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Hamilton Devices Ccell Palm Kit

Sleek and compact vaping on the go with Hamilton Devices CCell Palm Kit

Whether it's nicotine, vape juices, or your own mix of concentrates, the Hamilton Devices Ccell Palm Kit will get you vaping on the go in no time at all. Slim frame battery with recessed cartridge threading creates a sleek combination of vape prouis without the bulky mess of traditional vaporizer. Standard 510 threaded ceramic ccell tanks create smooth hits with lots of flavor. A perfect vaporizer for a night on the town. Let's check out this video of Todd from Myxed Up Creations showing off the New Hamilton Devices Ccell Palm Kit.


Video Transcript

What's going on everyone? Token with Todd here from Myxed Up Creations. Today, we're going to be talking to you about a new kit from Hamilton Devices. This kit is a Palm CCell kit. As you can see, it comes with a nice little battery, it comes with two new tanks, as well as a couple little fittings, and a USB charger. Why don't we open it up, see how it works, shall we?

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Hamilton Devices Ccell Kit

So when you first pull out battery, you can see right here. Super simple and sleek little battery. Very thin frame here and on the back you can see there's your slit area where your tanks gonna go in. Now, on the base here you're gonna have the micro USB charger. You do get a micro USB charger that comes in the kit, and most standard Androids have the same micro USB charger as well.

You're also going to be getting two CCell tanks in the kit and they look like this. They're ceramic mouthpiece with a ceramic CCell coils on the inside. Super nice. Very easy to use. This basically is going to have a function where you can unscrew the lid right here, pull off this lid, and you'll be able to fill this tank with the juice of your choice.

Now, you can put in regular vape juices in this. Most people use them for waxes and shatter juices. They tend to a work a little bit better. But, make sure it's a juice and not a solid concentrate. You'll run into a little bit of issue there.

So when you want to use your Palm CCell, you're gonna need your tank. Now, as long as you have a standard 510 threaded tank, and that's the threads on the bottom, you can buy pre-filled tanks from dispensaries. Now, you're going to need these little pins here. As you can see, this little tiny cap here, this is going to be your magnetic attachment cap. That's going to have everything sit in really nice into your battery.

So what we do here is we will take our tank. You can see on the base here we've already pulled off the little silicone rubber cap that was on there. We're gonna take our cap here and we're going to just screw it down right over top of the your 510 threads at the base there.

So now once you've got this all set and ready, all you have to do is drop it straight in to your tank. So as you can see there, it slid right down, locked right in, went nice and magnetic. You can pull it straight out to get it out again. You're ready to go. That's all you gotta do. There's no on or off function for the Palm. You basically can just hit it and it'll start to vape. It'll automatically turn on, it'll vape.

And what's nice about this little window here is you'll actually be able to see how much of your vape that you're gonna run through. So you can switch out different tanks if you want. There is a second attachment piece, magnetic attachment screw-on piece, and a second tank that comes inside of your whole kit. So you'll get two tanks, two attachment kits, and your Palm CCell with your micro USB charger.

Palm Ccell Vaporizer Battery

Pretty nice little kit. Super nice little battery there. It's only about a 650 milliamp. It's not very big, but with these smaller CCell tanks you don't really a need a very, very, very large battery.

Simple to use, even simpler to take with you. That nice thin, sleek, little, drop it in your pocket, you don't even know about it. So I hope you guys really enjoyed this. Super nice little vape battery on the market now. We do sell the Palm CCells separately, but I think this little kit seems to work a little bit better. So Hamilton Devices the CCell with Palm kit.

So thanks for hanging out with us today. We really appreciate you guys. As always, I'm Todd and we will see you next time. Peace out.

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Overall the Hamilton Devices Ccell Palm Kit is sure to get you up and vaping in no time. With its variety of vaporizer accessories, and easy to use function it's no wonder this vaporizer has been a popular choice among vapers on the town. Head on in to your local Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, And Pueblo to learn more, or shop online now.

Aunt Meringue At Myxed Up Creations

Try our Charlie’s Chalk Dust in Aunt Meringue!

