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Myxed Up More20 2017 Wrap Up

More20 2017 had mushrooms (and humans) dancing in the streets! Here's the wrap-up from this years annual celebration marking the halfway point to 4/20 (April 20th) 2018.

Myxed Up More20 2017 was an amazing afternoon of music, goodies, freebies, munchies and even more surprises.  More20, which is held on October 20th, is our annual customer appreciation celebration, and the event helps to bridge the gap to the next years 4/20 festivities on the following April 20th.  More20 is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate our culture together.  It's an opportunity to be an active participant in the moments that keep the movement moving.  And furthermore, it's an opportunity to share the love with with all of the Myxed Up Family, wherever you may be throughout Colorado or the rest of the United States (or anywhere else in the world really). 

This was our 7th go-round of the annual spectacle, as just as years past have come to reveal, the day is taking on more and more of a life all its own, and for that we thank you Myxed Up Nation!  Sure enough, the 2017 edition of More20 did not disappoint.  And these were the moments that set this year's version of the event apart from the rest.  Enjoy as we take a trip down memory lane to revisit what was an amazing and memorable day filled with fun, laughs and a lot of love for you, our Myxed Up Family!
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Myxed Up Family with reverse centaur baby in Colorado Springs Myxed Up Fam in Denver

From the word GO, More20 2017 came out of the gates with a bang!   As More20 has become more and more popular, each Myxed Up location has brought their own unique touch to the festivities.  As each stores Myxed Up crew were putting the finishing touches on their More20 decor, some of the most dedicated and loyal fans got to the store bright and early to make sure they got their hands on the free samples of Jah Wick & Palo Santo.  The adventurous ones set out to score one of the few legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags.  The lucky ones jockeyed for position for their first crack at the grab bags stuffed with Golden Tickets, good for an instant $50 store credit!

Grab Bag Golden Ticket winner in Colorado Springs  Another big Grab Bag winner in the Springs!

The Myxed Up Pueblo location had an extra special surprise as they were greeted by a life sized Myxed Up mushroom to welcome them to the big party!

Life size shroom at Myxed Up Pueblo Myxed Up Mushroom dances in front of the Myxed Up Pueblo store.

This would be a recurring theme as the Myxed Up Mushroom made its way to all of our locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Pueblo throughout the day to party with everyone, jam out, and shake their shroom thing to some of our musical acts.

Life sized Myxed Up Mushroom makes his way to Colorado Springs Myxed Up Mushroom with some Colorado Springs fam.

Myxed Up Mushroom in Aurora The Giant Mushroom with Spr0uter and friends at Myxed Up Aurora

Remarkably enough, the incredibly talented and good looking mushroom managed to show up at Myxed Up Denver at about precisely the same time as the Cheba Hut sandwiches and the Cheba Hut ladies.  It remains to be seen if our mushroom friend was that lucky, or that good.

Myxed Up Mushroom with the ladies of Cheba Hut on Colorado Boulevard. Giant Mushroom stands outside of Myxed Up Denver

 There were many highlights for this years More20.  You can be sure that there were deals-a-plenty, as with years past.  Some of the fire deals included specials on Myxed Up Gear, Grassroots Hats, 420 Chrono watches, XVape, THe Can Vaporizer, O.penVAPE and awesome discounts on Super Heady Glass from the likes of Ethan Windy, Zach P, JMass, i.r.casto, Swanny Glass, Pi-ratt Glass, Hedman Headies, Eric Stecker, Merc Glass and many more!

We were also excited to welcome a couple of our favorite locals to our Denver and Aurora locations to show off their skills with live glassblowing demonstrations.  At Myxed Up Denver we were lucky to be joined by Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass.  Class was in session with the Sandman putting on a glass clinic at Myxed Up Aurora.

Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass at Myxed Up Denver Sandman doing a live glassblowing demonstration at Myxed Up Aurora.

As always, to go along with a bevy of insane deals, there were a number of other featured items to check out, including featured glass from Glasslab 303, our new adult plush animal onesies, a wide variety of crazy masks, and the dispensaries dream The Flower Power Grinder.

Also featured at Myxed Up for this fantastic More20 afternoon, was an awesome selection of local bands, MCs and DJs to keep the vibe right and the energy level high!

A huge thank you to all of the acts that came and represented to the fullest.


Musical performances by:
STAYLiT NETWORK Featuring Luci Fire and Evil tha Kid
Koion Kitten
Agent Skwrl


 Musical performances by:
J Dirty
DJ Smartin' Up
Milky Dubz
Dre Future

Colorado Springs

Musical performances by:
DJ Ghost


Musical performances by:
DJ Squad Featuring Roy Rumble and Mista B
Music = life entertainment KARAOKE
I Die Knowing

 DJ Squad Featuring Roy Rumble, Mista B and more in Pueblo

STAYLiT NETWORK Featuring Luci Fire and Evil tha Kid f-ether performing at Myxed Up Aurora

After an awesome day of More20 activities with all of the bells and whistles, it was finally time for the grand finale!  The More20 raffle, with over $400 in prizes waiting for some very lucky members of the Myxed Up Family!  As the music started to wind down, and everyone gathered around for the exciting announcements of the big winners.  You couldn't ask for a more fitting ending to an amazing More20 afternoon!  Congratulations again to all of our big winners!

