Killa Glass is Available at Myxed Up

Killa Glass out of Southern California offers high quality glass for a great price

In this episode of Myxed Up TV, Trey shows us some of the new Killa Glass we just got in, and shows us how one of the pieces function.  We have Killa Glass honey drip dabuccinos, recyclers, classic rigs, beakers and more! Come get your Killa Glass while they last!

You can find a wide range of water pipes from Killa Glass, GlassLab 303, Jerome Baker Designs, Medicali, and many more at our four Colorado locations in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  You will also find a large selection on water pipe accessories like bowls, slides, ashcatchers, nails, bangers and much more.

Video Transcript

Hey Myxed Up Mushies. I’m here to talk to you today on the newest episode of Myxed Up TV about all this awesome Killa Glass we just got in. Hailing straight from Southern California it’s all American-made glass. It's gonna be high quality and get you nice rips. We have a bunch of varieties of different styles and shapes to work with. We have the honey drip dabuccino. A couple different recyclers like this white one or the blue accented matrix recycler. And some of the classics like this puck rig, and then two of our beakers. One of my favorites amongst the group is this transformer. It’s a klein recycler nectar collector and a rig all built into one. Simply remove the clip and you have your klein recycler nectar collector. Put it right back on and you have a tabletop rig. Just to show you the functionality of one of these guys I'm gonna take a rip out of this straight tube. It’s got a nice ice pinch, super easy, natural perc. They rip.

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