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XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer Overview and Tutorial Video

Take a look at the Vista Mini 2 e-nail and portable dab rig from XVape

XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer Tutorial Video Cover

In this episode of MyxedUpTV, we take a look at the new XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer. The XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Vaporizer is a convenient and powerful electronic dab rig and e-nail for enjoying oils and concentrates. The Vista Mini 2 is the newest version of the very popular original Vista Mini by XVape.

The Vista Mini 2 is a statement piece and the perfect size for your desk, coffee table, or on the go. It comes with an impact resistant smell proof carrying case that can pack all your necessities for dabbing.

Video Transcript

What's up, everybody? On this episode of MyxedUpTV, we're going to be talking about the XVape Vista Mini 2. 

So let's talk about what's in the box. First thing you have is your XVape Vista Mini 2 unit. You've got your borosilicate flared mouthpiece. XVape dab tool. All-in-one crystal quartz bucket atomizers. USB charging cord. Keck clip. You're going to have two silicon connect rings. Alcohol prep pads for cleaning. Q-tips for cleaning. And replacement o-rings. 

First things first, you want to make sure that the unit's charged. The instruction manual suggests charging the unit up for a full two hours to make sure it's charged up to 100% before your first use. 

Now, let's talk about assembling and operating the unit. First thing you'll notice here is that you've got your borosilicate glass carb cap, o-ring housing unit. And this actually just unplugs from here. Get that unscrewed. Take that off. You've got the borosilicate detached glass bubbler, and you've got the battery. 

All right, now we've got the whole unit disassembled and we're going to show you how to put everything back together. So I've already got the silicone connect ring attached to the carb cap. As you can just see, it goes over the top of the carb cap. Securely fits on there, just slide it right over the top. And then that ring is going to go at the base of where the bubbler and the mouthpiece come together. And that's just going to hold the carb cap on there for easy access. So to get this thing back together, you've got the battery, you've got the bubbler unit. Get those attached. Now you take the o-ring, screw that on here. Take the all-in-one crystal quartz bucket. Get the atomizer screwed in here. At this point, it's probably the easiest time to go ahead and get the carb cap on there. Get that ready to go. And get the mouthpiece on here. Attach the keck clip. Now the full unit is assembled and ready to be used. 

Now, we've got the XVape Vista Mini 2 assembled and we're ready to go. The first thing we're going to want to do is get the bubbler filled up with water. So you've got to take the mouthpiece off here and you're just going to fill the bubbler up to the red line. Probably less than a half ounce of water will do it. I had a cup all ready to go. Get the water filled up to the red line there. Now that we have the water in there, you're ready to get this guy loaded up. Put the mouthpiece back on there, the keck clip on there. Got some CBD shatter here. Go ahead and get that loaded in the bucket. Now that's all loaded in and ready to go. Now we'll get the carb cap placed on here. Now we've got the bubbler filled up with water, we've got the product loaded up in the atomizer, we're ready to get this unit powered up and ready to go. 

To turn the unit on you're going to hit the power button three times, one, two, three. That's going to power the unit up. The LED indicator lights are going to tell you how much battery power you have left in the unit when you turn it on. If it glows white, you have 60% to 100% power. If it glows green, you have 20% to 60% power. If it glows red, as it is right now, then you've got less than 20% power. So to set the temperature on the XVape, you're going to want to hit the button two times, one, two. By hitting the button two times, you're going to be able to cycle between four different temperature settings. The first setting is white, for 536 degrees Fahrenheit. The second setting is green, for 608 degrees Fahrenheit. Third setting is blue, for 662 degrees Fahrenheit. And the fourth setting is red, for 752 degrees Fahrenheit. Select your temperature setting based on the viscosity of your concentrate and user preference. Once you have the temperature setting selected, hit the button one time to fire the unit up. Once the unit's reached the desired temperature, the LED indicator lights will stop blinking and the unit will vibrate with the haptic feedback to tell you that it's reached the temperature. Once it’s reached the temperature, you're ready to enjoy. 

So that's the Vista Mini 2 from XVape. You can pick this product up at any of our Colorado Myxed Up Creations locations or online at myxedup.com.

