O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer Video Overview

The Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer by O.penVAPE is designed to deliver a mindful experience and maximum value

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Todd gives us an overview of the O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer.  In the video, Todd shows what comes included in the package, and shows how to use this excellent dry herb vaporizer.

You can find the O.penVAPE Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer at Myxed Up, as well as other portable dry herb vaporizers like The One by Snowcloudz, and the Pax One and Pax Two dry herb vapes.  You can also find just about any O.penVAPE hardware and accessories at any Myxed Up location.  Myxed Up Creations is also home to O.penVAPE's line of THC free CBD cartridges.  CBDs are making waves right now as science scrambles to explore the potential benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD).  If you don't know about CBDs, come into any Myxed Up location in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo and ask us about our CBD products.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Conscious Party Dry Herb Vape goes to help support the Ziggy Marley U.R.G.E. Foundation.  The U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) Foundation acts to support education, health, the environment, in efforts to improve the communities where children live and grow as they are our future’s unlimited resource. The more we can give to them, the more enlightened we can become.

Video Transcript

Hey guys this is Todd, and welcome to this episode of Myxed Up TV. Today we're going to show you guys a new dry herb vaporizer by Ziggy Marley. It’s called the Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer. So stay tuned and we’ll walk through a whole tutorial on everything.

The Ziggy Marley Conscious Party Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed to deliver a mindful experience and maximum value. Before using your vaporizer make sure you give it a full charge. On the very base of the battery is your USB micro plug. You will get a micro USB plug that comes with it, and you'll just plug that other end in into any computer USB or plug wall jack. You’ll have an indicator LED at the base that’ll glow green when it's done and red when it's charging. When you're finished charging, we're ready to load our dry herb vaporizer. You can go ahead and pull the mouthpiece off. You’ll want to unscrew this part of the mouthpiece, and you'll get some screens. One screen will go in this little area here, for your mouthpiece, so you don't get anything in your mouth. And then you'll get a second screen, a different size, which will go the bottom of your dry herb chamber there. And that's to keep any extra product from falling in and out. Once you load your dry herb down in here, make sure you grind it up, pack it in nicely. You don't want it to be super super packed down, but you do want to be full to get the best vape experience. Return your mouthpiece, and then we're ready to turn it on. 3 quick Taps on the button will turn on the sequencing to the lowest temperature setting. That setting is 385 degrees. If you'd like a higher setting it also has two more settings. If you hold the button down it will then proceed to the next setting of 400 degrees, or as a third setting it will go up to 415 degrees. The pulsing of the light indicates that the chamber is warming up and is getting ready to be lit. Once the device stops pulsing and is solidly lit, you're ready to use your device. Simply pull on the device slowly for about 30 seconds for an ideal hit, and give yourself a few seconds between turns in order for the chamber to warm back up for the optimum hit. When you're done, simply pull the lid off, dump out your herbs, and you can scrape and dust out your chamber with any extra filaments that you need and then refill as needed. To shut off your device you’ll simply tap the button 3 more times and the lights will die down. So a very simple dry herb, very affordable vape pen and I think it's going to be really great on the market. O.PenVAPE and Ziggy Marley have done a really good job with this pen, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

Alright, thanks for sticking with us through all of that. So Ziggy Marley actually does a nonprofit organization that all the proceeds, well a portion of the proceeds go back to. It's called URGE. It’s Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment is the name of it. You can check that out online. And also all the pens come with a 1 year warranty through O.penVAPE. So make sure you check all those out, and then stay tuned for more shows from us. We’ll give you tutorials on all the other things coming into the shop, so stick around for more Myxed Up TV.


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