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Killa Glass is Available at Myxed Up

Killa Glass out of Southern California offers high quality glass for a great price

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Trey shows us some of the new Killa Glass we just got in, and shows us how one of the pieces function.  We have Killa Glass honey drip dabuccinos, recyclers, classic rigs, beakers and more! Come get your Killa Glass while they last!

You can find a wide range of water pipes from Killa Glass, GlassLab 303, Jerome Baker Designs, Medicali, and many more at our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  You will also find a large selection on water pipe accessories like bowls, slides, ashcatchers, nails, bangers and much more.

Video Transcript

Hey Myxed Up Mushies. I’m here to talk to you today on the newest episode of Myxed Up TV about all this awesome Killa Glass we just got in. Hailing straight from Southern California it’s all American-made glass. It's gonna be high quality and get you nice rips. We have a bunch of varieties of different styles and shapes to work with. We have the honey drip dabuccino. A couple different recyclers like this white one or the blue accented matrix recycler. And some of the classics like this puck rig, and then two of our beakers. One of my favorites amongst the group is this transformer. It’s a klein recycler nectar collector and a rig all built into one. Simply remove the clip and you have your klein recycler nectar collector. Put it right back on and you have a tabletop rig. Just to show you the functionality of one of these guys I'm gonna take a rip out of this straight tube. It’s got a nice ice pinch, super easy, natural perc. They rip.

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The All New Myxed Up Candles

Take a sneak peek at the making of these triple-scented slow burn jar candles, handmade right here in Colorado!

Just recently, Myxed Up Creations was excited to launch our brand new line of Myxed Up Candles.  These high quality triple-scented slow burn jar candles are handmade right here in Colorado with only the best ingredients, to make sure you have a long-lasting candle perfectly scented for the life of the product.  A jar candle, or container candle, is basically a candle holder and a candle all in one unit.  The candle wax fills a non-flamable container with a wick, and it's entirely self contained, so there is no drip to deal with.  A jar candle can also be produced with specialized waxes that enhance the scent of the candle.  Another advantage is that after the candle has burned away, the jar still remains for you to use how you like.  So if you have anything at all that you might want to stash in a (mostly) air tight container, well there you have it.

The Myxed Up Candles are available in these 9 intoxicating fragrances:  Orange Spice, Amber Romance, Citrus Slice - Lemons and Oranges, White Tea and Ginger, Love Spell, Mango Dragon Fruit, Nag Champa, Twilight, Berry Licious.

We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at how these candles are produced so you have a better understanding of the process, and the finished product.  Come in to Myxed Up in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo to check these amazing candles out first-hand (and first-nose).

First we start with a slab of Parafflex wax.  The Parafflex wax has a lower melting point, and provides excellent adherence to the jar.  The Parafflex wax also offers a high fragrance load to maximize the scent throw in both hot and cold conditions.

Then we chunk apart the wax to get it into the boiler.

Put the lid on and heat it up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

 When the wax reaches the correct temperature, this is when you add in the fragrance oil.  Add the fragrance oil to the wax while it is hot. Stir the fragrance oil and wax to mix in the scent.

 Now it’s time to add the liquid dye to give the candle it's color.

The liquid dye is concentrated and they are mixed at different ratios to achieve the desired color for the candle.
Drop the color into the hot wax and stir it around to mix it.
Once the fragrance oil and liquid dye have been mixed in properly we pour the wax into a plastic pitcher we can use to get the blend into our glass jars.

Next, we have to heat up the glass jars before the wick and wax are placed in. You need to preheat each jar to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the wax adheres to the jar properly.  Once you have heated the glass jar to the appropriate temperature, it is time to place the wick and the wax inside the jar.

Here is a look at the wick before being placed into the jar.  The wick has a little metal plate at the bottom which is used to adhere the wick to the bottom of the jar.  We use glue pellets and the heat from the glass jar to adhere the wick.

Once the wick is in place we have to keep it in an upright position while we pour in the wax into the jar.  To achieve this, we tie the wick to something above the jar, and then cut the wick once all the wax is in place in the jar.

After the wax is in all the jars, we allow it to cool as slowly as possible.  We do not try to do anything to accelerate the cooling process such as placing it in a water bath or in the fridge, as slow cooling provides the best results.