 🍰 🍏

 A vapors delight when it come to smooth and juicy nobody does it better than Aunt Meringue. This flavorful apple meringue pie inspired vape juice comes in three nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Aunt Meringue

Making Your Own Concentrate Vape Juice With Solvent710

Turn waxes and shatter concentrates into a vape e-liquid juice with Solvent710

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us the rundown on how to turn your waxes, and shatter concentrates into a vapable solution that you can easily load into almost any atomizer or tank that you can use with your electronic cigarette.  In this video Todd will use Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier along with an O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself Kit to create that sweet nectar that you can take on the go.  

You can find Solvent 710 Premium Liquid Zags Concentrate Emulsifier and O.penVAPE products, as well as many other dabbing essentials and handheld, portable vaping devices that were built to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle.  Myxed Up Creations has you covered at any of our retail stores located in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado, as well as here online at MyxedUp.com.

Video Transcript 

Hey everybody Todd here from Myxed Up TV. Today we're gonna be showing you some Solvent 710. This stuff is actually a liquid emulsifier that you can put any of your waxes, shatters, hash things like that in to, and turn them into a vapeable e-liquid. So this is the juice here. It comes in a nice glass vial as you can see. This flavor that I have today is actually Citrus Haze so there's a little bit there for you so you take a look.

What we're gonna do is take some concentrate that we have here. It's about a half a gram, we're going to mix it into this juice here and then we're going to put it into a fill it yourself top. Now this is just a refillable vape pen top that you can put on most batteries. We also could put it into other vape pen tops it doesn't really matter as long as it's a vape that takes a liquid. You should be able to use the Solvent 710 juice. The only things you'll really need is some hot water. We just stuck this in the microwave and heated up a glass of water.  That's just to set this in to help dissolve and, or if you want to speed things up, we're also gonna use a small torch just to kind of move the process along so that way the video doesn't take too too long.  So let's just go ahead and jump on into this. The first thing I'm going to want to do is get my concentrate in my jar here. Unscrew the lid on your jar as you can see it's just a nice little glass jar that you're gonna have.  Then we are going to take our concentrate here. What's nice about the silicone is that you can just kind of break it off. We're going to take that concentrate there and we're just going to put it inside of this jar here. Flatten it out a little bit so it'll just drop right in there.

Solvent 710 with concentrate

There we go. So you can see we just put the chunk in there. There's a little bit of extra in here, lets see if I can just scrape the rest. Waste not, want not, you know? Okay so now that you've got your concentrate inside of your solvents glass jar. Go ahead and put the lid back on. So this guy is going to start to dissolve, what you're gonna want to do is start to warm it up. In the instructions it says you can just put it in some hot water and then just leave it. It'll just start to warm up, everything in there will become softer. It'll become more of like a liquid, as your concentrates do.

Solvent 710 in water

To me personally, that sometimes takes a little while, but you'll probably get the best effect with your actual liquids.  I'm actually going to just hit this a little bit with a torch. It's just gonna help warm it up, but you should definitely be very careful if you're going to try and do this at home. If you do it too much, too fast, you could end up breaking the glass and then that's not going to do any good for anybody. You're just gonna end up with a whole bunch of hot liquid on you. So as we warm it up here we'll just go ahead and start to shake it. It's warming up real nice. I'll go ahead and drop this guy right into here and we're just gonna let it kind of sit there and warm up.  As it starts to warm up it should start to dissolve. I'll come back in a few minutes as soon as this this is dissolved and we'll show you the rest of the video.

Solvent 710 liquid

All right thanks for waiting for that. So it's been about 15 minutes now and with a little bit of shaking, you can kind of see that the little bit of concentrate that we put in there, the "THC concentrate," that's actually all dissolved. This stuff now is going to be, basically, a nice liquidy vape juice. You're pretty much set from here. What we're gonna do now, I'm going to show you how to put it into a refillable O.penVAPE top, but like I was telling you before, this stuff, it's gonna stay this consistency. So what's really nice about it is you can put it into any vape pen that you want.  So, I have a little syringe here. This comes from the O.pen Fill it Yourself Kit, which is really nice, if you guys haven't seen that before. It's basically a kit that comes with a vape pen, a top. We did a whole tutorial on it. The pen kind of looks like this, but they have replaceable tops. Empty tops like this that you can get. And then with the Solvent 710 you can just keep remaking juice and turning it into a vapable concentrate that you can put into your pens.