More20 raffle winners in Pueblo

More20 raffle winners in Colorado Springs.

More20 raffle winner in Denver

Another More20 raffle winner in Denver.

Even if you weren't a winner in the raffle, everyone still walked away a winner.  After hooking up a More20 t-shirt for everyone that stuck around for the raffle, no one left empty handed.  And alas, another successful More20 was in the books!

Flower Power Grinder winner in Colorado Springs

JDirty keeping it real in Aurora! Myxed Up Crew in Denver

Were excited to see everyone again in April 2018 for the next 4/20!


7th Annual Myxed Up More20 Party 2017

Myxed Up More20 Friday October 20th 2017

The 7th annual More20 marks the halfway point to the next 4/20! Join us for our Holiday Event at all locations on Friday October 20th 2017!

October is already upon us, and warm weather season is starting to slip away. As fall starts to make its presence known, that can only mean one thing here at Myxed Up Creations. It is time once again for another amazing Myxed Up More20 celebration! 2017 marks the 7th year celebrating this fun-filled day as we recognize the midway point to 4/20 2018! Myxed Up Nation already knows how we do it for 4/20. We have been celebrating the day of April 20th as an official cultural event and celebration for over 20 years. However as the celebrations for 4/20 became more robust and increasingly more and more entertaining, it became obvious that waiting a full year for the next 4/20 just wasn't going to be a realistic option. The reality of the situation is that we were having way too much fun to wait another 365 days for the next April 20th, and thus "More20" was born. And that really is what it should be all about, having fun, and embracing the culture that has defined so many of us throughout the years.

RSVP to your stores More20 event page on Facebook (link below) to be entered to win a Flower Power Grinder!

Denver Event Page
Aurora Event Page
Colorado Springs Event Page
Pueblo Event Page

Here is the full rundown of Myxed Up More20 activities at our stores located throughout the front range in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Myxed Up More20 2017 Flyer outside Myxed Up More20 Flyer inside
(Click flyer for full view)

Myxed Up More20
Friday October 20th 2017 10am - 9pm
Main Event 5:30pm - 8:30pm

One full day of live music, free munchies, contests, giveaways and sweet deals like the legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags. And save big with huge discounts store-wide on some of our best glass, accessories and apparel.

Here is a rundown on all of the More20 deals

FREE Jah Wick and FREE Palo Santo!
(While supplies last)

20% OFF THe Can Desktop Vaporizer System!

20% OFF ALL Myxed Up Gear!
(Including T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, Winter Hats, Flip-Flops, Socks and more!)

20% OFF ALL Grassroots Hats!

20% OFF ALL Super Heady Glass!

20% OFF ALL O.penVAPE kits, parts and accessories!

Buy an XVAPE V-One 2.0 and get a FREE Silicone Dab Tray!

50% OFF ALL Myxed Up Watches!

50% OFF ALL Ceramic and Titanium nails and dab accessories!

Buy stuff, get FREE stuff deal!
Spend $10 - Get a FREE Myxed Up Lanyard
Spend $20 - Get FREE Myxed Up Socks
Spend $50 - Get FREE Myxed Up Shoes or a Myxed Up Hat
Spend $150 - Get ALL THREE Deals!


Featured Items

The Flower Power Grinder - Glasslab 303 Water Pipes and Rigs - Masks and Plush Animal Onsies, just in time for Halloween!

And here are some of the activities that make #More20 so much fun!

The Myxed Up Grab Bags

Snatch up one of the legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags while they last.  A $30 value for only $10.  Two Grab Bags at each location will have a $50 Golden Ticket in it! (Limited number - Only 1 Grab Bag per customer please)

The Myxed Up More20 Raffle

For every $4.20 you spend during the day on More20 Friday, you get a raffle ticket for the drawing, which will be held at 7:10pm at all Myxed Up locations. Raffle winners will receive $50, $100, and $250 in Phil's Bills, good for anything in the store, but you only have a 4 minute and 20 second mad dash through the store to choose your prize/s.
Must be present to win and participate in the prize dash.

In-store PARTY!  Beer (for 21+) - food - MUSIC!


Musical performances by:

STAYLiT NETWORK Featuring Luci Fire
Koion Kitten
Agent Skwrl

Live Glass Blowing by Nicholas Lee

Grub from Cheba Hut Subs

Event Page


Musical performances by:

Solo set by Chris Laplante from P-Nuckle
J Dirty
DJ Smartin' Up
Milky Dubz
Machine Dreams

Live Glass Blowing by Sandman

Grub from Papa John's

Event Page

Colorado Springs

Musical performances by:

DJ Ghost


Event Page


Musical performances by:

DJ Squad
Roy Rumble
Mista B
Music = life entertainment KARAOKE
I Die Knowing

Grub from Subway

Event Page



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420 of 2016 Wrap-up

The 23rd edition of Myxed Up 420 is one that won't soon be forgot!