Tips and tricks to help maintain your candle and stay safe:

As with all candles, the first burn is the most important.  The first time you light the candle let it burn for AWHILE.  The goal is to get the melting wax to the corners of the jar.  Your Myxed Up Candle should burn for 1 hour for every 1 inch in diameter.  Myxed Up Candles are 4 inches in diameter, so they should burn for a minimum of 4 hours for the candles initial burn to liquefy the entire top layer of wax.  If the candle doesn't burn long enough the first couple of times, then the wax will only melt right around the wick, creating a hole (or a "memory ring") in the wax that the candle will continue to tunnel down through.  If this tactic is observed, and the candle burns at maximum efficiency, you should see a prolonged life of your Myxed Up Candle.  The large size candles should burn for around 130 - 140 hours.  The smaller size candles should be good for around 40 hours of burn life.

Keep the wick trimmed to ¼”.

Burn Myxed Up Candles on a heat resistant surface.  Do no move the candle while it is burning or while there is molten wax in it.  The outside of the jar will get HOT!

Keep away from children and pets.  Keep away from flammable objects.


 Myxed Up Logan from the Denver store contributed to this story.

Featured Products for March

Get ready to see a lot of activity in the coming weeks as we start to ramp up for 4/20 weekend at all of our Myxed Up locations!  The 2014 iteration of #MyxedUp420 is going to be one for the history books, no doubt!  Be sure to stay updated on all of the event news and announcements on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

And now, it's time to take a good look at our featured products and deals for the month of March.  This month we are going to be featuring two Myxed Up Creations exclusives, the Mean Clean line of glass cleaners, which just added a new product to their line of cleaners, Mean Clean Extreme.  We'll also take a look at the E-710 line of vape pens and electronic cigarettes, which has now added a brand new E-710 Atomizer Deluxe Vape Pen Kit to their product offerings.  We are also going to take a look at one of our longtime friends and partners, and certainly one of our favorite clothing lines, SeedleSs Clothing.  Finally we will highlight a very popular featured sale taking place at all Myxed Up Creations locations, as well as here on the online shop, where the purchase of an E-710 CE4 Electronic Cigarette / Vape Pen at regular price, you can add on one 20 ml bottle of Vaporotics Drip E-Liquid for only $5.00 more!

The first product we are going to take a look at is a brand new addition here at Myxed Up Creations, Mean Clean Extreme.  Anyone that has been a friend and customer of Myxed Up for any period of time is probably already familiar with the Mean Clean line of pipe cleaning solutions.  The Original Mean Clean is a top-selling, alcohol based, eco-friendly pipe cleaner that will make your pipes and other smoking apparatuses look like new after a good soak and rinse.  The original Mean Clean was designed for use on any kind of smoking accessory, be they glass, Pyrex, plastic, or acrylics.  The original Mean Clean was also created without the use of harsh chemicals.  The new Mean Clean Extreme, just as the name indicates, takes your pipe cleaning efforts to the next level.  Mean Clean Extreme is designed solely for use on glass and Pyrex smoking accessories.  Mean Clean Extreme is an acetone based glass cleaning solution that acts swiftly, thoroughly, and effortlessly.  The new Mean Clean Extreme can go toe to toe with any of the other national brands in the glass cleaning segment, like Formula 420, and give you equally satisfactory results at a fraction of the cost.  Only a few minutes of time and energy, with a bottle of Mean Clean Extreme, is all it takes to keep your pipe looking like new, and give it that "Just bought it at Myxed Up Creations" shine.

Next we are very happy to introduce the E-710 Atomizer Deluxe Vape Pen Kit.  The first two E-710 products to hit the shelves at Myxed Up have been going so quickly that it's been difficult at times to even keep them stocked up.   Fresh off the success of the E-710 CE4 Ego series electronic cigarette, and the E-710 Orb Kit, we are excited to bring to you the next step in the E-710 evolution, with the Atomizer Deluxe Vape Kit.  The new kit comes with a polished silver, laser engraved, 1100 mAh rechargeable battery for an even longer battery life per charge, more charge cycles throughout the duration of the life time of the battery, and a more consistent vaping experience from your first hit to the very last.  The kit also comes with the signature E-710 Borosilicate Glass Orb for better heat resistance, complete with the Buna-N (Nitrile) rubber o-rings for greater durability and stability, as well as a high impact plastic mouth piece.  The kit also comes with FOUR 2.6 Ohm atomizers.  Two of the atomizers are the classic ceramic core atomizers that were introduced with the original E-710 Orb kit.  The other two atomizers are stainless steel core atomizers, one of which is more of a dish style atomizer, as seen in such atomizers as the Cali Vape's "The Cylinder", while the other stainless steel atomizer has a pancake coil heating element and screen cover.  Also included in the kit is a USB charger, a "home" wall plug-in adapter for the USB charger, an all purpose metal dabber/tool, and a cleaning brush to keep it looking nice and clean.  All of this in one handy package, for the ridiculously low price of only $65.00.  At that quality and value, it's easy to see why the E-710 line is in such high demand, and is truly as the E-710 tagline states, "Vaporizing Evolved"! 