FIY Syringe

What we're gonna do now is unscrew... Well here, first, fill our top. We'll take the lid off of the top here. That's the mouthpiece and there's a little blue rubber pin right there. We're going to pull that out, and that's where, actually, the concentrates going to go. We'll take our syringe and our concentrate jar here. Go ahead and just open this guy up. Now we're going to suck up some of this concentrate. And then we're gonna go ahead and put it into here, into our vape pen. This, as you can see, will go right into that hole on the top. And then as we start to fill it up, you'll notice it just starts to fill up pretty easy there. Just fill that guy all the way up. You can put the rest back in your jar. It's really nice about the jars is you're gonna always be able to save your stuff inside of there, so.

Solvent 710 in syringe

So, definitely keep a hold of those. Take our little rubber pin here, and we'll put that right back in top of there. And then we'll take our lid and put that right back on top there.  So, now we've just filled up a vape pen, right there, as you can see. Go ahead... I'm just pulling on it a little bit to help kind of move the flow of juice down into the cotton, and then back out. If you're just refilling your pen, you won't need to do that, but you're pretty much ready to go. 

Solvent 710 in FIY tank

Just screw that guy right down onto a battery, and then puff away. Lemony! Citrus Haze! Yeah! So there you go guys. A super easy solvent that you can use to turn your solid concentrates into a vapable vape pen liquid. Pretty simple, but you know, with the amount that you can get in here and put into your pens. It's kind of nice because you could just travel with it a little bit keep refilling. Super fun, super convenient and it'll get you through everything. You can check those out we have the solvent 710 online at Myxedup.com we also have it in all of our shops too. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and we'll see you next time.

Kennedy Competition Rebuildable Drip Atomizer Video Overview

The Kennedy Competition RDA has some of the best airflow technology available today.

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan gives us an overview of the Kennedy Competition Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA), and compares it to his Dark Horse Clone RDA.  Let's take a look at what makes the Kennedy Competition RDA one of the best on the market.  With superior airflow technology, the Kennedy is durable, easy to look at, and ready to make some serious clouds.

You can find the Kennedy Competition RDA as well as the Wulf Hell Hound unregulated box mod featured in this video at any of our Myxed Up Creations locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  We also carry a huge selection of many other electronic cigarettes, as well as parts and accessories, including full kits, MOD's, tanks, coils, batteries and just about anything you need to help you get your vape game to boss status!

Video Transcript

Hey hey hey everybody, it’s Logan with Myxed Up Creations. In today’s episode of Myxed Up TV we are going to be talking about the Kennedy Competition RDA. So I’m going to give you an overview of the Kennedy. And we're gonna bust this bad boy open. And then I'm going to compare it to my Dark Horse Clone RDA just to see why this thing is so badass. So let's get up and close personal, and meet the Kennedy.

So here it is everybody. The Kennedy competition RDA. And just already just holding it this thing feels so heavy. It’s a hefty little RDA. Made of 303 grade stainless steel. And it's a chunker for sure. But let's get this thing on here so we can open it up. So if you're just looking at it from the outside you can see there's airflow on each side that comes up from the bottom and then when you open it up is where this thing really shines. Boom. So the airflow comes in from the bottom and then goes up through the RDA to right beneath where your coils are at. So you get a really really nice airflow there. Really advanced. Probably the most advanced airflow technology I've seen in any RDA so far, but what I really like about this thing is the option to add the glass top rather than the steel one. This thing looks really cool. You can always see what's going on. Look at your coils and make sure they're wet and ready to go. Boom. Just get the overview of it. If you break things a lot the glass top is probably not the best option for you. I think it really really looks cool. But if you break things a lot, stick with the steel, that’s probably more your game. But let's kind of compare this to my Dark Horse Clone RDA. So just by looking at the overview, you can see it has airflow on each side that comes in from the side of it, rather than the bottom. And then if you open it up it’s got the standard kind of RDA look, where pretty much the airflow on the sides here is the only airflow you're gonna get. So if you really delve in, you can see just by looking at the post. They're both 3 post RDA’s. The Dark Horse has huge holes in the post, which means you can pretty much fit any gauge in there and build on. The Kennedy is pretty much, it’s wide enough to where that's really all you need. And you can easily fit a 20 gauge kanthal in there, and I am totally happy with that. But as you can see the airflow is what makes the Kennedy the bee's knees. The cat's pajamas, if you will. So I'm going to grab my box mod and we're going to throw this on there and just see how she looks.

