April 20th Myxed Up 420 2017 Edition Wrap-up

Myxed Up 420 2017 was a big splash as the 24th annual April 20th celebration did not disappoint!

This year's edition of our annual Myxed Up 420 celebration was a whirlwind indeed.  With April 20th falling on a Thursday this year, everything lined up to make this year's party a one day, all out, extravaganza.  All the prizes, and surprises.  All the excitement and anticipation.  About just as much fun as you could squeeze into one day.  The Myxed Up Family came from far and wide, and they were representing in full force for this years event!  As always, the first moments of the day were a mad dash!  As the clock struck 10, the line had already been forming in anticipation of the doors opening.  And alas, another amazing 420 was underway.


Before you could even make your way inside the store, there was a flurry of activity as the early birds caught the proverbial worm at the massive sidewalk sales at the Denver and Aurora stores.  Once you got inside, the beats were pumping, and the vibes were right!  Right out of the gate, the stores were popping off as people scrambled to secure a legendary Myxed Up 420 Grab Bag and settled in for an extraordinary day of 420 centric activities.  

This year to add to the festivities we were excited to welcome some very special guests, as we invited some of our favorite local glassblowers to present live lampworking demonstrations.  We were truly amazed by the skills of our glassblowing guests as they captivated us with their passion and precision.  It was amazing to watch first hand as they created the art that would one day provide a future customer with one of their most cherished possessions.  Our glassblowing demonstration with Pedro Grimes, AKA Glassphemous, even made the front cover of the local Colorado Springs newspaper, The Gazette.

 Glassphemous AKA Pedro Grimes glassblowing at Myxed Up Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Gazette with Pedro Grimes AKA Glassphemous on the cover

Our special guest at the Aurora store was none other than the Sandman.  He had a crowd surrounding his tent the entire time as he demonstrated the skills of his craft that he has worked tirelessly to perfect for so many years. 

Sandman live glassblowing at Myxed Up Aurora Sandman live glassblowing Myxed Up Aurora

Meanwhile back on Colfax, the crowds flocked to the Denver store to watch in amazement as Malachi and his team fused together some incredible work for a handful of breathtaking pieces and pendants  Joining Malachi on the torch was The Other Glass, a collective that includes Nick (N-stamp) and Steve (Steezy Creations).  

Malachi Live Glassblowing Myxed Up Denver Live glassblowing at Myxed Up Denver by Malachi

Malachi glassblowing live at Denver Myxed Up Creations malachi-crew-glassblowing-live

All the while, our glassblowers were busy creating visual works of art for your eyes outside, our musical guests were hard at work inside the venue weaving together auditory stimulation for your ears.  Once again the line-up of local talent was an amazing collective of immensely talented artists.

 Spr0uter plays bass music at Myxed Up Aurora Steve Gonzo AKA Smartin Up plays at Myxed Up Aurora  

Mothraship at Denver Myxed Up 420 DJ Webbiedee at Denver Myxed Up 420

ByH20 at Myxed Up 420 Denver 

As the grand finale of the day was fast approaching, the beats were banging, and everyone eagerly filled in for the hugely popular 420 raffle.  As with last year, the raffle format was as such.  It was simple.  Spend $4.20, and for each $4.20 spent, you got a raffle ticket to win upwards of $250 to spend on anything in the store in a 4 minute and 20 second mad dash to pick out anything your heart desires.  The winners received a budget of $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place.  All you needed was a ticket, and to be present at the time of the raffle, and anyone could be a winner.  One of the winners in Denver was even a last minute $5.00 purchase, just to be entered.  Proof that even against all odds, all you have to do is play to win.  This year's winners handled the pressure like a pro as they made their way through the store to survey their options.  And some of the winners knew exactly what they wanted, as they made a beeline for their first option, like a Pax 3.  Others walked away with rigs, pipes, torches, shirts, and other gear, just to name a few of the prizes chosen.  After all of the excitement of the raffle and the shopping sprees, it was time to give away some t-shirts to commemorate Myxed Up 420 2017. A fine token to mark another amazing year.  And the music resumed to round out the event and bring the day to a close.

420 Raffle winner in Denver 420 Raffle winner in Denver

420 raffle winner in Aurora 420 raffle winner in Aurora

We really appreciate all of our partners that came by for fun giveaways as well as product samples and demonstrations.  Detoxify in Denver.  XVAPE in Aurora.  Eyce Mold in Colorado Springs.

XVape in Aurora Detoxify Jerome Baker Bakerbot giveaway.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of an amazing day of celebrations at all of our stores.  Once again it was an amazing 420, and Myxed Up Nation is what makes the day so great.  Without you, 420 would just be another day.  After doing this for 24 incredible years though, it's obvious that 420 will continue to grow!  And for that, we thank you Myxed Up Family!

Aurora Myxed Up crew

A HUGE special thanks to all the musicians that came and performed at all of the stores!  Go follow these guys if you enjoyed their music!  Show them the same love that you show us!  Tell them you saw them at Myxed Up!


Matt Savage 
DJ Webbiedee 
Mothraship - 
Ty Til Infinity     AND ByH2O   


Koo Qua   
J Dirty   
Chris Laplante of P-Nuckle   

Colorado Springs



Music=Life Entertainment & Karaoke
The DJ Squad  

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  • Jim Bates - July 13, 2017

    I would like to know more about Token Todd’s giveaways I couldn’t find anything on your FB page sorry if I’m being a pest I am just an inquiring mind

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