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The Vista Mini Portable Dab Vaporizer

No More Torch, No More Butane, the Vista Mini Portable Dab Vaporizer Wins the Game

Technology has come far in the last decade, and why not into the cannabis industry as well? Introducing the Vista Mini by XVape. A fully portable electronic dab rig designed to take your dabs with you wherever you go, with all the convenience of dabbing at home. Super sleek design and a large ceramic coil create an elegance of use unmatched by most competing electric rigs, and the built in wireless charging base comes standard in evey Vista Mini. Check out this video below for a full breakdown and functional use of the Vista Mini by Todd from Myxed Up Creations.


Video Transcript

What's going on, everybody? Todd here from Myxed Up TV, and today, we're gonna be talking about the Vista Mini from XVAPE. It's a new style vaporizer. It's more of a portable dab rig. XVAPE was kind enough to toss it out to me, so today what we're gonna do, we're gonna open this bad boy up. I'm gonna show you all the different parts and the features of it, and we're gonna take a big old dab out and see how we like it. So, let's jump on into it, shall we?

So, when you first get your XVAPE Vista Mini, you'll notice when you open up the box there it's a pretty decent little box, it's gonna have a foam insert. You are gonna have your authenticity on the back here, so make sure that you're getting a true XVAPE. Let's go ahead, and we'll open up. You're gonna have a little card here, it's gonna tell you a bunch of the different features that actually come in this. This one has a couple different features here. So, detachable bubbler, pure taste, fantastic LED light, wireless charging, and three temperature settings. Pretty easy to do. It's got the quick start guide on here, but we're gonna get into it. So first here, you're gonna see on your user's manual ... you'll definitely want to keep a hold of this. It's gonna have everything that you're gonna need to know about your XVAPE inside of it. This one's got pretty much everything spelled out for you there, so we'll just run through the whole manual little bit by bit, and show you guys everything that comes in it.

Here it is. As you can see, your Vista Mini. I've got my vape here, pretty nifty little vape device there. This guy comes apart into different pieces, so totally cleanable. It's really nice. There's a glass carb cap there. You're also gonna get a funnel to put water in and out of your Vista. It's not necessary, but it does help a little bit if you need it. Then, we also have our mouthpiece. That's gonna come out too, nice little glass mouthpiece there. So, pull that out, then we have our accessories box. That's everything in the box. You probably want to keep that because it's a good little travel case to go along with everything.

In our accessory kit, it's gonna have all your other stuff. You're gonna have a coil in here, gonna have your charger. As you can see, a whole bunch of little things. Your little dab nail there. This is a ceramic one here, super, super nice. It's gonna come with some rubber silicons to keep everything from dropping off of your mouthpiece, but first thing. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take it apart for you so you can see all the little pieces, then we'll put it back together, fill it up with some water, and then we'll use it. Does that sound good? So, let's take our accessory box out. You're gonna get extra O-rings, so keep a hold of those. Extra silicone connectors, so these are actually nice holders. Make sure you keep those. You're gonna get your K-clip there which is really nice. It's actually meant to hold this. Here, we'll just actually pull it all apart.

So, your top part here, this actually just pulls straight off. It's just a push on and off. There's a nice little silicone ring that holds it on there. So, this is where you're gonna actually screw down your coil. Before we do that, I'm gonna go ahead and show you the rest of the step. So, if I unscrew this base here, you'll notice that the base where this all comes out. What's really nice, this is your bubbler tube here, so this is what your smoke is gonna be traveling through. That can get sticky and gunky, so very easy to pull apart. You could actually clean the entire thing, so you could go in and soak them if you want. That's just your little downstem there, so pull that out. You see here? This is your glass bubbler piece here. Very nice where your mouthpiece is gonna go in there, and then you have your base unit here, and that is basically your battery.


So, it does come with a micro USB charger here on the side. Probably the same as your phone unless you have an iPhone, but it also has a fun feature which if you use a charging dock station where you just lay down your cell phone or something like that, these will work on that. It doesn't come with the kit, but it's a generic device that you can get, so you can just set it down and it'll charge. I've actually charged this one up, so we should be ready to go. I'm gonna go ahead, and we've got our glass piece here. I've got a little bit of water here in this cup, and we're just gonna go ahead and pour a little bit of this water down into here. You can use your funnel if you want. You want to make sure that when you're putting your water in, you're going into the sides. You're not going into the center. If you put it in the center, it's gonna go down and hit your battery, and you don't want to do that.