So here I have my Wulf Hell Hound unregulated box, and we're just going to kind of toss the old Kennedy on there and see what that's all about. WoooOOOO! So if that's not beautiful, I don't know what is. Would you look at that! The thing looks stellar, and ready to go. I just love the look of the glass top you can just see what's going on all the time. Even if you put the steel one on there, this thing still looks like it's ready to go. This is a really heavy box, and a heavy RDA. So this feels good in the hand, and you can just feel the power there. I really like the look of that. Bam. Intimidating to some people but I love it.

So there it is everybody. The Kennedy Competition RDA. The thing is ready to go best airflow I've seen so far. Ready to make some clouds. So you can get this thing in store at Myxed Up Creations, or you can look for more info online at myxedup.com. I will see you guys later. Bye!

3ohm3 Industries Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid Review Video

Logan and Todd at Myxed Up Denver discuss the 3ohm3 Industries line of gourmet e-liquid

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan and Todd take us to our Myxed Up Creations Denver store where they tell us about Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid and Krakatoa, two e-juice/e-liquid lines from 3ohm3 Industries, an all American company based out of Lakewood Colorado.  Logan vapes samples of all of the flavors from the Wild Card line and gives his review on each flavor, and Todd reads us the company taste profile descriptions for each flavor. 

Buy your 15ml or 30ml bottle of Wild Card E-Liquid here

Available Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid flavors:
Dead Man's Hand, Deuce's Wild, Double Down, Full House, Joker, Poker Face, Royal Flush, Strait Flush, and Special Edition Flush.

Available Krakatoa flavors:
Sumatra Sunrise

All of the Wild Card Gourmet E-Liquid and Krakatoa flavors showcased in this video can be purchased at any Myxed Up Creations location.  We also carry a full compliment or alternate gourmet e-liquid options, with juices by Charlies Chalk Dust, Phillip Rocke, One Hit Wonder, Cuttwood and many more.  We also carry all of your electronic cigarette hardware needs, as one of the premier vape stores in Colorado, with locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Video Transcript

