Down To Quest and the Myxed Up Cannabis Cave

Myxed Up Creations is proud to bring you the Down To Quest Streaming House and the Myxed Up Cannabis Cave.

Past are the days of dead air and unresponsive video now with live streaming and a slew of video entertainment. Myxed Up Creations has teamed up with the Down To Quest Streaming House in an all new effort to bring you non stop live action of video gaming and beyond. With twenty four hour live streaming on Twitch our DTQ Crew can take live breaks from all the action in the Myxed Up Cannabis Cave! Allowing the viewer an inside exclusive seat with your favorite Streamers while they smokeout on your favorite Smoking Accessories from Myxed Up Creations.


Who Are The DTQ Streamers?




Hi there Questers, Razor here.  I am like the Red Ranger or Leonardo to the group, leader but equal member. This idea has become so much more than could ever have been expected. I love my family and friends I have made along the way. I have a passion for gaming and DTQ that truly comes through when I stream. I hope you enjoy what we've created!


     @Jackryantutko (insta) 

The man that somehow got himself in-front and behind the green screen, in the editing room, and pretty much runs the tech department. You can thank this guy for the sick videos and effects on the stream as well as the next level pro gameplay that all gamers are craving, this includes Rocket League, Fortnite, VR, and many more.  Find this guy all over the DTQ house as he keeps pushing the stream into the future!



From a super small town in the south, 1 package (1/4 ounce) active dry yeast, 2-1/4 cups warm water (110° to 115°), Loves to cook, 3 tablespoons sugar, The clutch play master, 1 tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, The deepest of voices, 6-1/4 to 6-3/4 cups all-purpose flour, Toaster set to 6, The ultimate variety gamer

Down To Quest Stream Team



This ultra tech savvy bro is the Leroy Jenkins with the plan of attack for the DTQrew! This broh is the Mod-King and shall strike fear into the hearts of any negative nellies!!! Elmo will show his voice in   VR Chat soon enough!  This broh will always slay the potatoes! He brings a high caliber of game play to his games and always strives to be the best. "Running and gunning is the only way, I have no patience when a kill is in sight" Logik



The youngest member of Down to Quest but still someone who has been at it from the day the cameras started. Tries to keep streams different but always goes back to games that make people rage because it's fun. "Late night streams are the best because they get interesting." Buck plays CS:GO, Dota 2, ARK Survival, Skyrim, GTA V, etc. As well as a streamer he is a performer and is currently going to school to better that ability. Each stream gives a golden opportunity to entertain that keeps the creative dream going!



It's the bran bran bran, BRAN is the man,

I said a'bran bran bran, BRAN is the man!

This dank broseph has joined the DTQ team and has been goofing around sense! Get him some hype so he can become the branimal and really get the quest going! This Battlefield lover will also hop on Rocket League, Overwatch, Heroes & Generals, and more! 



The battle doesn't really start until Brag walks in, because he hasn't pissed anyone off yet. This man of steel will melt your heart with his giggles and his banter while he goes through his list of favorite games like Ark, Subnautica, and Rainbow Siege Six! Be prepared for some silly battles here because the fun doesn't sleep through the night!

Meet And Greet The DTQ Crew

Myxed Up Creations invites the DTQ Streamers in store to show you guys all about streaming, gaming, and the new VR headsets. More20 has come and gone and we couldn't be happier with our questers. We had a full day of live VR for anyone to come in and try during the Myxed Up More20 Party at our Colorado Springs Location. Make sure see our 4/20/2019 4:20 party already in the works for this year. Check out all the live action from last years More20 Party in this video.


The Myxed Up Cannabis Cave

Myxed Up Cannabis Cave

The Down To Quest Crew needs a break with 24hr streaming from the seven amazing streamers, So Myxed Up Creations has provided the DTQ crew with a CAVE full of Smoking Accessories to relieve them of their streaming duties. Join the DTQST while they take a break in the Myxed Up Cannabis Cave using amazing glass water pipes and rigs provided by Glasslab303. Learn about the 4/20 community, Vaporizers, Papers, Rolling Trays, Dabbing, and just about anything related to the cannabis culture while the crew tokes down in the Myxed Up Cannabis Cave. See something your need? The Down To Quest Stream Team Myxed Up Cannabis Cave has been extended to all the DTQ viewers. Head over to and check out all the amazing smoking accessories you can order today!

Down To Quest Stream Team Giveaway!

DTQ is giving back to the streaming community with a new Stream Team giveaway! One lucky DTQST member is going to win a brand new CLX Gaming PC, New Echogear monitor mounts, Echobox Headphones, And more... Want to get in of the action? All you need to do is join the DTQST and head over to ounce signed up you will have over 40 different chances to earn tickets for the raffle ending March 9th at 4:20pm MST.

Down To Quest Stream Team CLX PC Giveaway

Giveaway Specs: 

CLX Set Gaming PC:  AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz Octa-Core ASUS Prime B450-PLUS Mobo 16GB Dual Channel Memory NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB 240GB SSD CLX Quench 240 Closed Liquid Cooler EchoGear Monitor Mount of your choice (Double or Triple) EchoBox Finder DTQ Jersey by EGL

Join The Stream Team

With more than 100 streams joining us on the Quest, we are more than excited to put these amazing members on display! These are some of the top members of the stream team as well as huge members of the community:

HibikiFox (1,300+follows)

Kaitality (15,900+follows)

Tcliff55 (600+follows)

Tsunami_Lukas (700+ follows)

DTQBeeTus (200+follows)

Dapperjameson (4,400+follows)

ChampionToFu (1600+ follows)​

DTQSowplease (480+follows)

TokenWithTodd (130+follows)

Dancarnate (700+follows)

LHEATHAL (130+follows)

Officalnarshlaw (900+follows)  And More!

Are You Down!


The DownToQuest Streaming Team is Recruiting!

DownToQuest is an exploding community of mature (18+) streamers lead and mentored by the DTQ Streaming House. We utilize the latest platforms and strategies to help you build your channel and relationships with your viewers. We're looking for dedicated and passionate streamers who need a Qommunity to call their own. We're on the Quest to be the future of entertainment, are you down?!?

 Down TO Quest Shield

Come Join The Fun!

You can see the DTQ crew live all day everyday, So come and join in on the fun and see if you have what it takes to become part of the Down To Quest Stream Team!

Down To Quest Twitch

Down To Quest Youtube

Down To Quest Twitter


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