Featured Products for February

It's time to take a look at our featured products for the month of February.  This month we feature another one of our top selling e-juice's, Bold Vapor. We also highlight a couple sales taking place at all Myxed Up Creations locations, involving exclusive Myxed Up merchandise.


Our first featured product for February is one of our top selling e-liquids, and comes highly recommended, Bold E-Juice.  Bold E-Juice is a product by Bold Vapor, a company based out of Boise, Idaho.  Their Bold Vapor E-Liquid Juice is a 100% American sourced and handcrafted e-juice.  Bold has been a partner of Myxed Up Creations for a while, and they played a major role in last years MORE20 celebration, as they sponsored our countdown contest leading up to the MORE20 events.  And they also took part in our #MORE20 Instagram contest.  With their help, we gave away over 20 of their Bold Vapor Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits, to our Facebook and Instagram friends and fans selected from all Myxed Up Creations locations.  The Bold e-juice is a high quality and flavorful option for all of your vaping and e-cig needs.  Their E-Liquids come in 15ml refills, they are available in 20 different flavors, and they come in varying levels of nicotine content (0 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg).  It does appear to be a consensus amongst most of the Myxed Up crew, that the Bold 24 mg refills offer one of the stronger, more robust, dare I say "bold" vape hits.  Vape hits off of the 24 mg refills give you that nice throat hit that a regular smoker would appreciate.  Most of the flavors are fairly traditional, like Cherry, Orange, Strawberry, Blueberry, etc., but a couple of more obscure flavors are Cheesecake, and Cotton Candy.  If you are looking to expand on the flavor options, Bold also suggests several other mixed e-juice combos of already existing flavors, to create new exciting flavors, and to really extend the flavor offerings.  Check out the Bold Vapor Mixology Chart for the full listing!


Another featured item and corresponding sale is for our new E-710 CE4 Electronic Cigarette.  The E-710 e-cig / vape pen comes with a CE4 Clearomizer with 1.6ml capacity for E-Liquid. The E-710 pen comes with a 900mAh battery for a longer charge and better battery life, and also comes with a USB charger. The battery life is approximately 300 recharges.  The pen is available in 5 different colors.  For the month of February only, the purchase of an E-710 Electronic Cigarette will come with a free E-710 E-Cig Lanyard.  This offer is available at all Myxed Up Creations locations, and online at MyxedUp.com.  The lanyard is specially designed to integrate with the E-710 e-cig design, and fits the pen right where the battery screws in to the clearomizer, so you don't have to worry about the pen falling out of the lanyard.  Now you can have your e-cig conveniently on you at all times for easy access.  And you don't have to worry about getting your pen crushed in your pocket, or spilling your tank out into your purse.



Finally the last featured product for February is another Myxed Up Creations original.  Recently added to our selection of grinder cards is our very own Myxed Up Creations edition V Syndicate Grinder Card.  The card is a perfect pocket accessory for those that like to have a grinder option available at a moments notice to grind up and enjoy your dried herb products.  The card is just about perfectly shaped to about the size of a credit card to fit perfectly into your wallet as well.  This V Syndicate Grinder Card is specially designed for a coarse grind, the credit card grinder features larger holes than its fine grinding counterparts. The grinder card features a large grinding surface that allows for quick and easy grinding without cutting or scraping your fingers.  And now you can show off your Myxed Up Creations pride in style when the opportunity arises as the card is customized with the Myxed Up Mushroom, and a custom Myxed Up Creations grinder card sleeve.  For February only, pick up one of these slick grinder cards for the appropriate price of $4.20.



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