It might even be easier for people, if you're a little bit afraid, you could fill it off just like this. So, you could see here, it's very simple. We're just gonna toss some water in and let it fill up. Now, you'll notice that there is a fill line on the battery here. It might be a little bit hard for you guys to see, but it's right there. There's a fill line, so when you put your glass bubbler back on top, you want to make sure you look through and you at least get above that fill line. If you fill it up too, too much, it'll end up pulling water back at you, and you don't want to do that. It'll end up being a straw. So, there we go. We've got our water in there. Make sure you're keeping it nice and straight so we don't get any water on anything else, and now that we've got our piece on there, I'm gonna go ahead. We're gonna take our top piece here, so this has a little O-ring that you can see. This little O-ring just came off, but it's not a big deal.

It just sits there anyway, and it's meant to keep both pieces so that they're nice and air tight once you just screw them down. So now that we have this piece on, and then we've got our O-rings situated ... I'm having some O-ring issues. It's okay. Just take a second here, put that back on. There we go. So, we got the O-ring on there nice. Put the bubbler down in here and then you go ahead and screw these two pieces together, and what that's doing now is actually pulling the two O-rings down and getting a nice tight seal that you can see there. So, now our downstem is in there, we got our water at a right spot. Time to take our coil.

So, I did get a chance to try this one out a little bit just to make sure that we would run through this okay. So, I've got a little bit of dab in there, but it's a ceramic style coil, and I'm actually gonna toss a little bit more in there. What's neat about this device is you can actually just drop in a couple dabs right into the device and it will automatically just stay there, and you can just dab it and dab it, and pass it around. We've got our coil screwed down there now onto the top of our base there. We're gonna take our cap here. Remember how I told you before? It just pulls off, so you just push it right back on there. Bam, very easy. So now, we've got our carb cap. You'll want to make sure that your carb cap is gonna go on top. We're also going to be using one of our silicon connectors here. And so this is what, you want to make sure you do this before you do anything else, because you don't want to drop your glass carb cap.

So, we'll go ahead and take this silicone, and we're just gonna pull it over on both of these little pieces here. Move that back out a little bit. There you go. So, you can see here it's like a silicone connector, and that comes in handy especially if you're taking a dab and it falls off or something. Makes it very convenient so that people don't lose it. We'll get into that in just a little bit, and now we got our mouthpiece. Mouthpiece goes on. Your K-clip is designed to keep your mouthpiece from coming out. What I really like that they did, this 14 millimeter glass on glass here, because what's really cool is if you've got a 14 millimeter hose for a vaporizer or something like that, you could actually put a big hose on this and you could just vape. You wouldn't have to actually hold onto it or anything.

Neat little thing there, but we're gonna take our K-clip. Just clips on just like that, so now my mouthpiece isn't gonna come out. We've already got everything set, and it looks like we're about ready to go. You're also gonna get a little dab tool here, a key chain XVAPE dab tool. Pretty, pretty nice. So, I'm gonna go ahead, and we'll turn on the unit and show you guys a couple of the features. So, I think it's one, two, three, and there we go. So, you can see now that it turned on. It's got a nice red light there. If I do two buttons, one, two, it changes the color. Each color setting is actually a temperature setting. The white is the lowest setting. I believe it runs around 200 degrees or so. We can look at it here. Oh, that was Celsius. So, 535 degrees is the white temperature. 662 is the green, so you tap it twice and it goes green, and then 752 is the high. So tap it twice and go to the red.

I'm gonna do a nice high dab for us today so we could actually see it work for us. So what I've done here, is I've brought in a little bit of dabs here from Dabbington Concentrates. Thanks Dabbington. I'm just gonna take a little bit of the dab and put it on here, and I like to put it in first and then heat it up. There's our little dab that we're gonna go here, and then I'm just gonna drop it right down into our coil here. So, I'll show you guys. You can see the dab down in there, and it's not started yet. We haven't started heating it, so we're gonna put our carb cap back on and then what I like to do is let it warm itself up. So, we tap it one time, it'll start flashing, and that's actually the function. It runs through a 20 second autoheat cycle, and then once it's a solid color again, it's done heating. So, you can hit the button again and it'll run through another session for you.