This year's edition of Myxed Up 420 was an incredible one.  It's amazing how 420 continues to evolve for the state of Colorado as well as for Myxed Up Creations.  Once again an amazing number of Myxed Up Fam made their way to the stores to celebrate with our crew.  There was no shortage of activities and events spread out through the Denver Metro area and Colorado at large, and to see so many make their way to Myxed Up to share in that experience is truly something special.  


As with previous years, the Myxed Up store locations really stepped their game up to host as numbers of people made their way to celebrate the occasion.  We started the party on Tuesday April 19th this year, and the event came into full-swing on Wednesday April 20th (420).  The festivities kicked-off at all the stores with the ceremonial mad dash for the legendary Myxed Up grab bags.  It's always so much fun to watch the excitement as people open up their grab bags to discover the contents contained within.  At our Denver and Aurora locations, we were greeted early by eager bargain hunters at the sidewalk sale.  The haggling could be heard from inside the store, as it sounded like the floor of Wall Street while deals were getting made for pipes and other goodies at huge discounts.  


Inside, people were posing for pictures at the Wall of Fame in Aurora, while DJ's were keeping the energy level high with some bass heavy beats.  Being that this was the first 420 celebration for Aurora in the new store location, the vibe was really something special.  As the day moved along, we met with more friends, new and old alike, and so many different people, from so many different parts of the country.  We also got to meet with contest winners from our 420 Countdown Contest, as they made their way in to collect their prizes.  The days moved right along with a variety of musical guests keeping the party lively with some beats, and with a stash of munchies on-hand, it was the perfect place to be.


We were also glad to welcome Cheeba from 96.1 The Beat radio at our Colorado Springs and Pueblo stores, as they brought some energy and some prizes along with them.  Then on Wednesday, we were greeted with a huge surprise, as we were honored to have Pressure Busspipe as a special guest at Myxed Up Denver.  It was incredible to have him come by the store just hours before his performance at 420 Reggae, to be held at Herman's Hideaway later that night.  What a treat it was for us, and any of the other Myxed Up family that were lucky enough to be at the store when he came by.  




Finally as Wednesday evening rolled around, it was just about time for the grand finale of Myxed Up 420 with the drawing for the raffle.  This year was the first 420 with the new format of having the winners choose to win anything in the store that they want.  The winners received a budget of $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place.  To top it all off, they only have 4 minutes and 20 seconds to complete their sweep of the store to find what they want.  This year's winners had a blast in their mad dash, walking away with water pipes, dready beads, tapestries, pipes, e-hookahs, torches, nails, and vaporizers, just to name a few!  After all of the excitement of the raffle and the shopping sprees, it was time to give away some t-shirts to commemorate this year's Myxed Up 420.  A fine token to mark another amazing year.  




The night wrapped up with 420 Reggae at Herman's Hideaway.  This phenomenal night of reggae music featured international platinum recording rastafarian artists Pressure Busspipe and Marlon Asher.  The show was powered by Myxed Up Creations, O.penVAPE, Yolo Rum, Mountain Lion Dynasty, and DJ Big Spade.  The show was a perfect ending to a raucous two days of Myxed Up 420 celebrations.




Thanks to everyone that was a part of an amazing couple of days at all of our stores.  It's so much fun to be a part of such a fun day, and it's so great to watch as the legend of Myxed Up 420 continues to evolve and grow in it's 23rd year!

A HUGE special thanks to all the musicians that came and performed at all of the stores!

Denver:  DJ Alba T. Ross and Ponder the Albatross
Aurora:  J-Dirty and Troxy Cotton, P-Nuckle, DJ Kanyon, DeJangles and the Slo Pain Reckordz Crew
Colorado Springs:  The Anthony's
Pueblo:  Roy Rumble. DJMista B and The Bombsquadron DJ's, Nayborhood Nino

Myxed Up More20 2015 Recap

More20 2015 at Myxed Up Creations really was bigger and better!

The 2015 edition of Myxed Up More20 did not disappoint.  This years celebration called for five full days of activities, sales, surprises, and music.  Considering that 2015 was now our fifth year celebrating More20, it was only fitting that the party last five days.  As with each year, it's our opportunity to thank our loyal customers for so many years of amazing and loyal support.  And what better way to bridge the gap to 4/20 (April 20th) in 2016 than with a customer appreciation extravaganza for all of the Myxed Up family spanning the Front Range of our beautiful home state of Colorado and beyond.  As More20 has become more popular, each Myxed Up location had brought their unique touch to the holiday festivities.  This year was no different, as the stores in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo stepped it up and brought the energy to match our awesome and enthusiastic friends and family that kept us going for this 5 day bonanza!

Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Aurora Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Pueblo
Myxed Up Family at Myxed Up Pueblo Kelsey helps a customer at Myxed Up More20 in Aurora Customer holds up o.penVAPE t-shirt
Wacky Inflatable arm man high above Denver

More20 2015 launched on Friday October 16th.  As the Wacky Inflatable Arm man began his signature dance, the earlybirds got to the stores quickly to start getting the super special deals that wouldn't last long.  The legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags are usually some of the first special goodies to get snatched up, and that trend held true once again this year.  Another limited edition special for this year was our full glass rig set-up, dome, nail and all for only $10.20.  This was such a great deal that we literally almost ruined peoples day when we told them we were sold out of them.  But you know what they say, "The early bird gets the worm"!  Even if you missed out on the grab bags and $10.20 rigs, there were still plenty of other deals to put a smile on your face.  With specials on Jim Popp apparel, Drip e-liquid, Cali Vape, Myxed Up Shrooms, and pipe pendents, just to name a few.  Plus other featured items like the new Myxed Up Candles and Dabbin' Dan Hat Pins.  There was so much to check out while customers started to rack up raffle tickets for the main event, the More20 Raffle drawing on the night of Tuesday October 20th.

Myxed Up CandlesJim Popp shirts ready for More20
She's stoked about her $10.20 rig

Another attraction that's always a favorite of everyone is the massive sidewalk sale.  Once again, Denver and Aurora served as hosting locations for the sidewalk sale.  It was a hagglers paradise, as Dabbin' Dan and Myxed Up Clarence were slanging deals in the A-Town, while Myxed Up Gabe and Myxed Up Evan were cutting deals in Denver.  It's always so much fun to watch people peruse the sidewalk sale, and then find out the rock bottom prices these pieces were going for.  At some points we actually had to keep associates Brian Bubz and Myxed Up Logan from buying up all the markdown merchandise, so the customers could get in on a piece of the action.  With glass selling at 80% off, it was just a matter of time before you could find a piece of your own to fall in love with.

Sidewalk sale at Myxed Up Aurora
Kelsey and Dabbin' Dan
Evan and Gabe running the sidewalk sale in Denver

With all of these specials going on, there was already great opportunity to get in on some stellar deals.  However More20 just would be More20 without some freebies.  One thing about More20 that you can bank on after all these years, it that you can always expect the unexpected.  There is always going to be a surprise around every corner.  Heck, sometimes we're just as surprised as you guys are when special guests come trough with goodies.  This year was no different. We were joined by the team from o.penVAPE at the Denver and Aurora store.  They were giving away koozies, t-shirts, sunglasses and more.  Plus, if you bought $50 in Myxed Up merchandise, they were throwing in a FREE o.penVAPE battery, compatible with their high quality, pre-filled, o.penVAPE cartridges.  As if that wasn't enough, there was free pizza at every store on every single day right around 4:20, to help cure those post-session munchies.

Free pizza makes everyone happy
Urban Ice Organics Kratom Pegasus Liquid Kratom
o.penVAPE Bus at Myxed Up in Denver
o.penVAPE Bus at Myxed Up Denver
o.penVAPE at Myxed Up Aurora

The proverbial cherry on top of the weekend at the stores, was all of the DJ's, MC's, fire dancers, and performers we had come through the locations to entertain us.  The reality of More20 weekend is, to go along with all of the sales, giveaways, free food, music, etc., More20 is an event to build community.  This More20 weekend is all about you, our loyal, fun, friendly Myxed Up customers, that have been a part of truly making the Myxed Up community a family.  Part of that bonding is most certainly in celebrating the talents of our friends and family, as they pour their hearts out for us with their artistic expressions.  For that, we are so grateful to invite these members of our community to come and share with us.  Here is a listing of the acts that performed at our stores for More20 weekend.  Please find them, learn about them, and support them.  And while your at it, thank them.  Tell them you saw them at Myxed Up for More20!

Denver:  Toy Box (Facebook | Twitter), Tesfa (Facebook | Twitter), Albatr055 (Soundcloud), Pyro
Aurora:  DeJangles (Facebook | Twitter), J Dirty (Facebook | Twitter), DJ Smartin' Up (Soundcloud), Sincopayte (FacebookSoundcloud), as well as Myxed Up Crew DbL tRbL (Facebook | Soundcloud), Brian Bubz and Agent Skwrl (Facebook | Twitter)
Colorado Springs:  Tacostand Superhero (Soundcloud | Twitter)
Pueblo:  DJ Mista B (Soundcloud | Twitter) and DJ Roy Rumble (Soundcloud) representing the Bomb Squadron

DJ Mista B at Myxed Up Pueblo J Dirty rocking More20 at Myxed Up Aurora
Dejangles at More20 in Aurora 
Toybox at Myxed Up Denver
Tesfa at Myxed Up Denver
DJ Smartin Up dropping knowledge in Aurora
Albatr055 and Pyr0 at Myxed Up Denver
Brian Bubz juggling beats at Myxed Up Aurora
The crowd assembles for the raffle in Aurora

Our fire spinners for our More20 weekend!Thank you too all of our performers!