For the month of March, we also invite you to enjoy 20% off our whole line of SeedleSs Clothing (offer does not apply to SeedleSs / Myxed Up collaboration items).  We have carried SeedleSs Clothing for a long time, and consider them to be great friends of the store, and we're happy to have them as part of the Myxed Up family.  SeedleSs has been a part of numerous Myxed Up Creations promo's and contests throughout the years, and most recently we teamed up with SeedleSs in last years "420 Hot Box at Red Rocks".  SeedleSs is a company out of Ocean Beach, California and has been in business since 1992, so with over 20 years of industry experience, it's no wonder their designs and product quality set it apart from many other lines.  And you always know SeedleSs gear with it's bright colors, fun designs, and the signature SeedleSs logo.


Finally the last of our main featured items for March is actually an extension of an already very successful promo that we have run previously.  For only $30, you can score an E-710 CE4 Electronic Cigarette, as well as a 20 ml refill of Vaporotics Drip E-Liquid.  The E-710 pen alone will run you only $24.99, which is already a great deal, and the Drip E-Liquid retails at $12.00 by itself.  So buying the E-710 and Drip together as the "Pen and Juice" combo, as we like to call it, will save you about 20% off the regular retail price.  The E-710 CE4 E-Cig comes in 5 different colors, and the Drip E-Juice comes in 18 different flavors, and 5 different strengths of nicotine.  That means the Pen and Juice comes in 450 different varieties.  What's your combo?


Featured Products for February

It's time to take a look at our featured products for the month of February.  This month we feature another one of our top selling e-juice's, Bold Vapor. We also highlight a couple sales taking place at all Myxed Up Creations locations, involving exclusive Myxed Up merchandise.


Our first featured product for February is one of our top selling e-liquids, and comes highly recommended, Bold E-Juice.  Bold E-Juice is a product by Bold Vapor, a company based out of Boise, Idaho.  Their Bold Vapor E-Liquid Juice is a 100% American sourced and handcrafted e-juice.  Bold has been a partner of Myxed Up Creations for a while, and they played a major role in last years MORE20 celebration, as they sponsored our countdown contest leading up to the MORE20 events.  And they also took part in our #MORE20 Instagram contest.  With their help, we gave away over 20 of their Bold Vapor Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, to our Facebook and Instagram friends and fans selected from all Myxed Up Creations locations.  The Bold e-juice is a high quality and flavorful option for all of your vaping and e-cig needs.  Their E-Liquids come in 15ml refills, they are available in 20 different flavors, and they come in varying levels of nicotine content (0 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg).  It does appear to be a consensus amongst most of the Myxed Up crew, that the Bold 24 mg refills offer one of the stronger, more robust, dare I say "bold" vape hits.  Vape hits off of the 24 mg refills give you that nice throat hit that a regular smoker would appreciate.  Most of the flavors are fairly traditional, like Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, etc., but a couple of more obscure flavors are Cheesecake, and Cotton Candy.  If you are looking to expand on the flavor options, Bold also suggests several other mixed e-juice combos of already existing flavors, to create new exciting flavors, and to really extend the flavor offerings.  Check out the Bold Vapor Mixology Chart for the full listing!


Another featured item and corresponding sale is for our new E-710 CE4 Electronic Cigarette.  The E-710 e-cig / vape pen comes with a CE4 Clearomizer with 1.6ml capacity for E-Liquid. The E-710 pen comes with a 900mAh battery for a longer charge and better battery life, and also comes with a USB charger. The battery life is approximately 300 recharges.  The pen is available in 5 different colors.  For the month of February only, the purchase of an E-710 Electronic Cigarette will come with a free E-710 E-Cig Lanyard.  This offer is available at all Myxed Up Creations locations, and online at MyxedUp.com.  The lanyard is specially designed to integrate with the E-710 e-cig design, and fits the pen right where the battery screws in to the clearomizer, so you don't have to worry about the pen falling out of the lanyard.  Now you can have your e-cig conveniently on you at all times for easy access.  And you don't have to worry about getting your pen crushed in your pocket, or spilling your tank out into your purse.