What's up everybody I’m Logan. And I'm Todd. And we’re with Myxed Up Creations. And today we're going to be talking about the Wild Card line of e-liquid and the Krakatoa line from 3ohm3. These guys, they kill it. It's a local company out of Lakewood, Colorado. They use the highest grade, USP grade ingredients, that are all locally sourced. So all-American e-liquid. I'm about it. Yeah, it’s some pretty good stuff actually. They actually take some time with their gourmet lines so each batch is kind of small made, individually. So you don't get huge, large masses that get made so you lose quality I think over time with that. These mixes are going to be an 80/20, 80% VG 20% PG. And like Logan said, that they are all USP grade, so they're super, super clean. Plus it’s a pharmaceutical grade nicotine that they use in all of their juices, so their line’s pretty good overall. And I really notice the nicotine grade. Like after using their line, and using another line. You can really notice the difference there, and it's amazing what these guys can do. It's almost like a microbrew of e-juice. Yeah that's a good way to represent it, for sure. So what we’re going to do today is we're gonna kind of run you through the entire line. And we're actually going to try them here. So we have the descriptions offered by the company. We're going to read you those. And then we're going to load my RDA and give you our take on the whole line.
So let's kind of get it started with Straight Flush here. Yeah, Straight Flush. So while Logan loads that up. Straight Flush, it's a luscious custard, dusted with a hearty blend of cinnamon and graham crackers. It’s definitely really good. It’s kind of like a buttery shortbread cake, I would kind of say. Over time I think you’ll probably really get to like this one. That is different. You can kind of taste, did it say, cinnamon in there? Yeah, cinnamon graham crackers. You really taste that. It's kind of a different e-juice from the normal kind of like, fruity or custards. This is kind of like a darker one, and I really, really like it. It's like a cookie. Definitely. So that one, love that. It’s a pretty good one.
Our next one we're going to do is the Royal Flush. That's a rich complex of vanilla custard that melts into your pallet. It definitely has a lot of different flavors to it. It’s kinda hard to pick out, but it’s a super strong rich custardy flavor. I’m sure you'll definitely like it, especially if you’re on the more softer ends of your custards, and vanilla kind of plain flavors. This hits my sweet spot. So, I’m a cream guy. Love the creams. That's my thing. C.R.E.A.M. get the money. So this one, it’s a strong cream. Very much a vanilla kind of custard. It would be great to mix with something else as well. Like say if I had the Straight Flush, and I wanted a little bit more of the cream, you could add this one to pretty much just about anything. So it’s just a plain vanilla. Vanilla you can add on top of any other flavors, and you’ll probably get strawberry vanilla, banana vanilla. You’re gonna get really good flavors off of the vanilla custards. So cream people, where you at? Royal Flush. That's the one.
The next one we're going to talk about is the Poker Face. Poker Face, it’s a pears a la mode this is one that I really like. It kind of reminds me of like a key lime pie. It's going to have sort of an ice cream with a little bit of cinnamon that comes with caramelized pears over the top of it. So it’s definitely one of my favorites for their line so far. Really creamy as well. It's not overly creamy like the Royal Flush, you kind of have more of the pears taste there. But again, if you're into creams and custards this would be an amazing one to try. Poker Face. Yeah. I’ve noticed that that one definitely has a bite at first, and then it kind of moves into that slow custard afterwards. So you kind of get a really good flavor with that one.
Alright next we got the Joker which is the banana one. Yeah, that one’s a savoury banana pudding with cinnamon crumbles. It has kind of a vanilla wafers. It definitely has a kind of that dunking a cookie in the milk kind taste to it. It’s a pretty good one, especially if you're into a banana custard, Boston cream kind of taste. It's a good one for sure. Alright so I'm not like, I'll be honest, I'm not really a banana fan. But out of all of the banana e-juices I've ever had. I think that is the top. That, you know for anyone who would be into that, Joker would be the top one to get. But, I'll be honest, I'm not a banana guy. Bananas don’t really hit me too hard too, especially the fake banana flavor. It’s kind of hard to get over. But they do a pretty good job on the banana overall, I think. I know a guy, that's all he vapes, all banana, all the time. We’re talking about Jay, the vape buyer. But this is his, like, daily juice. He vapes it every day. He’s never caught dead without a bottle of Joker, so if you’re a banana man, then definitely Joker is right up your alley.
So the next one, we’re gonna kind of skip over the special edition. We’ll come back to it though. We’ll come back to that one.
Full House. That's my favorite by far. It's definitely a very good one. It's got the lemons at first that  kind of like, the super bite, that sour sweetness that you really like at first. And then it kind of just mellows out into a lot of berries and fruity flavors, which are really good. It's definitely one that I can vape on time and time again and I don't have to worry about getting tired of the taste. It’s very fruitful, that's my favorite out of the line so. It’s kinda like a cereal one. It is. Fruit Loops or Captain Crunch. Yeah probably more Fruit Loops. It's so hard to match down these flavors, they're so out there sometimes that… With a strong hint of milk. It’s like you’ve got your Fruit Loops with a lot of milk. This one, it’s like, again, I love the creams. And this is like a creamy Fruity Pebbles type one. Love It.