Posted by Myxed Up Creations Aurora on Monday, October 26, 2015

As the holiday weekend was coming to a close and the dust was settling, it was time for the grand finale, the big More20 Raffle.  As with previous years, any purchase over $10.20 got you a ticket for your chance at the big prize.  This year however, we decided to switch it up with the prizes.  In the past we have done vaporizers, pipes, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, concert tickets, and a little bit of a lot of things in between.  For this More20 raffle, we thought it would be fun to let our winners pick anything they wanted in the store.  Third prize was $50, second prize $100, and the grand prize $250 worth of credit (aka Philz Billz) to grab anything you want in the store.  The only catch, was that you only had 4 minutes and 20 seconds to spend your Philz Billz!  This put the raffle winners in a game show-esque race against the clock, in a pressure cooker situation, to pick out the perfect prize!  As always, the raffle was one of the best parts of the More20 festivities, but this new twist added a whole new element to that monumental moment.  It was such a blast watching our winners dash around the store spending their Philz Billz.  They were like kids in a candy store!

Blowing clouds for raffle tickets Cloud chasing
Myxed Up Aurora raffle winners
Second place raffle winner at Myxed Up Denver
More20 Raffle winners at Myxed Up Denver

This brought us to the conclusion of another fantastic More20 experience.  We couldn't have done it without the love and support of our customers, and we are so grateful for each of you.  From all of us here at Myxed Up Creations, thank you so much!  See you soon!

The crew at Myxed Up Pueblo
Trey Todd Manny at Myxed Up Denver
Kelsey Rachael at Myxed Up Aurora
Three men and a cloud in Aurora


More20 2015 at Myxed Up Creations

The 5th Annual Myxed Up More20!  Coming to Myxed Up Creations Friday October 16th through Tuesday October 20th 2015!

It's that time of year again!  That means it's about time for our annual celebration marking the halfway point to the next 4/20!  That makes this our 5th annual More20 celebration.  Myxed Up Creations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo proudly presents: Myxed Up More20 2015!  Bigger and better!

October 20th (AKA More20) falls on a Tuesday this year, that's going to set us up for a full 5 days of More20 action!  That means 5 days of crazy sales, live music, munchies, goodies, giveaways, surprises, and most of all, F-U-N!  This is a 5 day celebration of all things Myxed Up, as we feature some of most popular items, and drop the prices on some of our best sellers to make this annual event one of our most popular weekends of the year!  The celebration will kick off on Friday October 16th, and span the entire weekend, all the way until we close the doors for the night on Tuesday October 20th!  The grand finale of the 5 days event culminates on Tuesday October 20th (MORE20), with the always popular More20 raffle.  For every $10.20 you spend, you will get a raffle ticket for your chance to win $50, $100, all the way up to $250 in prizes!  As with every year, the festivities, special deals, music, food, and the raffle will be happening at all four Myxed Up Creations locations across Colorado in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  The raffle drawing will take place on Tuesday October 20th at 7:10pm.  You must be present to win (and you're going to want to be there anyway)!  We are also happy to welcome the o.penVAPE Bus to our Denver location on Saturday, and our Aurora location on Sunday.  They will also have some goodies to giveaway, and you have to check out the o.penBUS on-board photo booth.

Some of these incredible deals and featured items for More20 Weekend ONLY include:

At least 10-20% OFF Everything + More20 Specials  *Excluding Cigarettes and Tobacco
Select rigs with a dome and nail for only $10.20  *Limited - While supplies last
Select Jimmy Popp T-Shirts for only $10.20!
Inside-out hand blown glass pipe on a beaded necklace for only $10.20 - Regularly $18
MyxedUp Shrooms key rings and necklaces 20% OFF
Drip e-liquid 20ml refills 2 for $10.20 - Regularly $16
Cali Vape e-liquid for a new low price of $10.20

Save up to 80% OFF items at our massive sidewalk sale!  All kinds of fun stuff at crazy mark down prices!
We will have the legendary Myxed Up Grab Bags, this year they are a $40 value for only $10.20!   *Limited number per day **Only 1 per customer
Check out the all new triple scented slow burning Myxed Up jar candles.  Handmade in Colorado for only $10 and $20!
Be sure to check out the full line of Dabbin Dan Hat Pins!
Discover our full complement of featured vapes, mods, and RDA's including Kanger Subox Mini, Innokin Coolfire, Ego One Mini, E Leaf iStick, Joyetech Evic VT, Sigelei 150watt Box Mod.
Scope out our huge selection of new hats, including dope new snap-backs, as well as dozens of styles of bucket hats, fedoras, trilbys and more!
Ask about our amazing selection of Glenn signature glass.
And also featuring Larry Ulibarri Uncensored t-shirts and a special limited edition custom Larry Ulibarri Can Vaporizer, signed by Larry Ulibarri (includes free t-shirt).
Stay tuned to our stores Facebook and Instagram for special giveaways from Wulf Mods and Loki Lab
Check out some of the festivities from More20 2014, and More20 2013.  We had Myxed Up fam from everywhere join in on all of the action.  You don't want to miss it this year!


The All New Myxed Up Candles

Take a sneak peek at the making of these triple-scented slow burn jar candles, handmade right here in Colorado!