Finally the last featured product for February is another Myxed Up Creations original.  Recently added to our selection of grinder cards is our very own Myxed Up Creations edition V Syndicate Grinder Card.  The card is a perfect pocket accessory for those that like to have a grinder option available at a moments notice to grind up and enjoy your dried herb products.  The card is just about perfectly shaped to about the size of a credit card to fit perfectly into your wallet as well.  This V Syndicate Grinder Card is specially designed for a coarse grind, the credit card grinder features larger holes than its fine grinding counterparts. The grinder card features a large grinding surface that allows for quick and easy grinding without cutting or scraping your fingers.  And now you can show off your Myxed Up Creations pride in style when the opportunity arises as the card is customized with the Myxed Up Mushroom, and a custom Myxed Up Creations grinder card sleeve.  For February only, pick up one of these slick grinder cards for the appropriate price of $4.20.



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Featured Products for January

It's that time again.  Time to shine a spotlight on the featured products for the month of January 2014.  This month we are going to take a look at a new product exclusive to all Myxed Up Creations locations, the E-710 Orb Kit.  As well as a recently added E-Liquid to our already extensive line-up of E-Juice options, Drip E-Liquid by Vaporotics.  We're also going to highlight our featured sale for the month, the "Pen and Juice" combo, that includes a Hydrostrike E-Cigarette and a Drip E-Liquid refill for only $30.  And finally, we'll take another look at some more glass from our featured artist for January, Greenlite Glass.


First and foremost we would like to introduce the E-710 Orb Kit.  The E-710 product line is exclusive to Myxed Up Creations, and we're happy to be only retailer in town to carry the E-710 line.  The E-710 Orb kit is a globe attachment kit that is compatible with your "510" thread e-cig, such as the Bold Vapor e-cig, or the Vape Ape Glass Globe personal vaporizer by Vape Ape Industries.  The kit is best suited for use with concentrates, or waxy extracts.  The kit includes 1 borosilicate glass orb, for greater durability, and more resistant to thermal shock than other common glass.  The kit also includes 3 ceramic core atomizers, 2.8 ohm, 1 in the Orb unit, as well as 2 replacement atomizers in the box.  The Orb kit battery and mouth piece attachments are fitted with 3 Buna-N (Nitrile) rubber o-rings for greater stability, this also makes the o-rings more resistant to oils than natural rubber.  Also included in the kit is a high impact plastic mouth piece, as well as a battery connector that is laser engraved with the E-710 logo to finish the kit off with a unique look.  The E-710 Orb kit is ideal for use with 650-1100 milliamp batteries.  All this technology and 2 spare atomizers for the price of only $30.00, certainly a steal of a deal.


Right in line with the e-cig theme of this month's featured products is one of our best selling e-liquids, Drip by Vaporotics.  Drip is a premium e-juice that comes in 20 ml. refills, and offers a more flavorful vaping experience.  Drip comes in a wide variety of flavors, from a more traditional "Orange Obsession" or "Sinful Strawberry", all the way up to more adventurous flavors like "Bubbleicious" or "Peaches N' Cream".  Drip is also available in varying levels of nicotine content (0 mg - 24 mg) for anyone, be they smokers, non-smokers, or those trying to quit smoking.  The Drip E-Liquid 20 ml. refills are priced at $12.00.


Our featured sale for the month of January is the "Pen and Juice" combo.  This sale is a combo that includes 1 Hydrostrike CE4 e-cig, and one Drip E-Liquid refill for the sale price of $30.00.  These items would individually cost regularly $36.99.  The Hydrostrike kit comes with the CE4 Clearomizer with a 1.6 ml. capacity for your e-liquid, as well as a USB charger.  The pen and clearomizer are available in 6 different colors.  This is a great starter kit for an individual new to e-cigs, or looking to explore other vaping options at a relatively painless price point.  If your new years resolution was to quit smoking, let Myxed Up Creations help you navigate to your ultimate goal with the "Pen and Juice" combo.  Due to a high demand and overwhelming response to the sale, we are almost all sold out of our Hydrostrike pens at Myxed Up Creations retail locations.  Once that happens, they will only be available online at MyxedUp.com for a short time, until they are gone.  Get in on this sale now if you want to take advantage.


Finally we take another look at Greenlite Glass.  We spoke about the Eugene, Oregon based company a little in last months featured product post.  Since then we've gotten in another batch of these beautiful pieces.  We've received so much awesome feedback about these pieces that we thought they deserved the spotlight for another month.  Stop into any Myxed Up Creations to take a look at the extensive collection of Greenlite Glass.




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