Alright so let’s go on to Double Down. Double Down, that’s a tobacco blend for all you tobacco lovers out there. This one's going to have a tobacco vape that has like a chocolate peanut butter on top, with a hint of cinnamon. So it's definitely a bold flavor. It’s a lot warmer than some of the other ones. So it might take a little getting used to. But if you’re into that kind of flavors, it’s definitely going to be right down your alley, for sure. Tobacco. I'm kind of over tobacco flavors at this point, but this is probably one of the better ones I've ever had. Normal cigarettes. Yeah, you know. Kind of over that. But for anyone who wants kind of a darker juice, that’s sick of the creams, sick of the, kind of like, all the berries and the fruit ones, Double Down will be great. It's sort of musky. More adult. Yeah, a more adult flavor I guess. Expensive cigar. Is what I’m getting. You can, even just sitting here, you can smell it. Okay
Deuces Wild. Okay so our next one, Deuces Wild. It's an Orange Dreamsicle. It pretty much just kind of melts onto your palate like an ice cream cone kind of. It's going to be paired with almost like a vanilla ice cream taste so it has that milky creamy kind of aftertaste but it's gonna be more like a creamsicle, you know, orange pop. I'm sure everybody's had an orange-cicle so it's definitely a very good citrusy but it has that milky kind of creamy caramel aftertaste. Very much like an ice pop. An ice pop. Yeah. Do you remember those? The ones that came in the tubes. Yeah. The push pops. The push pops! Exactly. There you are. It tastes exactly like an orange push pop.
And then, the last one we've got Dead Man's Hand. Isn’t that a tobacco one as well? Yeah that one is probably, I think, the boldest of the tobacco flavors though. It's pretty much just a straight pipe tobacco. It's got kind of a smooth, creamy, vanilla taste that runs with it. But it’s very, very tobacco-esque. It's probably going to be more along the lines of the Double Down. Well the last one was like a creamy cigar. So let’s see if this is any darker than that other one. Got some juice on my box. Very dark. Very musky. So this is for, this would be great for someone who’s like just getting into e-cigs, trying to quit smoking. It’s exactly, like... Used to the tobacco flavor but you're not into the normal fruity flavors of like an e-juice. Cuz you can get away from just that tobacco taste, I mean, you know, everybody's been so into it for so long cuz that's all you're smoking is tobacco, but now you can choose a blend of flavors. You don’t even have to have that tobacco flavor with the nicotine that you’re trying to get, so it’s super nice. I like it though. A lot of the time on the tobacco ones, I'm just not a fan anymore. They're just kind of fake tobacco, where this tastes very real. It's hard to mimic a tobacco flavor. Really hard. Yeah I can see that.
So that was all of the ones we had to try. So now let’s talk about the Special Edition Flush here, which I've actually tried. I really like it. It’s supposed to be an eggnog one. It was a seasonal juice. I didn't really taste a whole lot of eggnog there. So it's just a really creamy kind of juice. It tastes like cream and honey almost, but... There’s no rum in it. There’s no rum. That's our problem. That seems to be the issue. But, that's actually one of my favorites of the line. So I hope it's not just a seasonal juice. I think they should do it all year round, but we have it right now, and hopefully they'll let us reorder some, cuz I'm a fan. We do have it now. And all these flavors, they’re gonna come in both a 15 ml and a 30 ml bottle. And they're pretty affordable prices. And will run in levels of nicotine from 0, 4 and 12. So you can get all those bottle across the line right now here at Myxed Up. It's kind of weird though, because of the high grade of nicotine, the 4 almost feels like a 6. It still has the harshness. So if you normally vape at a 6, the 4 will be pretty much right up your alley. It’s the same kind of harshness that you'll get, only less nicotine cause it’s a pure grade.
Well let's move into 3ohm3’s, their new line, the Krakatoa. This is just in for us ourselves. Super nice blend. When you smell it, I think it kinda smells like a caramel popcorn almost. It’s really nice. Super sweet. What's their description? Cuz it does kinda tastes like caramel popcorn. Thier description on this one… So they actually… Krakatoa has two different flavors. They're going to come in the Sumatra Sunrise and an Island Oasis. The one that we're going to carry at the shop is gonna be a Sumatra Sunrise, and that's a smooth luscious coconut cream blend with a mild sweetness of dragon fruit with a spritz of citrus. So it’s definitely a very good fruity flavor. Very tropical. Yeah, it’s true to the islands. It's kind of their theme, they have this whole tropical, volcano theme going. But all the mixes are 70/30 and they are very good and also very affordable, like this whole line is. Their definately… this one is one of my favorites out of all of these actually. I got to try both of those and I was blown away by the Sunrise. Loved it. So we do have those in as well. Maybe in the future we're going to carry the Island Oasis as well, but as of now it’s just the Sumatra Sunrise. Which isn't bad. It's good flavor, you know? And all these flavors are really well. And the nicotine on this one is kind of weird though. They do 0, 3 and 9. It’s a different grade scale I think. It is. But the nicotine grade again is really high so the 9 is almost like a 12.
Well there you go folks. That's our new lines from 3ohm3 Industries, right here in Colorado. Colorado local. Which is super nice, you know, keep it local folks. It’s super nice. So yeah, we hope to see you guys down here at the shop sometime soon. And if you guys ever want to try it, we have an RDA. And a juice bar. And a juice bar, so come on down. Feel free to bring your own as well. We got the sample bottles of everything he can sit here just like we just did. And try them all. Try the whole line. See which one you like, and support your local vapers. Piece. Bye guys.

