How to use the Loki Vaporizer - Tutorial Video

This tutorial video will give you an overview of the Loki Personal Vaporizer kit

On this episode of Myxed Up TV, Logan from Myxed Up Creations talks about the Loki Vaporizer. He shows what comes in the kit, plus how to charge, use, operate and clean the Loki Vaporizer.

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Hey everybody this is Logan with Myxed Up Creations.  Today we are going to be talking about the Loki Vaporizer, so let’s bust this thing open and see what’s inside.  So in your kit, you are going to get the Loki Personal Vaporizer unit here.  You get a spare parts kit here.  You also get a micro usb charger here.  So before we do anything, we are going to want to check the charge level of the unit, so we are going to want to press down the power button one time which will indicate the charge level.  So if it flashes white like that, that means the unit is fully charged.  If it were to flash yellow, that would mean the unit is about at a halfway charge.  And then if it flashes red, that means the unit is almost dead.  So it has a retractable lid here so you can kind of see inside the chamber.  So let’s just unbox our spare parts kit, and see what all kind of tools we get.  So you are going to get a dabber, with a packing tool on one end.  You get tweezers that will help you get out the concentrate mesh pad.  You also get a cleaning brush, and a few pipe cleaners here.  And then you also get your concentrate mesh pad here.  So if we are going to use dry herb, we are just going to want to grind up our dry herb and load it into this chamber here.  Sometimes I like to use the packing tool to help me really pack down the herb.  We’re going to place the lid back in place.  And then if you hit the power button three times it will turn the unit on and go into the heat modes.  So the green will be the low heat mode, if you hold the power button down, it will go to the blue, which is going to be the medium heat mode.  If you hold that down again, it will go to red which is the highest heat mode.  And of course if you hold it down again, it will go back down to green, the low heat mode.  And when the button stops flashing, then the unit is all heated and ready to go.  So we’ll just give it a second to get heated up.  Boom, there you have it, now it’s all ready to go.  You’re going to want to look at this side, that has another button here, and if you hit that, it will push out the mouth piece.  So you are just going to inhale from the mouthpiece, and you’re good to go.  We’ll turn the unit off.  If you want to use concentrates, that’s why they give you this little mesh pad here.  So you’re going to want to place the mesh pad into the chamber.  You can even use the packing tool again to pack it down.  Then you just want to use the dabber to place your concentrates onto the mesh pad.  Close up the lid.  And then with concentrates, you always want to go to the highest heat mode, which would be the red.  And then it works the same way where you’ll just wait until it’s hot enough, and then you start your inhale.  Now to get the mesh pad out, I recommend you leave the unit on because the mesh pad is a lot easier to get out when it’s hot, and then they give you these handy tweezers to just kind of get it out, boom.  And now as far as cleaning this unit goes.  If you’re going to want to clean the bowl, you have this little brush here, you just want to get in there with that.  And then if you want to clean the mouthpiece they give you pipe cleaners here that you’re just going to insert into the mouthpiece like that.  And there you guys have it folks, this is the Loki Personal Vaporizer.

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