry, and ingenuity over the years.

The event this Saturday will include a meet-and-greet, as well as an opportunity to have NEW, UNUSED pieces engraved by the man himself, in person. For those unable to buy a new piece, Myxed Up will be providing posters to the first 200 people, for you to have signed.

The event will be from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  Be sure to get there early to secure your poster, while supplies last.


We will also be having a raffle, in which you can win a signed Jerome Baker piece!


Come join up at the  Facebook event page  for further details and updates!   





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