How to Build a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Tutorial Video

This tutorial video will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a rebuildable dripping atomizer, also referred to as an RDA 

On this episode of Myxed Up TV we take you to Myxed Up Creations Denver, Colorado location where Todd shows you how to build a rebuildable dripping atomizer using a Patriot three post model RDA, the KangerTech organic cotton and pre-built coils, all built on a Kanger KBox digital 40watt box mod. You can optionally use an Eleaf voltage Ohmmeter to build from and to test your mod with after the build, but it is not necessary for the build.


For more information give us a call or pay us a visit at any of our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with all of your electronic cigarette needs.  Whether you are a pro cloudchaser, or a beginner that is just looking to try and quit smoking cigarettes, we have the staff and the equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Video Transcript 

Hey this is Todd at Myxed Up Creations and today we’re going to show you how to build a rebuildable dripping atomizer.  Today I’m going to be showing you a Patriot three post model.  The KangerTech organic cotton and pre-built coils.  And I’m going to build them for my K Box Digital 40watt.  We’re also going to be using an Eleaf voltage and ohm reader, but it’s not necessary for the build.  
So now we’re going to assemble our Patriot three post RDA.
Go ahead and screw him into the top here of my battery and we’re just going to do this just so he has a post to hold on to, it makes it a little easier.
And we’ll go ahead with my KagerTech cotton and pre-built coils. And we’re going to go ahead and start placing these guys in.  Now remember you’re going to go from the positive to the negative, so one post to the other.  There’s one side.  And we’ll go ahead and screw down the negative post just to hold them in place.  Alright, now we’ll go to the other side and get our next coil.  And we’re going to do the same thing.  Push him through.  There we are.  Now we’ll go ahead and post him down.  Alright.  So now if you have something the size of your post, it’s easier to rotate into place if that’s how you like it, on either side.  These are all just optional things.  
And then we’ll tighten down our positive post.  And we should be pretty set there.  So all this extra, we’re just going to go ahead and clip off with a pair of wire clippers.  This is just excess, and isn’t needed anymore.  Alright, so now we have our two coils, as you can see.  Posted up in there pretty good.  Go ahead and give it a fire and see what we’re rockin’ out.  Always make sure you tighten everything down so everything fires off just right.  Got a little bit of a half fire there.  So now we’re just going to burn off any excess, and try and even these guys out as best as we can.  The closer we get them together, the better they‘ll fire together.  Looks like a good even fire for now.  
So we’ll go ahead now and move on to our cotton.  So we’ll go ahead and pull off a small strip of cotton.  Wire it up real real thin here, and then we’re going to go ahead and wire that through our individual coils.  I like to wrap my cotton in different ways, you can decide which wraps are best for you.  And I’ll tuck all this excess back in.  And there’s one side you can see pretty much cottoned out.  And one side without.  It’s important that you don’t fire off the coils right now.  You wouldn’t want to burn your cotton without any good wick on there.  So as you can see, I’m just going to pull some cotton out here.  Roll it up real nice and neat.  And then do the same thing again.  We’ll go ahead and push this through here.  Shouldn’t be too tough, you should be able to do this with your bare hands.  If you’ve got to much cotton it might be a little bit more difficult.  Same wrap this time on the other side.  And the same thing, we’ll tuck in any excess, or you can rip off if you have to much.  It’s completely up to you.  
Alright, now once we have all that tucked in, we look good to go.  All of our posts are nice and tight.  And we fire tested before hand to burn off any of the excess.  So now that we have both of our coils wrapped in there real nice, we’re going to go ahead and prime the coils with the juice.  And you can use any juice that you like.  We’ll just go ahead and start to soak the coils and the cotton.  Alright, now we’re all juiced up, we’ll give it a little test fire here, and there we go.  And there you have it folks.  Replace your rebuildable atomizer top, and you’re ready to go.