Just recently, Myxed Up Creations was excited to launch our brand new line of Myxed Up Candles.  These high quality triple-scented slow burn jar candles are handmade right here in Colorado with only the best ingredients, to make sure you have a long-lasting candle perfectly scented for the life of the product.  A jar candle, or container candle, is basically a candle holder and a candle all in one unit.  The candle wax fills a non-flamable container with a wick, and it's entirely self contained, so there is no drip to deal with.  A jar candle can also be produced with specialized waxes that enhance the scent of the candle.  Another advantage is that after the candle has burned away, the jar still remains for you to use how you like.  So if you have anything at all that you might want to stash in a (mostly) air tight container, well there you have it.

The Myxed Up Candles are available in these 9 intoxicating fragrances:  Orange Spice, Amber Romance, Citrus Slice - Lemons and Oranges, White Tea and Ginger, Love Spell, Mango Dragon Fruit, Nag Champa, Twilight, Berry Licious.

We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at how these candles are produced so you have a better understanding of the process, and the finished product.  Come in to Myxed Up in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo to check these amazing candles out first-hand (and first-nose).

First we start with a slab of Parafflex wax.  The Parafflex wax has a lower melting point, and provides excellent adherence to the jar.  The Parafflex wax also offers a high fragrance load to maximize the scent throw in both hot and cold conditions.

Then we chunk apart the wax to get it into the boiler.

Put the lid on and heat it up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

 When the wax reaches the correct temperature, this is when you add in the fragrance oil.  Add the fragrance oil to the wax while it is hot. Stir the fragrance oil and wax to mix in the scent.

 Now it’s time to add the liquid dye to give the candle it's color.

The liquid dye is concentrated and they are mixed at different ratios to achieve the desired color for the candle.
Drop the color into the hot wax and stir it around to mix it.
Once the fragrance oil and liquid dye have been mixed in properly we pour the wax into a plastic pitcher we can use to get the blend into our glass jars.

Next, we have to heat up the glass jars before the wick and wax are placed in. You need to preheat each jar to around 130 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the wax adheres to the jar properly.  Once you have heated the glass jar to the appropriate temperature, it is time to place the wick and the wax inside the jar.

Here is a look at the wick before being placed into the jar.  The wick has a little metal plate at the bottom which is used to adhere the wick to the bottom of the jar.  We use glue pellets and the heat from the glass jar to adhere the wick.

Once the wick is in place we have to keep it in an upright position while we pour in the wax into the jar.  To achieve this, we tie the wick to something above the jar, and then cut the wick once all the wax is in place in the jar.

After the wax is in all the jars, we allow it to cool as slowly as possible.  We do not try to do anything to accelerate the cooling process such as placing it in a water bath or in the fridge, as slow cooling provides the best results.



Tips and tricks to help maintain your candle and stay safe:

As with all candles, the first burn is the most important.  The first time you light the candle let it burn for AWHILE.  The goal is to get the melting wax to the corners of the jar.  Your Myxed Up Candle should burn for 1 hour for every 1 inch in diameter.  Myxed Up Candles are 4 inches in diameter, so they should burn for a minimum of 4 hours for the candles initial burn to liquefy the entire top layer of wax.  If the candle doesn't burn long enough the first couple of times, then the wax will only melt right around the wick, creating a hole (or a "memory ring") in the wax that the candle will continue to tunnel down through.  If this tactic is observed, and the candle burns at maximum efficiency, you should see a prolonged life of your Myxed Up Candle.  The large size candles should burn for around 130 - 140 hours.  The smaller size candles should be good for around 40 hours of burn life.

Keep the wick trimmed to ¼”.

Burn Myxed Up Candles on a heat resistant surface.  Do no move the candle while it is burning or while there is molten wax in it.  The outside of the jar will get HOT!

Keep away from children and pets.  Keep away from flammable objects.


 Myxed Up Logan from the Denver store contributed to this story.

Myxed Up Creations Commercial 2015

We are happy to share with you the newest Myxed Up Creations commercial.  The spot will be showing on Fox and KWGN as well as other Tribune Media affiliates across the front range!

Myxed Up urban supply, open your eye, let your mind set sail!
M-Y-X-E-D-U-P | Where cooler heads prevail!

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Myxed Up Creations is HQ Magazine 'Shop of the Month' November 2014!

Myxed Up is HQ Magazine 'Shop of the Month' for November 2014

HQ Magazine November 2014 CoverThe month of November 2014 saw an exciting development for the Myxed Up Creations brand, as we were honored to be selected as HQ Magazine "Shop of the Month".  This distinction is a landmark for Myxed Up Creations to be recognized not only locally, but nationally, as one of the best smoke shops in Colorado, as well as the whole country.  It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of the countless individuals that have worked tirelessly to be a part of making Myxed Up what it is today.  Beyond that, we would like to thank all of the Myxed Up Family of friends and loyal customers, all over Colorado and around the country, that have also been such an amazingly huge part of taking Myxed Up Creations to places we could have only once imagined.  We would like to thank HQ magazine for giving us this spotlight!




The following is the article in it's entirety from HQ Magazine:


A lot of businesses are in survival mode these days, and their happy if they can keep the doors open. Myxed Up Creations, on the other hand, prides its self not simply on surviving, but in building one of the premiere smoke shop chains in the state of Colorado if not the entire industry.

