Luxury Smoking Accessories for the Luxurious Lifestyle

High end products for the HIGH end life!!!

Luxury Smoking Accessories For The Luxurious Lifestyle

Smoking accessories have always changed over the years. With today's new laws in action and businesses sprouting up like the plants we all love so much, there are a few companies that are bringing a new outlook to the old ways of the connoisseur, with redesigned and upscaled luxury smoking accessories. Here are just a few luxury smoking accessories for the luxurious lifestyle.

1. Flower Power Grinder

The Flower Power Grinder

The Flower Power Grinder plugs right into the wall, and you’re ready to grind. You can perfectly grind any amount of your favorite herb, from 1 gram to 21 grams, in under 10 seconds. (I know it sounds unbelievable, so check it out on YouTube!)

Flower Power Grinder

The combination of The Flower Power Grinder’s bigger, stronger, faster high velocity motor, and stainless steel blades that are designed to shred, not just cut your herbs, give you the best grind possible. Its durable construction has been proven through rigorous testing, outlasting anything else. Over the lifetime of one Flower Power Grinder, you would kill 20 regular coffee grinders. And the safety features make sure that you can’t hurt yourself, because in order to grind, the top of The Flower Power Grinder must be on in order to activate the motor and spinning blade. One of the genius features included; the top of The Flower Power Grinder can be used as a storage container for your freshly ground herbs. Plus, the storage container has a vacuum seal lid, and comes with a hand held vacuum pump to keep your herbs extra fresh with an airtight seal. To complete the package we include a custom silicone brush to maintain The Flower Power Grinder, and an extension cord to help you get to that hard to reach outlet. 


The Flower Power Grinder is worth every penny. If you vape, roll, or use a pipe, The Flower Power Grinder is a necessity.

 2. Magical Butter Maker

Magic Butter

Butter, oil, tinctures and more... All in one with a Magical Butter herbal infuser!


Just push a button and watch the Magical Butter herbal infuser go to work on almost anything you can imagine. The fully automatic, microprocessor controlled program sequences create less hassle and more production. The Magic Butter makes your recipes bolder by extracting nutrients directly into your butter, cooking oil, alcohol, and YES even lotions. Integrated thermostat and sensors bring laboratory grade controls right to your kitchen.


3. THeCan Vaporizer

THeCan Vaporizer

If you are looking for a healthier option than smoking, than vaporizing is for you!  Enjoy your herbal blends without the tar and carcinogens associated with traditional combustion methods of smoking.  THe Can Vapor System is a premium desktop vaporizer manufactured and assembled in Colorado.  Constructed from aircraft aluminum, THe Can is one of the most durable vaporizers on the market today and offers a lifetime warranty.

The Can Vaporizer black and white The Can Vaporizer accessories

THe Can offers an easily adjustable heat control.  And the heating element is made of inert ceramic which is the largest, beefiest, most efficient heating element on the market.  THe Can vapor system utilizes an efficient and sanitary hose system, so unlike other vaporizers, there are no dirty bags to mess with.  And the kit includes a whip clip, so you can vape hands free without having to hold the tube in or against the heating element elbow.  Another advantage is that you will use less herbs!  Vaporizing delivers 97% of your products active chemicals, versus the approximately 45% when smoking.


 THe Can Vapor System is built to last, and built to enjoy!

4. Pax3 Portable Vaporizer


The Pax3 vaporizer by Ploom is an industry leading portable dry herb vaporizing solution, and now the Pax3 vapes concentrates.  The Pax's compact design offers the convenience to vaporize your loose-leaf dry herbs on the go.  The Pax3 is discrete in size and silent in operation, so you can use it almost anywhere.  The Pax3 vaporizer delivers a consistently pure and clean vapor.  

Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

The Pax3 vaporizer offers variable heat control that allows you to adjust the temperature settings to your liking with the most precise thermal control system ever realized in a portable dry herb vaporizer.  The Pax3 boasts industry leading heat up time, and has a long-lasting permanent internal lithium ion battery to provide extended usage between charges.  The Pax3 indicator LED shows status, temperature setting, and charge status with a gentle shake.


The Pax offers a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty! 

5. 7Pipe Twisty Blunt

The 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is the newest glass blunt on the market.  The 7pipe is the perfect smoking solution for while you're out and about, medicating on the go, or smoking with friends.  Using a patented corkscrew technology to spin out your ash and move the entire section of herb forward.  Just load up the 7pipe with your favorite legal smoking product, light the end, and let the infini-cherry technology do the work for you, so you don't have to light the blunt before each hit.  To ash away the herbs, simply twist the corkscrew clockwise, and you're all set with fresh herbs for your next hit, or your next session.  The main glass blunt cylinder holds approximately 1.5 grams of herbal flower.  The glass cylinder chamber is engineered with premium 2mm thick SCHOTT's glass for top of the line durability and a clean hit every time.  The mouthpiece and corkscrew is comprised of corrosion resistant titanium nitride.

7Pipe Twisty Blunt

The 7pipe Twist Glass Blunt can also be used in conjunction with any 14mm fitting water pipe.  Just place the 7pipe in the downstem where the bowl usually goes, and let 'er rip!


 The 7 Pipe brings together a stoner favorite with more advanced technology.

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