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We wanted to bring some attention to our featured products for the month of December.  Our first featured product for the month, is a long time friend of the store, Envy Glass.  Envy Glass is out of Riverside, CA, and is a sister company of Boom Felazi.  Myxed Up has been a proud partner of Envy Glass for several years, and we have been happy to carry much of the Envy product line, including water pipes, rigs, and ash catchers.  
We also carry pieces from the Envy Glass electro-formed line.  When Envy creates these metal infused wonders they start by painting their design on the finished glass.  They then electroplate the metallic design.  After electroplating the glass, the blowers then apply a patina.  The patina will continue to oxidize and add brilliance along with personality for the life of the piece.
Another one of our featured products for December is Vape Ape.  Vape Ape Industries is an American company best know for their signature vaporizer, the Vape Ape Vape pen.  The Vape Ape Vape Pen features a state of the art battery, an extra fat e-nail, and the real glass globe system, to provide the user with bigger rips and pure taste for the best for the best vaping experience.  And check out the selection of custom domes for the Vape Ape from renowned artists all across the country like Eric Steccar, Robert Bank, Alex K Glass, and Christopher James Monkeybrains.
Greenlite Glass is also featured this month.  They are a brand new edition to the Myxed Up family, so we are excited to have just forged a partnership with them. Greenlite Glass is a small company located in Eugene, OR.  All of their glass artists are independent and the majority live in Eugene as well.  All of them have been doing production for at least 15 years, so they have a well experienced crew!  Customers can expect glass that is clean, consistent, unique, and reliable.  And their glass is truly a work of beautiful art!
You can find these products, as well as others from our featured brands, online at MyxedUp.com, as well as all Myxed Up Creations retail locations.
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