So, it's really nice to be able to just pass it around to friends, and it also has a off feature. As you can see, it shut itself down just for me right now. So, I'm gonna go ahead and one, two, three. We turn it back on, we're at the red setting. We've chosen our heat setting that we like, and I'm gonna hit it one time, and now it's gonna start to flash. So now as it's flashing, it's actually starting to melt the dabs on the ceramic coil there, and I can actually start to hit it.

Tasty. So, what's really nice about this is it's more of a true vape. You can see that we've already stopped our heating cycle. It's already run through, but if we wanted to hit it again and get a nice warmer hit, just turn it on again. Some people like to take long, drawn out, slow dabs and that's where you'll get your best flavors and biggest hits. Pretty simple device, right? Very straightforward. I think it's a really nice vape that you can get out there on the market. I'm not sure the pricing. I think we're probably selling these at about $180 or so. It might be actually a little bit less, but I'd have to look it up. I'm not actually sure of the price, but really enjoy this little vape. It's a cool little portable guy. True vape, so nice little 2,000 milliamp battery on this guy, and I believe it's gonna have a one year manufacturer warranty from your purchase date, so make sure that you keep your receipt for that guy.

Over all though, very, very good unit. The Vista Mini by XVAPE, so. If you guys enjoyed this, you know, please subscribe to our channel below. Like always, we do appreciate you guys hitting that subscribe and like button. If you want to pick up one of these XVAPES, you can go over to MyxedUp.com or you can come in at any one of our Myxed Up Creations locations. I pretty much really like this guy, so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. As always, I'm Todd. This is Myxed Up TV, and we'll see you guys next time.

So after everything you have seen here, it's no wonder the Vista Mini Portable Dab Vaporizer if among one of the leading devices on the market today. With its many features and amazing design, this electric rig will keep you dabbing any time. For more information about the Vista Mini Portable Dab Vaporizer please visit one of our Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. You can also order now online at Myxedup.com.

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The Happy Dab Kit

Dabbing On The Go Made Easy With The Happy Dab Kit

Consuming concentrates has become as common as smoking a bowl, and these days ease and convenience can outway one's opinion of what to smoke. Dabbing or vaping concentrates has aloud many people to consume and enjoy the high of life without the combustion and carcinogenic properties from smoking dry herb.

Today we take that convince one more step with a fully functional portable dabbing kit called, The Happy Dab Kit!

Designed for the dabber on the go, The Happy Dab Nectar Collector Style Concentrate Kit is great for both someone familiar with dabbing and beginners. All packed into a small and convenient zippered carrying case the Happy Dab Kit contains everything you will need to enjoy a great tasting dab anywhere.


The Happy Dab Kit comes complete with a Happy Dab Bubbler with a built in spill protector. Titanium dab tip that will never melt or break. Two silicone jars and a stainless steel dab tool to keep your concentrates at bay, And a micro torch for easy heating and compact portability. All packed into a custom zipper style carrying case.

Video Transcript

This is the Happy Dab Kit. A fully complete, portable, dab straw kit. It comes with a bubbler that you can put water in. A titanium tip that is held on by a Kclip, two food grade silicone jars. Easy for holding waxes, shatters, and all sorts of concentrates. And a stainless steel dab tool.

 Simply take your concentrates and put them into your silicone. Take your torch, heat the tip of your dab straw, and then dab away. When you're finished everything fits conveniently back into the kit for easy storage and portability. Make sure that your tip isn't hot before you touch it and zip up your kit for easy portable function. The Happy Dab Kit, the easy way to dab on the go. 

Simple and discrete, The Happy Dab Kit is a must have for any dabber on the go or even as a starter kit. With its ease of function and compact size, it's no wonder the Happy Dab Kit is a favorite amongst dabbers. If you would like to check out a Happy Dab Kit or other dabbing products, head down to one of our Colorado Store locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. or order online at MyxedUp.com.

For more info on dabbing please check out Dabbing 101: How To Take A Dab

Quartz Bangers: Different Styles and How to Use Tutorial

Take On The World Of Dabbin Like A Pro With Quartz Bangers: Different Styles And How To Use Tutorial

Quartz Bangers are a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe. Today we're going to go over a bunch of different styles that we carry from the most generic, to the high roller. We've got a few rigs to show you, and personal preference of mine on one of the nails, how to use it, how to take a dab, and how to keep your quartz bangers clean.