Founded in 1992, Myxed Up Creations began with a small line of hand-crated FIMO clay products, catering to students at Colorado State University. A multicolor swirly mushroom eventually became the iconic logo for the stores. Until Myxed Up Creations became one of Colorado’s leading smoke shop chains, company president Philip Guerin was known for being the king of FIMO mushrooms – at one point, wholesaling to more than three-thousand stores including big names such as Gadzooks, PacSun, and Spencers Gifts.

Myxed Up Creations was working out of a 600 square foot space, and as their products became more popular and they expanded into apparel and custom snowboards, they moved the operation into a bigger place where they were also able to build on their retail end and add glass pipes to the mix.

“The lampwork pipes proved to be the most popular thing we were selling (at the retail store),” Guerin says. “We were in the middle of an emerging glass market, and found ourselves hanging out with some of the pioneers in glass as we know it today.

“In the beginning, we hadn’t intended to really go do the (glass) path,” Guerin admits, “but as it happened, we lost the market for the products we had been making to Chinese importers.”

Glass pipes now dominate the offerings at Myxed Up Creations. Among its locations in Denver, Aurora, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Myxed Up Creations is home to more than 30 thousand pieces of functional glass artwork. The Denver store is famous for its “Magnificent Wall of Glass” – a 75-foot showcase filled with water pipes.

“We try to listen to customer demand, and we focus on the blue collar customers who demand value for their money,”  Guerin says. “We do really well with American-made production glass and that’s our niche. Even though it’s glamorous, we don’t do a lot of the heady pieces because we’ve found that the pieces that sell the best are priced between $20 -$40. We’ve found a lot of domestic artists, such as Glenn Glass out of Denver, who make really nice individualized production pieces.”

“For us, it’s more than a product; it’s something that has soul and a life, and has meaning to the individual,” Guerin adds. “Even if it’s something that costs only $40, people become emotionally attached to their glass.”

Myxed Up Creations also caters to customer wants with a signature line of E-710 vape pens and accessories. There’s also limited edition custom T-shirts created by local artist Jimmy Popp. According to Guerin, T-shirt sales have seen a boom because of tourists visiting Colorado.

“Everybody has a ‘shop shirt’, but we have hundreds of designs,” Guerin says. “It’s a great way to promote ourselves.”

No successful shop would be where they are without well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous employees. That’s the one area where Myxed Up Creations is no different.

“We hire professionals, and that’s crucial to everything that we’re doing. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge and taking the retail experience to the next level. That experience is all on our employee’s shoulders and how they treat our customers.

In order to recruit and retain the best employees, Myxed Up Creations offers better than average salaries, performance based incentives, and also pays for 80 percent of healthcare costs.

Inside Myxed Up Colorado SpringsWhile the goal is to drive people into the brick and mortar locations, Myxed Up Creations does also have an e-commerce store. Therefore, it’s crucial that they engage with customers and fans through social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ and Tumbler. Keeping up with that amount of posts might seem like a lot of work, and it is – that’s why there are three employees dedicated to the effort.

“You need to keep people’s attention, so we don’t use any one method or platform. It’s can be anything that helps communicate our message from a product demo video to a funny cartoon clip or a flash sale that we’re running,” Guerin says. “People look to us to set the standard and inform them about what’s going on.”

“We’re one of the most well-known shops in Colorado because we do things differently and we play on a different level than most everyone else,” Guerin adds. “I feel truly like we’re one of the pioneers in an industry that’s absolutely exploding and we’re happy to continue the journey.”

Myxed Up Creations

Denver, Aurora, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Colorado


For more information about HQ Magazine, please visit their website.


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Method Man & Redman In Denver For Myxed Up 420 2014

