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Myxed Up 420 2018 Edition Wrap-up

The 25th Anniversary of Myxed Up Creations 420 Celebration featured a crew of Myxed Up Mushrooms, and Dubstep legend Caspa in Denver!

April 20th 2018 marked the 25th consecutive year that Myxed Up Creations has been celebrating the most official, unofficial holiday, in popular culture today.  Not only does 420 appear to have taken hold as a pop culture phenomenon, but Colorado, and more specifically Denver, has apparently assumed the role of the official, unofficial capital.  All the while acting as an epicenter of cannabis-centric activity and events to mark the annual holiday.  Myxed Up Creations has been proud to be a part of this evolution.  2018 was a next big step in the evolution of 420 for Myxed Up Creations.  420 2018 was an amazing afternoon of music, munchies, raffles, giveaways, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

Myxed Up Mystery Machine Colorado  Dan and Clarence at the Sidewalk Sale

This year's 420 celebration was a crazy one. As luck would have it, this year April 20th was on a Friday, and you couldn't ask for a better way to kick off the weekend. Myxed Up Family came from far and wide, and they were representing in full force for this years event! As always, the day started with a mad dash for the sidewalk sale, the Myxed Up Grab Bags, and the limited free samples! As the clock struck 10, the line had already been forming in anticipation of the doors opening. And alas, the 25th annual Myxed Up 420 celebration was underway.

Fungal Frequency Live Glass Blowing Ready for the 420 raffle

This year, we had Token with Todd from Myxed Up TV out making his rounds and interacting with the people.  He hit up a variety of events around town with some of our life-size Myxed Up Mushrooms!  The shenanigans were broadcast live throughout the day on our MyxedUp.com Facebook Page (give us a follow on there if you haven't already).  You can also check out the full Token with Todd 420 recap episode on our Myxed Up Creations YouTube channel.

Token with Todd Civic Center Downtown Denver Token with Todd Myxed Up Mushrooms

We also have to give a big thanks to a handful of special guests and contributors.  We were excited to welcome a couple of our favorite local artists to our Denver store to show off their skills with live glass blowing demonstrations.  Class was in session with the Sandman and Nicholas Lee of Fungal Frequency Glass putting on a clinic.  Also a big shout out to our friends over at Cheba Hut on Colorado Blvd. in Denver.  They are constantly taking amazing care of our staff and customers, and always go above and beyond to add to the Myxed Up 420 experience.

Myxed Up Mushrooms Aurora Myxed Up Mushrooms Colfax Denver

As with every 420, there were deals galore, including killer deals on Myxed Up Gear like our socks, flip-flops, lanyards, t-shirts, rolling trays, hats and more.  There were also big time deals on the Flower Power Grinder, THe Can, Mean Clean, Myxed Up Candles, Dabbin' Dan Hat Pins, Detoxify, Juul Electronic Cigarettes, Glasslab 303, O.penVAPE, VXAPE just to name a few.  This year also saw our family of life size Myxed Up Mushrooms grow from 1 little spore to 5 proud shrooms.  They were making new friends all day along the Front Range.

 Mushroom Magic Buzz Bus

Myxed Up Denver 420 Mushrooms Jim Popp Myxed Up Mushrooms
denver myxed up 420 mushroom denver myxed up 420 mush jon

As the end of the day started to draw to near, it was time to wrap up the celebrations with the always entertaining 420 raffles. For every $4.20 customers spent on the big day, it earned them a ticket for a chance at prizes galore in the raffle. The winners received a budget of $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. The winners would get their opportunity to spend their winnings in a dramatic 4 minute and 20 second mad dash to exhaust their allocated prize budget. This years winners didn't waste any time as they darted around the store fulfil their wishlist before their time limits expired. They walked away with a bevy of goodies including everything from new glass pipes, rigs, dab kits, vaporizers, candles, hat pins and other gear. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Congratulations to all of this year's winners.

Myxed Up 420 Raffle Winners Denver Myxed Up 420 Raffle Winners Denver

As with other recent editions of Myxed Up 420, one of the main highlights of the day was the music.  Once again we had musicians with a wide range of musical styles come down to the shops and share their talents with all of the Myxed Up Fam!  It's always a great honor to have these local talents be such an integral part of this amazing celebration.  We would like to thank the following artists for lending us their talent.


Caspa -    
Agent Skwrl -   
Phenetic -    


Koo Qua   
P-Nuckle -    

Colorado Springs

Breakbeat Mafia / Sounds of Bass -   
D-Stylz -    
High Key   


The DJ Squad  
Bunny Gunz -  
I Die Knowing - 

Breakbeat Mafia 420 Colorado P-nuckle 420 Aurora

The highlight of this years event had to go to our headlining musical guest in Denver, as we welcomed UK bass music pioneer, DJ, label owner, and legendary DJ hailing from London, UK, Caspa.  Caspa has been rocking dancefloors for well over a decade, and he has played some of the world largest and most highly recognized electronic music festivals.  It was an unbelievable honor to have an entertainer of this level not only make an appearance, but also give a performance live in-store at Myxed Up Creations.  The excitement and energy was unreal, as we packed the Denver store with about 200 lucky individuals that got to see one of the most intimate musical performances that Myxed Up has ever seen.

caspa myxed up 420 denver crowd caspa myxed up 420
caspa phil myxed up 420 denver

After that, the party moved over to a sold out Black Box.  This would be one of three nights that Caspa would sell out during his three day run of shows.  Once again we have to give a huge thank you to our friends over at The Black Box in Denver and Sub.Mission.

caspa-youngsta caspa myxed up black box sam allison
caspa black box

Additional Photos courtesy The Black Box Denver and JV Photography

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