Cuttwood and Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid

Two new e-liquids gaining in popularity with vape enthusiasts

Two of our newest gourmet e-liquids, also happen to be two of our most popular brands.  Cuttwood and Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid are both new offerings at our stores in the past 6 months, but both are rapidly gaining in popularity and recognition within the vape community.  We wanted to take a chance to get to know these couple of new kids on the block, and give you a little info about each of these popular e-liquids, and give you some insight into their taste profiles.

 Cuttwood E-Juice

Cuttwood E-Cig Liquid
The Sauce Boss

Due to Cuttwood’s high levels of vegetable glycerin the juice gives you large, dense plooms of vapor, which makes it perfect for any drippers or cloud-chasers out there.  Cuttwood does make all of their e-juice in 0mg / 3mg / 6mg / 12mg and 18mg nicotine levels (the boss reserve is measured in 1.2% or 1.8% which is just 12mg or 18mg).

Boss Reserve

  • A golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters.  Drenched in creamy milk and layered with sliced bananas.  Auburn in color, the aroma is unbelievably mouthwatering.  The immense flavor is something you can’t truly explain.  Boss Reserve Sauce creates wonderful thick plumes of aromatic vapor.  (70vg/30pg)

Mega Melons (Formerly Monster Melons)

  • A trifecta of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya create this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavors.  A sweet and fruity body with a with a crisp refreshing finish.  (70vg/30pg)

Sugar Drizzle (Formerly Sugar Bear)

  • An expert balance of cinnamon bakery, meets sweet milky cream to create a very all-day-vapeable e-sauce that hits those breakfast cereal notes your taste buds crave.  A sugary cinnamon inhale paired with a smooth creamy body on the exhale.  (70vg/30pg)

Unicorn Milk

  • A perfect blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams.  It’s a tasty and magical vape that goes down a real treat!  (70vg/30pg) 

Bird Brains

  • A fresh out of the box fruit cereal that delivers true on every note.  (70vg/30pg)
Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Liquid

    Charlie's Chalk Dust


    • Farm fresh homemade strawberry ice cream.  (60vg/40pg)  WINNER "Best in Show" - Vape Summit | Houston, TX

    Head Banging Boogie

    • A tropical blueberry Popsicle that will knock your pants of.  (70vg/30pg)

    Trueberry Sugar & Knife

    • Pineapple upside down pancake with a blackberry maple drizzle.  (70vg/30pg)

    Dream Cream

    • A rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.  (60vg/40pg)

    Peanut Butter & Jesus

    • A spiritual experience of peanut butter and jelly.  (60vg/40pg)

    Stop in to any one of our locations today in DenverAuroraColorado Springs, and Pueblo, and give these gourmet e-liquids and e-juices a try.  If your looking for some fresh new flavors to get your electronic cigarette poppin' we have these options and so much more.  And try out any flavor of our JJuice e-liquid at our vape bars, and mix and match your very own custom blend.


    What's your favorite flavor from these two brands?  What other flavors of e-liquid have been in rotation for you lately?  Drop us a line in comments, we always love to hear from you.

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      JJuice E-Liquid Sale for More20!

      JJuice Premium E-Liquid on sale!

      Myxed Up Creations is happy to announce that our JJuice Premium E-Liquid will be on sale!  This Saturday through Monday Oct. 20 (More20)! Myxed Up More20 SPECIAL! Mix your OWN JJuice flavor & strength, TWO bottles for just $10.20!


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