Types of Bangers

Standard Banger

This standard banger is the most basic and simple to use of all of the banger styles. The thin walled banger takes much less heat to reach a dabbing temp and cools quickly as well. Made with a large quartz dish these bangers come in all glass on glass sizes 10mm, 14mm, 18mm both male and female joints. Perfect for the starting dabber.
Standard Quartz Banger

Thermal Bangers

A slight upgrade from the standard style, the thermal bangers are designed to keep your dabs vaping at a much lower temp. These bangers are designed to keep the heated quartz from touching the dabs directly, causing a longer and much more enjoyable dabbing experience.
Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Insert Bangers

A new design similar to the regular thermal bangers are these thermal insert bangers. They come with a seperate quartz dish that you place your dabs into. This allows for your quartz dish to stay very clean and still have the long and flavorful dab that you come to expect with a thermal banger.
Thermal Insert Quartz Bangers

Reactor Core Bangers

Letting the good times roll with a reactor core banger. These bangers have solid quartz cylinder in the center to hold heat and retain a much longer dabbing experience. This banger takes a little longer to heat up, and it stays hotter longer, retaining its heat for a long dab. The reactor core banger works best when combined with a directional carb cap. A must have for the daily dabber.
Reactor Core Quartz Bangers

High End Quartz

At the top of scale for quartz bangers, we run into a few brands that play above them all. The Joel Halen troughs and the Mayoral Bangers are a few high end quartz nails we carry at the shops. USA assembled and designed with the high class dabber in mind for a perfect dab every time.
Joel Halen Quartz TroughMayoral Quartz Banger

Let's Get Dabbing

Once we have decided the style of quartz banger we are going to add to our rig or water pipe, it's time to try and take our first dab. Make sure to have all of your necessities handy and ready to go. You're going to need a torch, a dab tool, the concentrate that your going to dab, and your assembled rig with your banger. Carb Caps are a great addition to a perfect dab but not necessarily needed.

Heating up your Quartz Banger

Take your torch and ignite it, aiming the flame away from anything flammable at all times. Make sure to evenly distribute heat on the base of your banger without heating up the glass from your rig or water pipe. Your banger will only take about 20 seconds or so to heat up to a proper temp.
*Note, If the banger starts to change colors and glow stop heating and let cool
Make sure to allow your banger to cool for about ten seconds to make sure the intense heat from the torch dissipates and cools to a proper dab temp. Once you are satisfied with the proper temperature, go ahead and use your dab tool to place a dab into your quartz banger.
Placing Dab Into Quartz Banger
As you place your dab into your banger, start to draw from the mouthpiece to allow the vapor to move through your rig or water pipe. If you have a carb cap, then now is the time to place your cap on top of the banger. The carb cap will create a diffusion of air and smoke, allowing your dab to roll and make for a much longer and satisfying hit.
Carb Cap On Banger


Thanks for taking some time to learn a little about quartz bangers and how to use them. Following these steps will have even the most novice dabber dabbing like a pro in no time at all.

Dabbing 101: How to Take a Dab

You'll be toking in no time with Dabbing 101: How to Take a Dab

With legal consumption of lots of different herbs, it's no wonder new ways to enjoy these products have been hitting the forefront of today's social scenes. Smoking from a hand pipe or rolled joint has been a solid standard, and edibles have been an amazing way to consume without combustion and flame at all. The newest and hottest growing way to enjoy your consumption is called Dabbing.

Dabbing 101: How To Take A Dab

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the action of taking highly concentrated products (i.e. wax, shatter, oil, etc...) and smoking or vaping them over a heated hot nail. There are many different ways to accomplish your dab. Dabbing 101: How to take a dab, will break down the basics of dabbing into five topics to help you create the best dabbing experience. 

1. Product

Concentrates come in many forms, and choosing your type of product becomes a personal preference as the individual becomes more accustomed to the products available. When dabbing you will want to choose a solid or liquid style concentrate instead of a flower or dry herb. The concentrates have been broken down into a purer form and eliminate their carbon output during consumption. This allows for maximum intake without the need to smoke a full bowl. Since the products are so concentrated it is recommended to start off small and find your own preference in size and taste.

