Myxed Up Creations is HQ Magazine 'Shop of the Month' November 2014!

Myxed Up is HQ Magazine 'Shop of the Month' for November 2014

HQ Magazine November 2014 CoverThe month of November 2014 saw an exciting development for the Myxed Up Creations brand, as we were honored to be selected as HQ Magazine "Shop of the Month".  This distinction is a landmark for Myxed Up Creations to be recognized not only locally, but nationally, as one of the best smoke shops in Colorado, as well as the whole country.  It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of the countless individuals that have worked tirelessly to be a part of making Myxed Up what it is today.  Beyond that, we would like to thank all of the Myxed Up Family of friends and loyal customers, all over Colorado and around the country, that have also been such an amazingly huge part of taking Myxed Up Creations to places we could have only once imagined.  We would like to thank HQ magazine for giving us this spotlight!




The following is the article in it's entirety from HQ Magazine:


A lot of businesses are in survival mode these days, and their happy if they can keep the doors open. Myxed Up Creations, on the other hand, prides its self not simply on surviving, but in building one of the premiere smoke shop chains in the state of Colorado if not the entire industry.

Founded in 1992, Myxed Up Creations began with a small line of hand-crated FIMO clay products, catering to students at Colorado State University. A multicolor swirly mushroom eventually became the iconic logo for the stores. Until Myxed Up Creations became one of Colorado’s leading smoke shop chains, company president Philip Guerin was known for being the king of FIMO mushrooms – at one point, wholesaling to more than three-thousand stores including big names such as Gadzooks, PacSun, and Spencers Gifts.

Myxed Up Creations was working out of a 600 square foot space, and as their products became more popular and they expanded into apparel and custom snowboards, they moved the operation into a bigger place where they were also able to build on their retail end and add glass pipes to the mix.

“The lampwork pipes proved to be the most popular thing we were selling (at the retail store),” Guerin says. “We were in the middle of an emerging glass market, and found ourselves hanging out with some of the pioneers in glass as we know it today.

“In the beginning, we hadn’t intended to really go do the (glass) path,” Guerin admits, “but as it happened, we lost the market for the products we had been making to Chinese importers.”

Glass pipes now dominate the offerings at Myxed Up Creations. Among its locations in Denver, Aurora, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Myxed Up Creations is home to more than 30 thousand pieces of functional glass artwork. The Denver store is famous for its “Magnificent Wall of Glass” – a 75-foot showcase filled with water pipes.

“We try to listen to customer demand, and we focus on the blue collar customers who demand value for their money,”  Guerin says. “We do really well with American-made production glass and that’s our niche. Even though it’s glamorous, we don’t do a lot of the heady pieces because we’ve found that the pieces that sell the best are priced between $20 -$40. We’ve found a lot of domestic artists, such as Glenn Glass out of Denver, who make really nice individualized production pieces.”

“For us, it’s more than a product; it’s something that has soul and a life, and has meaning to the individual,” Guerin adds. “Even if it’s something that costs only $40, people become emotionally attached to their glass.”

Myxed Up Creations also caters to customer wants with a signature line of E-710 vape pens and accessories. There’s also limited edition custom T-shirts created by local artist Jimmy Popp. According to Guerin, T-shirt sales have seen a boom because of tourists visiting Colorado.

“Everybody has a ‘shop shirt’, but we have hundreds of designs,” Guerin says. “It’s a great way to promote ourselves.”

No successful shop would be where they are without well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous employees. That’s the one area where Myxed Up Creations is no different.

“We hire professionals, and that’s crucial to everything that we’re doing. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge and taking the retail experience to the next level. That experience is all on our employee’s shoulders and how they treat our customers.

In order to recruit and retain the best employees, Myxed Up Creations offers better than average salaries, performance based incentives, and also pays for 80 percent of healthcare costs.

Inside Myxed Up Colorado SpringsWhile the goal is to drive people into the brick and mortar locations, Myxed Up Creations does also have an e-commerce store. Therefore, it’s crucial that they engage with customers and fans through social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ and Tumbler. Keeping up with that amount of posts might seem like a lot of work, and it is – that’s why there are three employees dedicated to the effort.

“You need to keep people’s attention, so we don’t use any one method or platform. It’s can be anything that helps communicate our message from a product demo video to a funny cartoon clip or a flash sale that we’re running,” Guerin says. “People look to us to set the standard and inform them about what’s going on.”

“We’re one of the most well-known shops in Colorado because we do things differently and we play on a different level than most everyone else,” Guerin adds. “I feel truly like we’re one of the pioneers in an industry that’s absolutely exploding and we’re happy to continue the journey.”

Myxed Up Creations

Denver, Aurora, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Colorado

For more information about HQ Magazine, please visit their website.


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