Continued from the 4/20 2014 Recap blog post

It was another beautiful spring evening in Denver, Colorado!  The city was a abuzz with excitement as the state turned into a hub of activity for locals and visitors!  Many corners of the state took on a festival type of atmosphere with events of all kinds geared towards just about every type of person.  Whether you were young or old, if you were into rock, jazz, dubstep or hip-hop, looking for a party, or a quiet place to enjoy the silence, there was something going on that you could be a part of to enjoy the holiday.  It was no different for Denver, and for the Myxed Up Family as people started to gear up for the highlight of OUR weekend!  Myxed Up Creations was once again taking center stage this 4/20, sharing the spotlight with Yolo Rum, Weedmaps, Altitude Dispensary, and Party Guru Productions for this years Myxed Up 420 featuring Method Man and Redman! 
As the stores at various Myxed Up locations wrapped up their business portion of the 4/20 weekend, you could feel the anticipation in the air.  It was just about time to party for real!  The first objective was to meet up with all of the Myxed Up 420 raffle winners, grab some drinks and dinner, and get the Method Man and Redman pre-party underway.  The Myxed Up 420 raffle had some great prizes including gift packs from E-710, and a deluxe e-hookah package, but make no bones about it, the grand prize is what everyone was shooting for!  The top prize, which was awarded to one person at each Myxed Up Creations location, was a Colorado 420 Experience that would be tough to beat.  Included in this Colorado 420 Experience was 2 VIP tickets to the Method Man and Redman show at Cervantes, catered dinner, hotel stay, and transportation to and from the show.  What started out as a great idea, quickly validated itself as such, and as the prize winners began to arrive to get the evening kicked off, it was quickly evident that this would be a night of fun that no one would soon forget!
Joining forces with the winners from the four Myxed Up locations were various members of the Myxed Up Crew.  Some of which were stores employees, and friends of the store, including some of our favorite glass blowers and other various partners.  After everyone had a chance to settle in and munch down some Famous Dave's  BBQ, it was time to kick back a couple drinks of Yolo Rum(for those of age), and mingle around for a bit.  As the room started to loosen up, and people had the chance to make their acquaintances, you could feel the energy of the room start to take off!  What would soon begin to develop was the true Colorado 420 Experience!
Everyone was feeling great!  Co-workers, managers, associates, employees, bosses, customers, acquaintances,  We were all old friends now.  Myxed Up Family!...
...Finally!  The wait was over.  And up rolled the Detoxify Party Bus!  Time for one more picture, and then it was time to roll out to the show!
The pre-party was quickly transferred over to the Detoxify Party Bus and soon we were on our way!  Anyone that has even been on a party bus knows that ride to the show ends up being a highlight all it's own when you reflect back on the night, and this would be no exception.  Denver, Colorado, 420, 2014, Method Man and Redman, Myxed Up Creations!  For whatever reason, this felt like the center of the universe right now, and as the basslines of the Wu-Tang album vibrated through the bus's sound system, pretty soon our own little mini-concert broke out on the ride to the show.  We had transformed into Cervantes mobile, destination Myxed Up 420!
As one would expect, the party again transplanted itself with little effort into the venue as we arrived at Cervantes.  We made it just in time to enjoy the two opening acts right before the headliners.  The place was already completely packed by the time we got there for Sunspot Jonz and 8Ball & MJG.  The crowd was already well hyped and the vibe was right!  And once Method Man and Redman hit the stage, the place went nuts!  This was the second performance of the day for the hip-hop legends, who had already performed a special 4:20 performance earlier in the afternoon at the same spot, while Leftover Salmon and other bands rocked out in the streets in front of Cervantes earlier in the day as well.  You wouldn't have been able to tell it was their second show though as their infections energy soon whipped the crowd up into a complete frenzy!  This was history in the making, and Method Man and Redman more than lived up to the anticipation surrounding the event.

I think it's safe to say that the hip-hop duo had this date circled on their calendar, and for good reason.  Where else would the "How High" co-stars rather be to spend their 4/20 than in Denver, Colorado?  They even had pictures of our billboards posted on their Instagram feeds well in advance of the historical weekend!

Their excitement leading up to this day certainly carried over to the stage, without question, and the two delivered a performance that left little doubt in your head about why these are two of the best MC's in hip-hop.  Their exuberant execution of their set-list was flawless, and every step of the way they encouraged and challenged the crowd to just try and keep up with them.  They swept in and out of classics from their prior releases Blackout and Blackout 2, as well as solo hit's and Wu-Tang cuts that perched the two MC's at the top of the hip-hop pecking order for the better part of their 20+ year careers!  Method Man shouted "We're taking you back to 1994!" as he rallied into "Method Man" from from the original "36 Chambers".  Another occasion among many memorable moments saw Method Man whip up much of the Cervantes crowd into a mosh pit as he shouted out the O.D.B. and dropped into the classic "Shimmy Shimmy Ya".  The evening show saw the Funk Doc, Redman, make his way almost entirely to the back of the venue while surfing the crowd!  We also got to witness Method Man looking like a messiah walking on water as he stood atop the crowds raised hands, ever so fitting for this Easter night show.  On a couple of occasions the twosome eluded to future sequel releases of Blackout 3 and How High 2 (which allegedly feature their two How High characters, Silas and Jamal, moving to Boulder).  Rounding out the show was DJ Allah Mathematics weaving the fabric of the beats for the evening, as well as taking a few moments in the set for a little freestyle scratch session.  Also joining them on stage during the set was Streetlife, another Wu-Tang ally from days past.




Myxed Up 420 2014 was an amazing experience for everyone involved.  A very select and lucky few got to experience the event up close and personal!  Everything about the weekend as a whole was incredible.  We had a great 3 days at all of the stores, and got the chance to see so many old friends, and meet some new friends from Colorado, and over the country.  We got to be first hand at Red Rocks for Slightly Stoopid and launch a tailgate party in the parking lot.  We had the opportunity to celebrate 420 like no one else does with some lucky fans from the 420 raffle, and then experience an amazing show at Cervantes with two Hip-Hop legends in Redman and Method Man.  And once again we sincerely thank every one of you that shared in that experience with us!  We know 4/20 2015 is going to be another wild one.  And we invite you to join in the fun with us again next year!

For a full photo album from the show, check out the Method Man and Redman gallery on the Yolo Rum website.

Additional photo credit Kiddest Metafaria, 303 Magazine.  For a full recap of the party and to see more of Kiddest's awesome pictures from the show, check out 303 Magazine for their write-up.

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