 Wax Dabs

2. Rigs and  Water Pipes

Now that we have our product in order, it's time to choose the style of rig or water pipe you would like to dab from. Many older style water pipes may be converted for dabbing, so if you already have one handy you may want to try converting it with a nail first. When picking a new rig, you may run into a few styles that are unfamiliar. Smallest and most portable, the Mini Dab Straws and Micro Nectar Collectors make dabbing easy. Simply heat your dab straw tip and touch your product as you inhale from the other end. These simple but effective tools get the job done without breaking the bank.

Mini NCMini Dab Straw

When choosing a piece as your at home daily driver, the buyer may want a table top rig with more of a footprint. Larger rigs and water pipes can add quality and taste to your dabbing experience. Ice Mold Silicone Rigs are a great starter dab rig. Made of food grade silicone, these rigs are almost unbreakable, and the titanium dab nail will last for years.

Sticking with a more traditional glass rig like the Bent Neck Rigs with infused down stems.

Bent Neck Rig

The user can really see and feel the dabbing experience with this rig. They're not too big, and not too small. These rigs are a great glass piece to start off any collection. Larger style beaker and straight tube water pipes can also be used as rigs, and function as a flower piece as well. The Stratus Mini Beaker or the Stratus Double Shower Perc Straight Tube are great examples of water pipes that can be used for both dabbing and smoking.

Last but not least are the highest class of glass, mixing art and passion with a functional glass piece, also known as Heady Glass.  There are lots of glass artist today making new styles of rigs everyday. From the old school with new flare Jerome Baker Gentlemen Cone. A fully dichroic rig made by the same artist that created the Cheech and Chong Bongs in the 80's.

Maybe you're into something with creatures or animals, then you may like pieces like the Green Fox Rig by Tyme.

Green Fox Rig By Tyme

Or you might like this Casto Spunion Recycler Rig. Check out the recycler function below.

There are lots of really great artists to choose from, so take your time and see what kinds of functions and style you want your rig to have. Check out this list of recommended artist that may help you decide on your next rig.

Glass Artists

3. Nails

Having nails for a rig are like having a bowl for a water pipe, just with a slightly different function. Nails are made in three basic materials: titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Each of these materials can also come in a variety of nails styles such as Bangers, Thermals, Drop-in's, ETC... When choosing the style of nail that is best for you, take your time to match your joint sizes and material best suited for your dabbing experience.



4. Heating

With dabbing, using a static flame lighter like a BIC or Clipper will not work. The flames from these lighters leave a carbon soot and take too long to heat your nail properly. You will need to either have a torch style lighter like Errly Bird Torches, or upgrade to an electric style nail such as HighFive E-Nails. Both of these heating sources work great for dabbing. Be sure to choose the heating source depending on your own personal rig and nail.

While heating your nail, make sure to heat your nail evenly, and not to get it too hot. As a rule of thumb, if the nail starts to glow then it's too hot, and you'll need to wait a few seconds to allow your nail to cool to a proper dabbing temperature. Remember dabbing is a preference, so learn what you like to make your dabbing experience the best that it can be.

5. Dab Accessories 

Once you have your product, rig, nail, and heating source figured out, it's time to take your rig and dabbing station to the next level with dabbing accessories. Dabbing accessories range from your basic dab tools to your very ornate DabPadz.

Dab tools help you move your product onto your hot nail and keeps it easy to handle. DabPadz are a great accent piece to place under any rig, and keeps your glass from sliding around the table.

Other accessories such as Glob Swabs, Silicone Jars, Carb Caps, and Travel Hard Cases will make you a dabbing expert in no time.

Dab it all together and what have you got? The making of a perfect dab set up to create the perfect dabbing experience for your and your friends.

Dab Time!


Now that you have everything you need to complete the perfect dab, it's time to take the next steps to success. Make sure you have your rig ready and filled with water if you have a water pipe. Use your dab tool and gather your product on the end of your tool, making sure it's not too big or too small for your own use. Take your heating source and begin to heat your nail while it is attached to your rig. Once your nail has reached a high enough temperature ( * Glowing nails are TOO HOT let it cool) it is time to take your dab. Place your dab, using your dab tool, in the dish of the heated nail while simultaneously inhaling from your rig. The product will vaporize and your dab will be complete. Now go out there and enjoy dabbing with all of your friends, knowing you have the knowledge and equipment of Dabbing 101: How to take a dab.

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